Wednesday, January 15

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Live from New York City, it’s the Wendy Williams Show! (upbeat music) Now, here’s Wendy! (upbeat music)
(audience cheers) Thank you. (audience cheers) Oh! (laughs) I missed my mark. (laughs) You moved my mark! Okay, well. Thank you for watching our sloppy show. Say hello to my cohost. (audience cheers) How you doin?
How you doin? (laughs) Let’s get started, it’s time for Hot Topics. (audience cheers) (upbeat music) I love you! Thank you, thank you. Happy birthday, by the way, happy birthday! I see you with your tiara! You stood extra long, yes! Yes! Yeah. I missed my mark when I walked out. (audience laughs) Might be bad luck for the whole show. Robin Roberts is here, you know she’s real smart. (audience cheers) I get a little nervous, ’cause all I wanna do is have fun. You know what I’m saying? And so we overrule her. Robin, you better be ready to have fun. (audience cheers) So, yesterday I was involved in a whole bunch of mess after the show. Good mess, but a mess. And I get home, it’s like the middle of the afternoon, like 3 o’clock in the afternoon, and I turn on the TV and there’s nothing but court, court, court, court but I’d seen, like I’m done with court, just for a moment. (audience laughs) Honey. And then General Hospital was on, but I was like, okay. So I’m flicking around and what do I run into? A good old movie friend, Obsessed. (audience cheers) And it was weird watching it in the middle of the afternoon! I tuned in just in time, the girl right here, Ali Larter, she was in the hospital bed talkin’ about, “Their marriage is over,” Beyonce and Idris Elba, “Their marriage is over, and I’m the lover, “I don’t know what you’re talking about nurse.” (audience laughs) Anywho, so I’m watching that, and then I continue on with the rest of my afternoon, but I’m home by 3 and I was glad for that ’cause it was kinda rainy by that point and a little snow too. And then nighttime came and I know, clap if you watched the Democratic Debate. (audience claps) Now look, all right. I’m between the debate, which had no commercials, ’cause I’m waiting for the first commercial break to change channels, see what else is on. Finally, I just had to break free, ’cause I don’t, like, okay, you all. (audience laughs)
I need a break! So I start flicking around, I ran into the good old Tyler Perry’s Haves and Haves Nots. (audience cheers) I love that show. (audience laughs) And then I flipped back to the debate and then the news after that, but the best part of the debate is what happened afterwards, my favorite part was when Elizabeth Warren with the big earlobes, and the small earrings, like she’s got very big earlobes but really small earrings. (audience laughs) Like, she should wear bigger earrings to distract from the lobation of it all. (audience laughs) And Bernie, first of all, I don’t know anybody who was up there, I don’t know them. I was watching to become informed like you, but I loved that Elizabeth Warren snubbed Bernie Sanders’s handshake, ’cause that is a read of the ultimate, look, look, look, look, look, look, look, okay. (audience groans) Now, ’cause Elizabeth said she had a private dinner with Bernie awhile ago, and Bernie said, “No, a woman couldn’t be President.” And Elizabeth is like, “What?” and then Bernie cleaned it up in Bernie way, Bernie, I don’t know you for being a liar or truther, I don’t know you sir, except that, (audience laughs)
you’re really old. (audience laughs) Suzanne, Suzanne. He is.
Suzanne. Very old.
