WHAT MEN WANT Official Trailer (2018) Taraji P. Henson, Shaquille O’Neal Comedy Movie HD

We’ve new wheels a pre celebration for the big day, huh? I’m making partner baby ceiling Worldwide sports management newest partner Boys club every days you don’t connect well with men just stay in your lane. I Don’t trust women who don’t get dudes like I don’t trust a man with no eyebrows are too many keys. I Know someone you should talk to I can help you commit with me. Why don’t we have some tea? This is like dirt Oh, that’s just jasmine tea. If you don’t count the weed no peyote no Kirk Oh Hello, welcome back miss Davis thank God this one didn’t die on me starting today no more drinking at work. Hey, that’s too much information that’s anything I Feel we here after last night. Yeah, that’s what happens when tequila meets and desperation Okay, stop saying things you shouldn’t be saying to your boss. Holy crap. Can you hear my inner thoughts? I Can only move stuff that cloud you’re walking through that’s my farts I thought black people stopped running th Oh get out Where would you complain about men? Trying to keep you down? Do we have any meetings on the books? Nothing yet, except the private poker game tonight. This is not a curse Asha tete-a-tete The lady which is doing it the big boys table, huh – quiet I’m bluffing these fools I’m missing Real Housewives check finally has a winning hand. Why am I thinking in the third person? I smell toast my happiness throw weight. I have chosen my pocket You


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