WeHoTV NewsByte: Drama Queens

Now let’s go to our newest WeHoTV News segment,
Drama Queens! What up WeHo! Today, we’re here at The Abbey whose iconic
Gothic aesthetic is the perfect setting to discuss Ravens Wood Manor, a camp-horror-soap-opera
from Celebration Theatre. So let’s meet the show stars, two of WeHo’s
favorite drama queens, Drew Droege and Sam Pancake. Ravens Wood Manor is a dark shadows-esque,
raunchy, serialized soap opera, comedy that we’re doing at the Celebration Theatre. Every week is new episodes, so it’s six weeks
of 12 episodes. Everyone hates each other in this play in
the most delicious way. There’s so much vitriol and everyone’s angry,
and vindictive, and needs to get there, is vengeful. Anyone can be the killer, I mean it’s a mystery,
who’s the killer, who’s killing all these people? I’ve never done a serial like this. I’ve never done a show where we have new episodes
every week. I mean, not since I was in The Groundlings
have I had to learn so many sketches every single week. The great thing about that though is that
you don’t really have time to overthink it, you just have to like learn it, churn it,
burn it, throw a wig on and scream! Yeah, where it’s going to be a lot of wig
switching, jumping back and forth. Yeah, I haven’t been in a serial either and
I’m really excited about it. So why is this show so perfect for WeHo audiences? Wow! Well, it’s campy. Couldn’t be gayer. Super gay. It goes across the LGBTQ+ spectrum. It does. There’s something for everyone in that way. Including witches and monsters and werewolves. 100% Lots of women playing men, men playing women,
everybody playing everybody, so it’s a nice healthy mix. Nice diversity. Well, I look forward to seeing it! Come on down! Celebration Theatre y’all!

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