Yeah. You got your trusty mint? I sure do. But look, look, I just felt a ways, and Biden looked good, but is that the only choice? Like what are we doing? I don’t know, I don’t know, I’m– And who is, all right, well first of all, okay. I was asked in a morning meeting, “Wendy, would you have just shaken the hand?” I said, “No, that’s the ultimate read.” When somebody that you know that comes up to you with either a hug or a handshake, and after 11 years, believe me you I’ve run into plenty of people who have not been kind to me who all of a sudden flipped the script, now that I’m on the purple chair, and they try to leave with a hug or a handshake. Elizabeth Warren wasn’t the first who did it, I think I invented this game. (audience cheers) I’m not hugging you and I’m not shaking your hand, nope. By the way, congratulations to young Springsteen, the firefighter in Jersey City. (audience cheers)
Yeah. Yeah. He’s doing his own thing and I kinda like it, and he really does look so much like his father, he’s got that strong chin, he looks good in that uniform, but I don’t picture him actually fighting fires. Like here’s what I think they’ll probably end up doing with him. (coughs) He’ll be in charge of the fundraisers, like good stuff, but just not actually holding the hose 17 stories up with the blaster. (audience laughs)
I don’t picture that. But good for you Bruce Springsteen and good for you Patty Scialfa and good for you Springsteens. I like when kids,
(audience cheers) do their own thing and he’s happy. Happy. I love a firefighter. (audience laughs) My friend, Sukanya is married to a firefighter husband and they got a couple of kids and she’s happy, she smiles all the time. You know Sukanya, you know Sukanya! Uh huh, Fox 5.
Sukanya Krishnan. Yeah. Well, she doesn’t work there anymore. Oh, no?
No, they fired her. Oh.
I love her. I love her too! Why, she’s–?
I don’t know! I didn’t ask her all that. All I’m saying is that there was two weeks gone by, I’m like, get me Sukanya’s number or I tell the Chief. Chief got me Suki’s number and I text her, “Where you been?” And she’s like, “I’m no longer there.” Oh.
No, it’s okay, ’cause I’ve invited her for Hot Talk panels, so you remember.
Okay. Okay, she’s smart, she’s newsy. I’ll get right on that. And her husband’s a firefighter! Yes! (audience applauds) So the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees were announced last night and I’m happy, Biggie is actually an Inductee! (audience cheers) Yeah! It worked, Faith, it worked! So Big is in there, oh, Whitney is also an Inductee, but– (audience cheers) Wouldn’t you have thought that Big, or excuse me, that Whitney would’ve been in there a long time ago? But just the way you thought Chaka Khan would’ve been in there. Now Chaka’s in there with Rufus and Chaka Khan, but Chaka broke free from them and then was a very successful artist on her own, so maybe they feel like Chaka doesn’t need to be inducted again, but she needs to be recognized for her individual, Chaka, you for your individual greatness. (audience cheers)
That’s all. I’m gonna choose my words very carefully, ’cause Robin Roberts is here and I do wanna ask her about some hot topics and stuff. She comes from the sports world, so I can get into sports with her, Carlos Beltran and them. I have questions about sports! I like sports guy in new life. I like those guys. I like to follow them, do you know what I’m saying? Yes!
(audience laughs) Okay, easy. So, this is a story that’s been on my table for a very long time, and I’m just getting around to it today, but I figure why not talk. So Future is dating Steve Harvey’s daughter who’s 23, Lori Harvey. (audience groans) And they were in Jamaica celebrating her 23rd birthday, but all the girls were there. Jordan Woods, Teyana Taylor, all them hot girls were there, okay? Okay. And Teyana, I know that you and Lori used to be close. And Future has eight kids with eight babies’ moms. (audience gasps) And Lori, Lori wasn’t born a Harvey. Steve adopted her when he got with Marjorie, his wife, but she got with him on some. (audience gasps) Alls I’m saying is Steve, I hope you and Marjorie are very proud of your daughter, at 23 years old being with a man with so many children and running around and, oh and she dated Puffy and Puffy’s son, allegedly. What?!
Oh. (audience laughs) Nornt-man? Yep, I’m here. (laughs) If this was my daughter at 23, I would break her neck, crack her skull and throw her down the steps. (audience applauds)
That’s all. And you’re not the boss of your kids when they’re 23 years old, but you could’ve implemented a certain type of way, like all this right here, this is treasure, Lori. What are you doing? (audience applauds) And girl. Everyone talks about you! That’s right.
