WESTOVER HALL | Percy Jackson Web Series Episode 5

oh Yeah This is gonna be fun You sure you guys don’t want me to wait Here don’t Worry about a mom will be fine but I’m worried Percy it’s okay miss Jackson Hayley and i will keep Him out of Trouble Thanks Thanks Again For The Ride Miss Jackson You have Extra Jackets My cell Phone number Honestly mom will be fine Yeah She’s Pretty okay what about your mom have any Contact With her lately if you think That’s any of Your Business guys Stay Focused i wonder if a Grow versus a Distress Call Whatever It is Okay no i have to do is find grover And What do you think you three are doing no Visitors alone We are not Visitors we Go to school Here i’m Athaliah in there annabeth and Percy do you Know these scoops Aye i believe so What are you three doing Away from the dance you Guys made it oh Dr. Thorne i met i’m so Glad They made it to the dance yeah yeah the dance is Great Run Along all of you Are you talking about the mists cousin Chiron Taught you how to control it Thank the Gods you Guys are here what do you Need Help with you Said there Was an Emergency Upon to half-bloods Here yeah brother and sister – Not sure about their parentage But They’re strong are there any Monsters One and i Think he Knows their Half-bloods AnyWays Today’s The last day of The semester Which means that This is our last chance to get them out of Here but i can Get These Half-Lives are at the dance Yeah well Let’s dance Who’s the Monster you Just Benefit the vice principal dr. Horne Right Over There bianca and Nikko D’Angelo oh What are we Doing Just Staying in here Let’s Get them and leave no we can’t Go where she gonna get them that Will give away Why we’re here Pretend we’re not interested in how do we Do that don’t act suspicious Do some dancing but don’t take your eyes off them Just See mcCartney oh i do oh my Gods Berger that Is so lame couldn’T you’ve chosen Green day soup Whatever Let’s dance i can’t dance come on go Boy What nothing it’s Just nice to have Failure back How’s School Oh my Gods at My new school i gotta take This Architectural Design Course i’m gonna use this really cool for you computer Modeling program and Staying There for The rest of The year well Maybe so you Should i Ask One easy we Brain Oh my Gods Percy I’m not going to bite Back to what you were Saying you’re having trouble at School no it’s my dad name is okay the King again he’s moving He took this Dumb Job in San Francisco Jeff’s after We settle me Just My Luck Great Well are Moving Up there with Him i don’t know i mean That’s all the Way on the other side of the country so you’re going back to camp Then i don’t know i They’re Gone What we have to find Kayla and Groper come on?


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