What Are Relaxed Performances?

(Music) These are things that never in a million years would I have imagined we would have been able to do and we would have been able to provide for people a relaxed performance to me is a performance where everyone is invited a relaxed performance contains two parts It’s technical adjustments But also it’s the attitudes and the environment and the good host program in general Has been instrumental in spearheading Knowledge of accessibility and the needs of disabled people. (Carly Speaking) the good host program has three different Programs within it. So there’s relaxed performances, which is what we’re doing today We also have ASL interpreted shows and then we also have audio descriptions and touch tours. Those are for blind and visually impaired patrons the relaxed performance is a performance of a Professional theater production here in the city that’s been modified to suit the needs of any kind of patron. we’re looking for what I often refer to are startles things that people might not notice at all will be interpreted differently We’re also looking for things that might cause sensory overload very loud sound, very bright lights. And also I look for the use of strobe lights use of other effects like fog haze and anything that that might irritate someone with medical Sensibility also how the interaction with the audience is, whether characters are going to be running around the stage if they’re running through the house. it’s about looking how you can adapt that for both the show and for the disabled viewer And I think a lot of people assume that we will just overdo it and like take all the effects away But it’s it’s really just taking it a little bit back so that people are able to process it. So we say Just so you know This is what’s happening in the show Here are some suggestions on how to deal with it. there’s some gun shots in the show and with Riki our wonderful audience consultant We decided that rather than removing those gun shots as we would often do for a relaxed performance as a special treat We’re actually going to invite Kevin who’s the gun master? (unintelligible) Hi everybody, I’ll just give you an example so you can hear how loud (gun shot) And so you’re not saying you’re disabled you can’t watch the show or you’re disabled clearly you can’t handle this We’re saying you might find this difficult. Here are some possible coping mechanisms. We can help you with them And then when you combine that with allowing for a safe space in case something is too much It sorta, that creates the whole element of the show. (Carly speaking) The show is edited technically, but also the etiquette is relaxed So whatever you need to do to enjoy the show You can do that. So leave come back eat a snack talk to the person beside you. (Riki Speaks) you also have the ability to have a safe place just outside the theater if you need to someplace to calm down if the theater is overwhelming if there’s something in the show that maybe means that you want to just step out for a bit. Whatever the reason is you can do that that makes a huge difference for a lot of people. (Peggy Speaking) Well, I love to take my son to the theatre He really really likes it but sometimes he does some quirky things Oh or he’s noisy and just discussing Relaxed performances this morning I realized If there was more of that we could dare try some kinds of theater we’ve never tried before Theater should be available to all who want to be here We’re moving in in a pretty amazing direction that like we went from one relaxed performance last year just the one to Everything that we’ve accomplished this year. So yeah, I get like goosebumps talking about like it’s It’s a pretty big deal

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