Oh, excuse me cohost? (audience laughs)
Oh, you know? That’s right, yes. Wait, lady with the pink and the white sweater, you are a woman of a particular age, do you know who Lori Harvey is? I do.
Have you heard things? I’ve heard.
(audience gasps) Unfortunate, shameful. Nornt-man?
Uh huh. Marco? Marco? Marco? (audience laughs) You know about Lori Harvey, right? As a father of daughters, wouldn’t you throw her down the steps and crack her skull? All the way down. (audience applauds) Nice job, Mom and Dad. Anyway, and then also on another note, on another note regarding Lori, God she’s so pretty. She’s like, you don’t have to be that girl. (audience applauds) Baby hair, diamonds and good boobs, what more do you need? Other than a brain. Look, look, she’s facing up to a year in jail for a hit and run. Now honey, this is a whole separate thing, this girl right here. She was recently charged with two misdemeanors. She hit and ran, her car tumbled over, this happened back in October. Okay, okay, this is Lori’s car, right? Now how do you hit and run from that? Suzanne. I’d be like, “Oh, somebody need to hoist me up!” Like how do you even get out? Like why are you hitting and running? Cops found her walking down the street. Oh, oh my. Thank you, Harvey. Welcome back to the TMZ room, Raquel. Thank you, TMZ for those pictures. A witness said that young Lori was texting and driving before the crash, and who allegedly was she texting, Nornt-man? Oh, I don’t know who she was texting, but she did put her father on FaceTime, Steve Harvey, she put him on FaceTime when she was questioned by the cops. (audience groans) All the way down the steps. (audience laughs) (audience applauds) So she’s gonna be arraigned on January 21st and in the meantime, Sia wants to have a guy in her bed, but not in her life. (audience applauds) I haven’t been to church in a long time, but I feel like I’m dressed like a modern day girl who goes to church. A little something for the Rev, but long enough for the congregation. (audience laughs and applauds) I don’t know where Willy cooked up this costume, but I like it. Look at the back, look at the back, look. (audience cheers) (laughs) So Sia recently asked her friend, who happens to be a music collaborator of Sia’s and the world, Diplo, if he’d be interested in taking her down with no strings attached. Oh, yeah.
Excuse me? (audience laughs) You’re that girl?! It’s okay, no it’s okay! Yeah.
Yes, you’re that girl. Wouldn’t you be scared you’d fall in love? ‘Cause I can’t do that. I’m in love in one hour. (audience laughs) You know what I’m saying? No I’m that girl.
You’re that girl. Okay, so Sia, right? She just adopted a kid, a son, and she said, “I’ve got no time for a relationship, Diplo, “all I want you to come do is ‘dip’ me and ‘lo’ me down.” (audience cheers) Normally I would say this is a bad idea, for me personally, it’s a bad idea, ’cause I know my heart is still very squishy, but in new life, a girl like you, I find this fascinating. Yeah.
Yes! He’d just take you down and you wouldn’t catch feelings, not even after the third time? What if he just came over and then left like there’s no spooning after, you can’t watch Obsessed on TV? See I like all that stuff. I like the prelude to the kiss, I like the kiss, and then I like the after kiss. You know, all spoony in the bed, touching. You don’t care about that? (audience laughs) You are a hardened woman. (audience cheers) Okay, when women say stuff like this, I do believe that they mean it though. She means what she says, just like I mean what I say. Don’t come over here, ’cause I’ll fall in love. Leave me alone. And I protect my heart in new life. (audience laughs) But here’s the deal, so he was asked about, so she put it on social media! See I don’t wanna see that on social media, I don’t like that we know this story. Honestly speaking, this is two adults, you know what I mean? And you should have this conversation behind the scenes. Like you’ve worked with him before, Si, oh that’s her without the hair in her face, she’s still a good looking woman, I don’t know why she covers everything. But, she put it on social media and then he was asked about it in a magazine article and he did not, I forgot what his statement was, but it was something to the effect of (fake chuckles) Yeah, shade. (fake chuckles) See, that’s when you put it out there and when they say no, they don’t even wanna do you dirty and leave, that’s when you look like the boo boo face, go ahead, go ahead. (laughs) Like how insulting to Sia, you know what I mean? He’s offering it up with no strings attached? What man wouldn’t like that? (audience applauds)
Oh. Oh. He’s cute. Put that hair in a topknot, she’s got hers in a topknot. I wanna say happy belated birthday to a young, beautiful little girl named C’yani. Oh, is she gorge or what? Okay, do you know whose daughter that is? Foxy Brown’s daughter. We call her Baby C, there’s Fox and C. She turned three years old a couple of days ago and then Foxy’s arranging this birthday party, I’m going, Norman you’re going. Oh!
