What If Social Media Sites Were People | Talk Of The Town

Coming Hi ! you moved in now right ? Yes, you are? Tell me what you need and I’ll search it for you Oh thanks! Milk.. Results for Milk: Milk Packet.. Milk Booth, Milk Factory, Paalam Paalam Silks, Milk Payasam Oh so you’re an encyclopedia *Notification sound* Hello, Bell Repair? Already? It’s okay only no? It’s me, I rang the bell. Anyway, I’m your Neighbour Farahn Many would have spoken about me I’ve come to connect with your friends Hey Giri ! Leave her You and Girija are friends now right?
-Yes I’m friends with Girija’s friend Ramya So I’ve sent a mutual friend request ACCEPTED! So fast :O
-Obvi What a player Who are these people? They sent you a friend request Don’t accept it and all Let them follow you Screw him, The girl? … Very Comfortable I “like” this I’ll share it also Someone has liked this childhood photo of yours This is why you should keep your privacy setting on, on , ON! No point growing only in size, Grow some of this too Listen to me clearly and properly I have only 10 seconds, My name is Shanmugan Whatever you give me.. Oh, Ghost :'( Its me, Whatever picture you give me I’ll edit it beautifully for you I can even make YOU slim Him huh? Promise Fatty, Are you okay baby? It’s me Shanmugan With FILTER No no, DOODLE! You dont know no? In 1818, for the first time they started a cotton mill in Kolkata Started…. Post ! What’re you looking at? Whatever I say Tweety will repeat Oh, Hi tweety? It left Oh, Bye tweety.
-Waow Who’s it now? Hi, I’m ileana. Aren’t you the new neighbour? How about a Selfie? Photo? How about one? Is our father here? #Father Who is your father? Who are you? My name is Criminal Case and he’s my brother Candy Crush Those are my cases, I’ll take care boys. I’m in Case 5 and he’s in level 100 I told them to inform me when they complete levels Farhan, Take a screenshot of the level and send it to me I’ll share it Hey hey, You have 5 seconds left no? Let me talk. Must be real fun to be you Only fast talking, no walking. What’s up guys? I only started a group and added all of you I made the group icon the picture you shared, Farhan. This apartment is awesome. Everyone here. Ileana *blushes* Hi, I’m Yuvi Hey, who are you? Inside my house.. 5 seconds… 2 seconds Hello, it’s over Sorry, Unskippable ads :/ Ya I tried Pushing (Thalli) There is no place or phone I haven’t visited All focus is on.. What happened? Why is everyone stuck, spinning and frozen HOW DID YOU GET IN? Are all of you from the same family? Do you share everything? Then here you go, The fastest network! Need to move. Bye! Damn, I didn’t take a picture with that girl I missed it I miss himmmmmm Sorry network problem All my messages are getting delivered now Forget her, All the focus is on me Full traffic after they released the Kabali teaser Now you can watch videos offline too Can you connect me with my college friends? Not only your college friends College friends, School friends The hospital you were born in, The mortuary you will die at I can connect you to everyone In this world Without you guys How can i live? You’re coming for the first time right? What can I offer you? Single tea? What’re you looking at? Like this video Subscribe to stay in touch And the most important thing is something that our teachers taught us SHARINGGGGG


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