What did the audience think of BARBER SHOP CHRONICLES?

[Music: African rhythms play] You have to see it! It’s so good! Go and see it because it’s one of the most unique shows that I’ve seen. It’s like a super, warm and happy show. It’s amazing, it was funny, it was educational. I laughed so much that my tummy still hurts a little bit, so yeah, I loved it. You feel like you come having a great laugh but also a bit of a history lesson, on things that you might not otherwise have really understood. It spoke of untold truths. It felt very much like a journey around the
world. It was touching on so many different countries, different cities, and different experiences. The actors were so talented, they got so many of the nuances of the different African countries. There’s so much energy on the stage. The music and the dance made me want to get involved. I was trying not annoy the people around me by dancing in my seat. Even in amongst all that party atmosphere it manages to find places to really tug at you. I mean the barber shops are so much more than
barber shops. The importance and the value of this place that acts like a repository of all these different cultures and all these different identities. Masculinity and kind of political aspects, history was brought in but in a way that was really witty. It’s good to see black men in a positive light as well. There is a message in there about that people should be comfortable to be vulnerable with themselves, you don’t always have to have this personality of being ‘a strong black man’. – these are real issues that people deal with. I think subverts expectations in ways that you don’t think, but in ways that are extremely enjoyable. It made me want to go to a barber shop and really engage more. It was a mixture of something that makes you want to dance, laugh and talk. Go and have a good time and learn something
new whilst you’re at it. You can’t describe it in one word other than
like ‘phenomenal’. Fun Meaningful and a little bit cheeky. Vibrant Dynamic Black excellence on display Sick barber cuts Fantastic Anybody wants to come and see it, make sure you do! “YES! Come and see!”
[Laughter] ENDS

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