Boof, you’ll be there. Oh.
(Norman laughs) Well he’s nowhere, but anyway. (laughs) Anyway, happy birthday Baby C, much love. (blows kiss) (audience applauds) And we’ve got more great show for you everybody, up next, from Good Morning America, Robin Roberts is here, so grab a snack and come on back. (upbeat music) I love our first guest on Good Morning America, you love her too. She’s also the Executive Producer of the new Lifetime movie, Stolen By My Mother, The Kamiyah Mobley Story. Please welcome to our show, the legendary Robin Roberts. (upbeat music)
(audience cheers) I had shoes on like that before these, I had my shoes on like that before I got here. But you know I got the lymphoedema, I can’t wear delicates like you. I know.
Let me give you, no, no, put them back down. Oh yes, I’m sorry. I love your hem so just keep that, model, Robin. (audience cheers)
Love them. Because you never know when you’re not showing your feet in January, you never know what could happen. Fashion is your middle name. Aw, thanks to Diandre Tristan, but you know, this design right here, a young black woman out of Brooklyn, Fe Noel. Fe Noel, yeah. Sumptuous.
How are you doing? I’m doing okay.
Yeah, we haven’t seen you in awhile. I know, we talked on the phone a couple of months ago, Oh, bless your heart.
I was in my apartment, I’d called Robin, she actually was on the set, but then she called me right back, and we had a good, that was a good old chit chat, Robin. It was a good chat! And then the phone, I hear the doorbell ring, she goes, “That’s my sandwich.” Yeah, yeah.
(Robin laughs) Yeah, I was in the middle of about to eat. But it was a good chat, proud of you. Happy 30th anniversary on Good Morning America. That’s a big deal, Robin. 30 years! Who keeps the same employment for 30 years? I know, I know, the Disney family started in 1990 at ESPN, those were the first 15 years. Covering sports.
Covering sports, and then the second 15 years, to be able to say good morning to America, it is such a privilege.
Did you ask to be off sports or did you–? Oh I left kicking and screaming, I loved sports. You know me, I mean I really, that was my comfort zone. Do you like the Knicks, what’s going on with the Knicks? I don’t know what’s going on, I do love the Nets though, not to say I don’t like the Knicks, though I am wearing Knicks colors. No I like the Nets, too. I love their new ownership and just the comradery and it’s gonna take awhile. Do you go to the games and sit court side? I sit like this court side! Does your wife go with you, is she into the sports? Yeah, Amber, no she was a dancer back in the day, so– A dancer of what? Not on the pole, okay.
Okay, okay, okay. Calm down, calm down. With the name Amber, people think– Yeah, pole. But no, she was like an Alvin Ailey, kinda very modern dance.
She’s flexible. Modern dance, yeah. You guys have been together for a long time. 15 years, boo!
That’s good. (audience cheers)
15 years. That’s really good, that’s really good. So, I heard you guys spent your holiday in the Maldives, now all I know the Maldives for is nothing no good. Why, why?
