What It’s Like To Be Stoned At The Movie Theater

– I don’t really feel anything yet. – (laughs) Then take another one. (epic music) – Le Petite Crepe. – I don’t really feel like reading. – Ok. – Oh, Enemy Buds? – No, Kevin James reminds me of my Dad. What about Man Child 2? – I don’t really like lowest common denominator stoner comedies. – No. – Can you go and get the tickets for me? – No, you owe me money! – Hi, could I get– (laughs) I got two for Space Reindeer. – Why? Ugh, it’s Dreamworks. – Tickets? – Uh, yeah. Hey, Brittany, do you have the tickets? – No, you have the tickets. – I can’t seem to find them. – Do I have the tickets? – I just had them. – Do you have my phone? – These people saw me, you saw me, I– – I lost my phone. – Ok, um– – Where are they? Retrace your steps! – Oh, I got them. They’re right here. – Enjoy your show. – You too! – I can’t stop smiling. – I’m really starting to feel it now. I hope I don’t run in to anyone I know. – Is that Brittany? Brittany Ashley? Oh my gosh, we keep
running in to each other! Oh hey man, how are you? – Hi, yeah. – Yeah, I was just taking
Artemio’s little brother out to see a movie. We’re seeing Space Reindeer! – Oh my God, we’re seeing Space– – Man Child 2. Uh, so we definitely
can’t sit next to you, I have to find my phone
and use the bathroom. Ok, I gotta go. – Both of us have allergies, contact lens problems, we were crying a lot too, so. – Yeah we were crying a lot today too. He’s the strongest little guy I know. – I think I took too much. It’s like, oh, and it’s
just now kicking in? Am I going to be this high forever? Kevin James… Can you overdose on weed? – Oh hey cool hat by the way! (laughs) We actually picked up a couple of these too. These’ll be our movie hats, huh, bud? (explosion) – He’s the strongest little kid I know. – Cool. – I’ve gotta find Chris. – No movie could be
better than that preview. (movie soundtrack) – Sorry to leave you hanging, he was really creepy. – Oh, your friend Chris? He seems fine. – Artemio would have loved this CGI. That’s Hitchcock’s Vertigo zoom. I don’t know if he’s watching the film, I think he just likes being a dark room. (peppy music)


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