Welcome to Andria Theatre

Welcome to Andria Theater. I’m so excited about being involved at Andria Theater because over the last 35 years I’ve seen
such growth, and the growth has been because of wonderful donors, lots of
volunteers, and energy. The growth has included going from one musical every
other fall to owning a theater and being able to do many more productions in a
year. We are now up to six main stage productions. One of those is a children’s
show during our main stage season, and one is also a show for children that is
a capstone based on their summer theater camp experience. Quad Squad Improv have been rehearsing for the last three years and in the last year they have been doing main stage shows – six of them to be exact. This building has something going on in it all the time, year-round. The energy
here is amazing, and if you haven’t experienced it, I personally invite
you to come down, take in a show or at least take in a tour – we’re very proud of it!

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