And I just picture the food being really bad. What you talkin’ about? Crow and–
What Maldives were you? What are you talkin’ about? I’ve never, I don’t wanna, I’ve never, sell me on this. It’s a long way to go, it’s off the coast of Africa. That’s part of the problem, it’s like 24 hours just to get there, you have to take a plane to a boat to a bus to a car, a piggy back ride, a camel. (laughs) But once you get to (laughs) we didn’t see any camels. Everything else that you mentioned. But the people there are beautiful, the water– Did they know that you were Robin? They were very nice, they did know. But look at that, that’s me in the ocean. Are you naked? Do you have on a wig?
(laughs) No! That’s me au natural. My hair, I do have something on. But look how clean that, that’s the Indian Ocean, it’s shallow, and with the white sand, it’s– Were there any jellyfish? I didn’t see any, thankfully. And no sharks, thankfully. How hot was it? How hot was it? It wasn’t that bad, it was considered their, I feel like this is the lightning round! I’m like, oh! (laughs) I love it, I love it!
You know how TV is, we got segments, we gotta go, go, go! But look, so what’d you eat there? What do you eat? Could you have jalapeno poppers? No, oh I heard about you and those jalapeno poppers. What is that with you about that? You know I like my hot sauce. I know, I know. I had crab, so there was spicy crab. Oh, I like crab!
Yeah, it was a big crab. Did you have to crack ’em yourself or was it already done? No, you had to crack it yourself. And I’m from the South so I could crack a crab. (laughs) All right, what about Meghan and Harry, what’s your take on it? Oh, bless their hearts.
I like them. I love them and everything that they stand for, and Meghan said she didn’t realize when her friends were saying being a part of the Royal family, how difficult it was gonna be and she didn’t quite think it was gonna be as it is, and now that they have little Archie. I didn’t like any of it at first, but that Archie melted my heart. Exactly.
And then the idea that he’s protecting his wife and his, Yes.
You know what I’m saying? Especially given his history with his mother and knowing what had happened, so I don’t fault him at all. And hopefully that the Royal family– Do you know her? I have met them, I haven’t met her, I’ve met Harry on a couple of occasions, his Invictus Games and things like that. What does that mean? What?
Oh, this right here. Oh, light, love, power, presence. The light of God surrounds me, the love of God enfolds me, the power of God protects me, the presence of God watches over me, wherever I am, God is. (audience cheers) But I like those people. I know, two Ls and two Ps. I think that they should be free to do whatever they wanna be. Maybe because we’re stupid Americans, we don’t really understand the Monarchy and all the Royal mess and the allowances– And someone said, with everything that’s going on, the fires in Australia, Iran, what’s happening, the fact that the Royal family, this is happening, come on now, let’s all put it in perspective. Do you think Jennifer Lopez was snubbed for the Oscar? I liked her in Hustlers, I did. You saw it too?
I did, oh my gosh. I saw it too.
Yeah, that’s why I said the thing about the pole dancer. But (laughs) I really feel that was a very stacked category, it was a very difficult one to break. I’m very happy for Cynthia Erivo, I think that’s fantastic that she got the nod like that, and she could be also singing, ’cause her song from Harriet was nominated for an Oscar as well. Do you think that Beyonce was snubbed? Oh, I love Beyonce as well, I thought that she– You’re so politically correct. Well, you know, no but I do. She loves everybody.
I do! I’m southern, I’m southern. I’m southern, I do that. It’s really–
But you said bless her heart before you talked about Jennifer, and I’m not from the south, but I know what that means. (audience laughs) That’s a subtle read and then you go in. Bless her heart. Now look, but there are a lot of problems in the world, Robin, and you’ve brought to light a really important thing and it’s called, stealing your baby from the hospital. I don’t know about you but when I had young Kevin, I would not go to sleep. I held him like this, he had a port wine stain, and that’s how I marked him. He outgrew it, but he had a port wine stain. Suzanne, you know what I’m saying? You check for moles and you know your child, and I didn’t go to sleep all night. I had arthritis in my elbows just from holding him really tight. Talk about this story. The story of Kamiyah Mobley, when she was stolen, she was just eight hours old. Oh my God.
