Hello, welcome to another video! And it’s another video from SMTOWN on our channel! But last time we’ve been here 1 year ago We decided to check what changed inside Go with us through all the floors! Let’s check if it looks different than 1 year ago in any way If you are a fan of groups such as NCT, EXO, Red Velvet, Super Junior, SHINee or SNSD You should like this video! We’re on the 2nd floor right now There’s SMTOWN store where you can buy SM Ent gadgets Then we’ll go to the 3rd floor to SMTOWN Museum 4th floor is for SM Cafe and store But this time you can buy snacks there 5th floor is for SMTOWN Theatre And there will be SMTOWN VR on the 6th floor soon The best place for the beginning! A store with SMTOWN Artists’ gadgets You can spend a lot of money here But there are also things you won’t find anywhere else Here are SMTOWN artists’ outfits from the MVs These are Red Velvet outfits Fun fact: these are the original ones, the original sizes These are the outfits from Power Up MV So these are their real sizes – you can check it and also see their heights! These are SHINee outfits from Good evening MV And you can check how thin Taemin is! SHINee pic is above so you can check whose outfits are these The last exhibition like this belongs to 3 NCT members It’s from Cherry Bomb MV These are the outfits of Haechan, Jaehyun and Johnny Each exhibition has a small screen with the MV There is also a huge gallery of SM artists’ photos This is Siwon’s signature There are more autographs above It looks very impressive! If you are a fan of SM artists, you should like this floor There is SMTOWN Museum here And you can see the whole history of SMTOWN here! From the very beginning of SM Entertainment till now! There are exhibitions, more MV outfits, groups’ information, albums of the artists! Now we’re gonna go inside! There are also temporary exhibitions here Right now SMTOWN has Red Velvet exhibition The exhibition changes once per 2-3 weeks These are the pics you can see only at that time and only in SMTOWN On the 4th floor there are exhibitions with all the awards the SM artists ever got These are the annual awards From the awards show organized at the end of each year These are the Mnet Asian Music Awards prizes These ones belong to NCT127, EXO and Red Velvet One more EXO award from Seoul Music Awards There are a lot of them here! These are the prizes from the TV shows Such as M!Countdown, MBC Show Champion or KBS Music Bank Once again NCT 127 prize here NCT DREAM award from SBS The Show EXO award from Show Music Core and one more EXO award from Inkigayo! The last exhibition is for the most important awards EXO award for the best album of the year! 2015 award for Red Velvet as the Rookie artist of the year Or MAMA award for SHINee for best male group performance Right behind me there is SMTOWN cafe where you can order a coffee, cakes or cupcakes But all of these are related to SM artists! We’ll try to show it to you! But there is also a store where you can buy SM snacks Like EXO chips, NCT nuts Coffee inspired by EXO universe Or SuJu tea We will also try to record it to show it to you We will spend more time here for sure We ordered 2 cafe latte in a bottle with song lyrics I have NCT Black on Black lyrics Carol chose SHINee Tell Me What To Do And we also ordered a cupcake We don’t know the taste exactly But we have a set of decoration like this with SHINee so we can decorate our cupcake! We could choose the member so we chose Taemin because he’s our bias! There is something hard inside But this cream is very butter-like I have no idea what the flavor is though I can only taste the butter cream And this cupcake is very, very sweet The crispy hard things inside… Are this tiny balls! This is the 5th floor where SM Theatre is! There are also posters you can buy in SMTOWN You can find all the SM artists here! EXO is here And huge SHINee posters Huge Taemin and huge Minho More EXO Super Junior is next Another Siwon’s autograph we found in SM today He likes to sign his every picture More Super Junior These are NCT DREAM posters From various eras Here is NCT127′ limitless And this is a poster from SHINee concert! This is a special place for the fans Some of these sits are signed by the artists There is a screen with SMTOWN Theatre timetable You can watch here the concerts mostly Under the screen where you can see NCT MV right now, there are small cameras Sometimes they organize events for the fans The fans sit here and the artists can talk with them, it’s like a video chat These are the hand prints of the artists This is SHINee Key’s hand And it’s much smaller than mine Here are the SNSD hand prints Here is Super Junior TVXQ as well Older SM artists But here are more! Some of these have the autographs on them Like Red Velvet’s Wendy Or Red Velvet Joy Here are NCT hand prints Most of NCT members signed these handprints! Here is my favorite NCT member, Taeil As you can see, again, my hand is much bigger! Here are more NCT members And much more SM Entertainment artists! This app is really interesting and it wasn’t here last year! It’s a love matching machine with the SMTOWN artist Let’s try to do it! I can choose my favorite member right now Taeil! Let’s see if we are a love match! It’s a 93% love match between me and Taeil! It’s good! It’s a whole description of it! It’s 93%! It’s a proof! We belong to each other! It’s not that bad! Quite good, it’s 81%! I thought it would be worse! We can also check the ideal match It’ll show the true match for Carol Her ideal match is my ultimate bias – Chen! And also with Jeno of NCT DREAM And Sooyoung of SNSD! Jeno is my bias from NCT Dream! So I’m happy! Let’s go to the 6th floor then! There is no escalator so we have to walk upstairs! Last year here there was SHINee Jonghyun’s memorial There is a VR place there right now It’s not finished though They will open it soon! We will show you how it looks now So this is the SMTOWN VR place As you can see, nothing is happening here at the moment Everything is still hidden We don’t know what will be here yet, how it’ll look like I think it’s gonna be possible to feel like at SM concert here But it’s empty right now! We walked through all the SMTOWN floors! I hope you enjoyed it! If yes, remember to leave your thumb up, comment and subscribe! Write down which SMTOWN group do you like the most And why? See you in the next video!


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