West Side Theatre Company

I’m Hannah far and I’m from Portland, Oregon. My name is Mara Hinton and I am from a little town in Montana. I am Tyler Hinton, I was born in Provo. I’m Tyson Dewsnup. I’m kind of from a few different places but I would say I’m from Delta, Utah. I’m Charity Brooks and I am from Southern California. My name is Emma Faye, I’m from California originally. I think the arts are really important because they can… they can change minds, they can change hearts, they can uplift people, they can make people laugh. I feel like it brings people together and it gives you a place to belong and it gives you a creative outlet sometimes that we don’t get other places. Everyone has a story to tell and that’s what humanities that’s what the arts does, it tells people’s stories and it tells them in a lot of different ways because everyone has a different voice so you can tell your story through art or through music or through writing. They give you a chance to grow. I feel that especially performance starts for me personally, they help shape communities and that helps shape the world. Live theatre is so special because it can,it can change people, it can change the people who are participating in it, it can change the people who are in the audience and a lot of, a lot of great experiences that I’ve had have come from being in shows and also from experiences that I’ve had in the audience as well. I hope that West Side Theatre Company will be something that helps to gather the community, that helps to create a place where artists can come together. I hope that it will help this community be more unified and have a place for people to grow and learn and experience things they wouldnt normally experience. I want it to be a great outlet for everyone to be able to participate. As I’ve directed shows here in this area I’ve been really surprised and, at the talent that’s here just is phenomenal and it’s really just, as I’ve worked with people in this area they have such a desire to be part of this kind of a thing to perform and to share their talents and I’m always just delighted at what they’re able to accomplish and and what they’re able to put out there and I just want there to be an opportunity for the people in this area to be able to have that creative outlet. People have talents that they don’t even know they have and it’s such a fun thing to have a place you can go to learn new things and meet new people and I just hope that it’s something that will be here for a long time. Coming from the place where I am, where I am a mother to kids and my life is really inside my house at home and there are still stories that I want to tell and I hope that having it here locally instead of having to go an hour up to Salt Lake or, you know, 40 minutes down to Provo, that having a central place here people can tell their stories that wouldn’t ordinarily be able to tell their stories. To have something here where they can participate in musicals, main stage plays, things like that, and hopefully the youth will be part of that as well. I want this be a place that people can learn the joy is performing. I also hope that it will be something that will be ingrained into the roots of the community for a long time to come.

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