Let me tell you, okay, this woman Gloria Williams– I can’t breathe. She had a relationship with a man, it was a bad relationship. She thought the way to keep him was to have a child. She did become pregnant, she had a miscarriage. Didn’t tell anybody about it, but she just kept changing pillows in her belly. So she drives from South Carolina down to Florida, she’s a nurse, walks into this hospital room– She’s a nurse so she knew how to act her way through this. She was dressing correctly, so she sees this young woman, this young mother, teenage mother, Shanara Mobley, eight hours old with her baby. She befriends her, she says, well let me go let her get her shots or whatever, walks out. And they do that, only I walked right with them, oh no, no, no you won’t. Hold on now, I got outta that bed, dragging an umbilical cord or whatever was in me. I watched all that, Robin. No, hell you won’t. Go ahead, Robin. But she left with the baby, drives all the way back to South Carolina. Nobody, nobody knows this.
I can’t breathe. Nobody knows this, raises her. She was 16 years old–
In a decent way, doesn’t raise her like a farm animal, raises her– Doesn’t minimize what she did at all. I know, but I’m just saying, she did not beat her and send her to the sex trafficking. No, no, no, had a great life, had a great life, grandparents, all of that. This is all this little girl knows. Okay, we have a clip, take a look and then I wanna continue, okay? Please. You’re not my daughter. I took you a long time ago, no I said I wasn’t gonna say took, I stole you. What the hell? Mom, you know this ain’t funny. That’s you. What? Mom what is this? I don’t even know who you are anymore. Based on a true story, this really happened. Now you have to remember, she was 16 years old when this happened. She wanted a job. To get a job, what do you have to have? A social security card. Okay, then what happened? So the mother, Gloria Williams, who she still refers to as her mother, has to come clean. She comes clean, Kamiyah still kept that secret for almost two years. An anonymous tip led authorities to her and then it was a few years ago, she was arrested and she– The mom. The mom, and she knew she did wrong. Is she in jail? For 18 years. For the amount of time that she took Kamiyah, she is serving a jail sentence. How old is Kamiyah now? She’s 21, bless her heart. This young woman, can we just talk about this young woman? Because she was 16 years old when she found out, and 18 years old when it became press. The reason I became involved with this, at Good Morning America, we did stories on this. I kept hearing this young woman speaking and I understood that the biological mother, I could understand, because I know you can understand this too. She was like, I don’t understand this bond that my daughter continues to have with this woman. She was only eight hours old! And she can’t understand why, but Kamiyah, this is the only mother she’s ever known and as you said, she raised her well. Robin, are you working to get the mom out of jail or you think the mom should be there for 18 years? No, the mom is in–
You’re no longer involved? No, we just are telling, this is Kamiyah’s story to tell. (audience applauds) Stolen By My Mother airs Saturday night at 8 o’clock on Lifetime, we’ll be right back. You know you’ll be watching Lifetime, you know you will.
I watch, I know! (upbeat music) It’s time for Ask Wendy, everybody have a seat. Hello, Ms. Wendy. Wow.
How you doin? How you doin?
I’m doing great, better now, Wendy.
Well come over, come over, let everybody stare at you. I wore these sneakers just for you, ’cause I know you have lymphoedema, so I didn’t wear heels.
Yes! I wore these sneakers just for you. Do you normally wear heels? Sometimes I do, if I’m in the mood, exactly. My people, my people. Okay, how can I, wait, what’s your name, where are you from, what do you do? Ms. Wendy, I’m Otto, I’m from DC, I’m a Senior Mastery Coach at a pilates company called Solid Core. Okay, how can I help you, Otto? I know you like your tea hot, so I hope you’re ready. Here we go, here we go, my 32 year old brother is getting married for the third time this year. He’s marrying a girl who’s 11 years younger than him. So I suggested, yes, if they get a prenup, which they both seem to be against. And so, he recently took over our family company, so if anything happens, he has a lot to lose. My question is, is it rude or insensitive for me to gift both of them a prenup for their wedding? I’m being serious, Wendy. I’m being serious, now. Otto, don’t do it. You got one brother, okay.
