Welcome to the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research

Welcome to Walter and Eliza Hall
Institute of Medical Research. We have 800 researchers here young and old who
are united in their passion to make a difference to major global healthcare
challenges. Challenges like cancer infectious disease and immune disorders.
For more than a hundred years researchers have made amazing
contributions to major global health problems. We developed the first
antivenoms for Australian snakes. Our discovery of the colony-stimulating
factors has helped tens of millions of cancer patients better survive their chemotherapy, and we’ve made brilliant contributions to the development of
vaccines, vaccines for diseases like influenza and diabetes. Our researchers
are among the world’s brightest minds combating diseases that affect humanity
today. It’s donors like Roz that allow researchers to stay right at the top of
their game. I’ve been involved with the Institute for about five years and my
journey began when I was lucky enough to meet Professor Don Metcalf, whose
contribution to medical research is recognized worldwide. I’m very proud of
the Institute’s work and I know that my legacy will help researchers like Jason
continue to make important discoveries. I became a medical researcher so I could make a difference in people’s lives. Understanding how and why disease occurs is fundamental to developing ways to prevent and effectively treat it. The Institute has enabled me to take huge
strides with my research. Every day I get to work with some of the world’s leading
scientists and have access to cutting-edge technology. The spirit of
collaboration is really important at the Institute where everyone works together
to make big discoveries. Staff and students are an integral part of the
Institute family where everyone is included and supported with great
facilities. Working with the community makes a big difference to the impact of
our research. Talking with passionate people like Les helps us understand
the needs of patients I became involved with the Institute
because of my interest in the Buddy Program. As a cancer survivor I am partnered with a researcher to bring the patient’s perspective to their work. It
is fantastic to see how medical research translates from the lab to the clinic.
I’m excited to know that future generations of patients will benefit
from the research work we’re doing together now. I’m studying medical
research because my dream is to find cures for diseases and help people all
over the world. As a student at the Institute I’m supported by a wonderful
education program. I’m learning new skills that will make me a better
researcher and I’m surrounded by talented scientists who want to help me
succeed. Every day I’m encouraged to push boundaries in my research and there’s a
real sense of working together for the greater good. It’s inspiring to know that I’m a part of
this amazing institute. I’m making a real contribution to the future of medical
research. Imagine what we can do together.


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