West End Round Up Ep. 17 – Interview with Michael Ball & Lizzie Bea from Hairspray!

Hi, I’m Milly, hi I’m Jess, from Official
London Theatre and this is the WestEnd Round Up. Coming up this episode, we go to
the Hairspray launch event and more! But first, hot and fresh news. David Hasselhoff is
joining the cast of 9 to 5. He is replacing Brian Conley as the sleazy
office boss from the 2 of December till the 8 of February.
This isn’t David’s first time on the stage, he actually played ‘Hoff the Hook’ in
the New Wimbledon Theatre production of panto Peter Pan. Jessica Chastain is
to make her UK stage debut in A Doll’s House. It’s going to be opening in June 2020 at the Playhouse Theatre. I love Jessica Chastain ,I’ve just started following her
Instagram and she’s actually really funny.
You may recognise her from your cinema screens as she’s recently been in the
terrifying It Chapter Two, which I haven’t seen yet I’m too scared, and she is also
going to be in the new X-Men movie, The Dark Phoenix.
She’s also no stranger to the stage, she’s been in quite a lot of US shows including The Cherry Orchard so we can’t wait to have her in the UK! Paul
Whitehouse who co-wrote the music and lyrics for Only Fools and Horses the
Musical is actually back in it again as Grandad. He’ll be back at the Theatre
Royal Haymarket from the 6th of January and it has actually also been announced
that Only Fools and Horses is being extended for another two months until
April and tickets actually go on sale today! Today! I really need to get some
tickets to my mum because I’ve been telling her I will for ages. Be a good daughter. I
will be a good daughter. I don’t know if you noticed but I curled my hair this morning
but there was one thing I was missing… do you know that was? Hairspray? Yeah so
yesterday we attended the launch event of Hairspray the musical which is coming
to London Coliseum in April 20. It was
great we got to speak to Lizzie Bea who’s playing Tracy and we got to speak to
Michael Ball who of course is playing Edna Turnblad. Let’s take a little
listen! Marilyn Monroe! Marilyn Monroe. Baltimore and me. You’ve got to be at least forty. No, too many! Yeah I’d say eleven! Yes eleven! I thought it was way more than that but it just rhymes with it. How did you guess 11? I don’t know it just came into my head. Alcatraz! Wow. History degree, secret weapon. I’m off stage at that point. Something and you’re not invited? Won’t invite us! I know I know it, it
was the heart transplant in South Africa I met him Four! It was the capital wasn’t it? Or was it the Lincoln Memorial? No the Lincoln Memorial! Yeah! In other news as well Marisha Wallace is gonna be playing Motormouth which is super exciting so after her run at Waitress and then she’s
currently on tour with Todrick Hall, she’s then gonna come back in April and play Motormouth, so really excited for that. Finally we just want to say a big
thank you to Wicked because today’s Halloween and they sent us all
these amazing sweets! As you can tell we’ve had a few sweets already, we’re a bit excited but happy Halloween everyone and happy Wicked day!
Sadly that’s all you have time for this week, if you enjoyed the video give it a
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