Yes. And he’s already been married three times, so chances are this’ll be his fourth divorce. But you gotta talk to him. Where are your Mom and Dad in this? They’re kinda not taking any sides, really, they’re kinda letting him do his own thing. But it’s a family business. Yeah.
He could lose his shirt. I know, my mom is kind of on the fence about it too, but she won’t get that involved in it. Who’s the family lawyer? There’s no family lawyer. We own a medium sized hair salon, so it’s done through the family essentially. What does she do for a living? Her? She is a Instagram influencer, and now administering– Isn’t everyone?
Aren’t we all, darling? Yes, so that’s her occupation, and helping boost the studio’s PR, I suppose. You gotta have the prenup. Right?
Okay, talk to him, get a lawyer in place, make sure your mom and dad know. Fill your mother and father in, Otto. This is adorable.
Thank you very much, Wendy, I wore it just for you.
Are you married? I’m not married, I’m single, so if you know anyone, like Norman, let me know. (audience laughs)
Norman. Thank you Otto.
Thank you so much, Wendy. (Wendy laughs)
(audience applauds) How you doin?
Oh, come on now. Come over, come over. Hello, how you doin, Wendy? Are you having a good time? I’m having a wonderful time. What’s your name, where you from, what do you do? My name is Carla, I’m from Buffalo, New York and I’m a hair stylist. Okay, how can I help you Carla? So, I’ve been married for 10 years, separated for three, me and my husband’s still been dating. Okay, do you plan on getting remarried, or I mean do you plan on getting back together? A three year separation’s a long time, girl. It’s a very long time, and he’s been the only person I’ve dated since I separated. Well it ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have none. (audience laughs) Really?
Really. Do you have children together? No. How old are you? 41. How old is he? 44.
Okay. Are you still in love with him? I am. When he comes over and tears you down does he stay over? (audience laughs)
No. You kick him out? Okay.
Mmhmm. Should I date again, or should I? I’ve asked him to come back in the house. You’ve asked him to come back to the house? And how long ago was that? The last ask-tation?
Last week. And what did he say? He said yeah, but he never comes. Do you wanna know why?
Why? ‘Cause he’s moved on with his life, and he’s got you and he’s got everything else. Now I don’t, I’m not you, so all I can say to you is first of all your hair is beautiful. Thank you. Second of all, you’re only 41. It’s time to, would you like to have children one day? I do have a daughter, but it’s not with him. Okay, it’s okay. Would you like to be married again one day? Yes. Do you love the idea of being in love? Yes, I love it.
The tender kiss and touch. I love it, I love it all. Well he’s not the one! (audience cheers) So get out there and have some fun! All right! More Ask Wendy is next. (upbeat music) We’re back with more Ask Wendy. Everybody have a seat except for Exhibit A. I’m nervous. Now come on over. Now who are you, where are you from, and what do you do? Welcome to the show.
Hi, Wendy, how are you doin? I’m doin’ fine.
Great. My name is Donna, I’m a stylist at Pookie and Sebastian here in Manhattan.
Okay, oh my gosh! People love that place!
Well thank you, thank you, please come in any time, we’re happy to have you. Now, other than calling men for one night stand– Well that’s what my question actually was. Okay, Donna. I was in a 14 year relationship and I haven’t had sex– In how long?
In three years. Oh well no wonder. Okay that’s why you’re saying that. I’m 59 years young, and I don’t know how to go about it. Should I go and just drink five martinis and have a one night stand with someone? I’m not looking for a relationship, I kind of like that hit and run. (audience laughs) You know what? Then tell the guy who you’re martini-ing with, I don’t want a relationship, I just wanna hit and run. I think. Because of your age and your beautiful presentation, they are not gonna think you’re an Instagram, thot type person, do you know what I mean? Okay, yeah, yeah, yeah. They are going to understand your maturity, and don’t tell them that it’s been that long, though, with the sex. Just get into it, a couple martinis and let’s go. Yeah I gotta let the nerves go. But go to a hotel. You don’t wanna bring a one night stand to your apartment. That’s right. You live in Manhattan?
I do. Yeah, you don’t wanna bring a one night stand, and you don’t wanna go to his either, he might have a camera set up. We don’t need that. I don’t need that.
Okay? Okay.
A hotel. A hotel.
Yes! And go to a hotel with a good bar downstairs, that way you don’t even have to leave the building. Just take the elevator up. That’s what I’m sayin’.
I love you, Wendy. Good luck, Donna!
I love you! Good luck, Donna!
(audience applauds) Okay, I saw this ensemble from afar when I was doing Hot Topics, how cute are you? Who are you, what do you do, where are you from? I’m Makayla, I’m 22 and I’m from Orange County, California, how you doin’? Do you think I was hard on Lori Harvey? No! I mean you know the story though, right? Yeah. (giggles) All right, sorry she’s in your age group. I don’t mean to be hard on you girls, but it’s just that sometimes I feel like there’s more worth to what you think than what’s being presented. Okay, Makayla, what is your problem? So I need you to settle something between me and my mom, who is here. Where is she? She’s over there in the yellow coat. Hi, Mom! Uh oh. Makayla! (audience laughs) So my mom keeps pressuring me and my brothers, but mainly me, to have kids. You’re 22! She’s recently retired–
What is she talking about? And wants to be a grandma. She’s meddled in our lives before, she created a dating profile for my brother, she’s tried setting us up on dates, and how do I get her to back off? Because I’m 22 and I’m not ready to have kids. And what do you do with your life? I just recently graduated college. And what are you gonna be? I wanna be Crime Scene Investigation. A Crime Scene Investigator?
Yeah. I’m gonna see you on Forensic File? Yes.
That is my stuff! Look here, Mom. Let your daughter fly. I can’t speak for your brother, but let him fly, too. I know you wanna be a grandma, does she date? Is she married?
She’s married. All right, get into your groove. The kids are all grown, you know what I’m sayin’, Mom? I know what you want, but let this girl, let your son, let them fly. Good for you, Makayla!
Thank you! We’ll be right back, yeah Makayla! Oh my God you’re adorable.
Thank you! (upbeat music) They told me you’re from Ireland? I am, hi Wendy, how are you doin’? (giggles) What’s your name? How you doin?
I tried. Ashling. You watch us in Ireland? Yeah, I watch all the segments on YouTube. Don’t worry, we have YouTube. Thank you! How long are you in New York? I’m here for a year, I’m here since May. Good!
Yeah. So thanks for coming by. All right, Ashling, look at here. This is called What the Fleek? I’m gonna show you a picture from a movie and you have to tell me what movie it is. And I knew the movie, but I couldn’t remember the name and then I had to be reminded. Go! (intense music)
Now don’t say one word, don’t help her. Can I have a hint?
All right. It’s starring Kirsten Dunst and Gabrielle Union. It was released in 2000. It’s a comedy about competitive cheerleading. Is it Bring It On? How dare you! Yes! You knew! So smart.
Thank you so much! Dinner for two at The Brooklyn Chophouse. We’ll be right back. (upbeat music) All I’m sayin’, okay these two women right here, I did not even realize they, yeah the mother, they were at my star for the Hollywood Walk of Fame, they flew in here from LA to be here today. Good to see you girls. You are from?
Brooklyn! With the poofy skirt, and you said you’re from? Long Island.
Long Island, and you’re from Dyckman, uptown, and she’s from DC. Tickets are free, go to It’s a good time! (upbeat music)
(audience cheers) Tomorrow, Victor Cruz, I got your Hot Topics, I love you for watching today. I’ll see you next time on Wendy, bye! (upbeat music)
(audience applauds) How you doin? (coughs) Nice! (theatrical music)


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