What the “Fall” of H3H3 Actually Reveals in the Drama/Commentary Community (w/Dara Tah)

YouTube has cultivated some of the best creators in the digital age, mainstream media could never replicate But with that, comes the manipulative content with the sole purpose to garner views at the expense of the audience Some very fake and others plain problematic Give me my XBox or I’ll chok him out Come on. Come on! I want my XBox! but when the community sees a problem on the platform many are quick to speak out One of the most prominent figures Ethan Klein from H3H3 Productions It’s both of them. Yeah It’s both parents. There’s no where to turn there’s nowhere to turn and that’s not even the worst of their abus Ethan has gained massive credibility for pointing out ridiculous videos on the internet By winning a landmark lawsuit against Matt Hoss some would even go as far to say that h3h3 solidified fair use and free speech for a number of creators However, as of late, the community has began to turn against Ethan calling him a hypocrite, arrogant, money hungry, and someone who throws his friends under the bus Though Ethan does deserve some of the circisim he has been receiving, this also reveals something deeper in the drama and commentary community Check this out Right there Whoa! Did they say something controversial? Not really Welcome to Psych IRL. My name is Donna So, something I’ve noticed recently is big drama or commentary channels being criticized and for the sake of this video, I’m going to lump drama channels and commentary channels up together but basically they’re channels that talk about events that happen in the youtube community aren’t you a commentary channel? sure people have lumped me in that category before Um I do talk about other youtubers so I don’t know. You can classify me as whatever you want and I’m not trying to say I’m holier than thou because I have made negative videos in the past I’m just saying this is a very interesting pattern to take notice of and I want to talk about that topic today I’m not saying at all that these channels don’t deserve the criticism. Big channels that have been criticized include Philip Defranco Peter Monn, Bobby Burns, and recently it’s H3H3 H3h3productions is composed of husband and wife Ethan and Hila Klein While Ethan is the main subject of the videos, Hila is usually behind the camera Their early videos were short humorous edits that made fun of pop culture and from time to time, they would create parodies Have you ever been to outerspace? Then how do you know it’s there What really began growing their channel though is their reaction videos and in between they would comment on how absurd the content was Somewhat attractive actually. She’s a pretty girl She’s got nice teeth I’ll definitely ___ her face to be romantic about it Sorry Hila Hey rain Florence here Alright she’s insan nevermind This brought attention to a lot of problematic content on the site like fake pranks CSGO gambling, and the suppression of free speech from those who threaten others with legal action All in all though Ethan wasn’t the first to create this format but, but he is a very influential figure in the commentary community that many have followed Now, how could someone go from one of the most trusted YouTubers on the platform to one of the most criticized? I decided to speak to Dara Tah Someone who while making a few commentary videos himself has a love/hate relationship with the community I hate almost all other commentary channels but most importantly he’s a fan of h3h3. they started off as commentary and it seems like they’re receiving backlash just overall thoughts Yeah ok. So I mean look the first time I ever came across an H3H3 video I just found it hilarious. It was kinda like here’s this guy in his room. a bit older than most youtubers as well. he was absolutely taking a he’s trolling on people but in an entertaining way and you could tell he didn’t take it serious the reason I loved them wasn’t because he was right, but because he was entertaining he has just a funny gross out comedy to him you know when he’s doing ehhhhh ehhhhh kinda thing yeah yeah yeah there’s just something…I don’t know that’s almost like his trademark. There’s just something funny to that kind of comedy what’s happening now was inevitable you criticize enough people, you create such high standards for other people eventually you’re going to fall flat on your face into it I think most long term youtubers have come out to be…look very hypocritical As soon as people start scrolling through your content they’ll find stuff that just doesn’t match up and it’s context I mean your opinion can change a week later after making something a few days later after something With H3, yeah he’s looking like a serious hypocrite but that’s almost like the nature of his channel the nature of his channel was to criticize people and unfortunately once he started turning his own criticism against himself, he looks bad but it’s not like I’m surprised Like I said before, Ethan does deserve some of the criticism that he is getting and yes this is inevitable if you’re a channel that blows up because of your opinions First, you’re going to be constantly walking a tightrope with your new massive audience in hopes of keeping everyone happy and agreeing with you This of course is impossible LeafyIsHere for example had some very harsh criticisms for cringe content on the internet Some would even call it bullying Despite this, his small audience subscribed for just that After covering popular topics like Jacob Sartorius and FouseyTube, his channel grew This new influx of people then saw the bullying Many YouTubers including h3h3 criticised him for that Eventually he stopped uploading videos and a lot of that can be attributed to popular opinion In Ethan’s case, he had very unpopular opinions on religion and politics causing part of the current backlash From my perspective it seems like they kind of became more serious with the podcast and things like that and then I don’t know if you classify them as commentary channels You know Cody Ko, Danny Gonzales, Drew Gooden, or whatever They sort of do commentary but it’s like in a fun like teasing poking way and it’s not taken as seriously as h3 Do you think there’s a difference between those 2 channels? I actually don’t. You don’t? okay. No I don’t see a difference. I would definitely consider Danny Gonzales and Drew Gooden Drew Gooden as commentary channels They’re just better at it You know I think H3 was the best in terms of simply making criticism entertaining I think those guys are very entertaining as well They’re comedians but really their subject is usually commentary and criticism Why do you think they aren’t getting that sort of backlash though? Because of the type of comedy that they do I think it’s the way the handle the subjects. Again like you said It’s not serious but also because they’re not as popular If you are going to take a more serious approach to criticism you have to do it right Ethan’s podcast does unfortunately reveal a lot of hypocrisy and taking criticism too personally His past content was entertaining and it felt like he was just being a troll The same can be said for creators like Cody Ko How he reacts is all in good fun I guess you’re supposed to brush your teeth with hot glue You see that same attitude when Ethan seems to be doing a parody of Prince EA’s content We use social media, but we’re less social than ever Isn’t that ironic since it’s called social media but it actually makes us less social When he speaks about it more seriously and on his podcast though it strikes one as being a bit hostile and the audience senses that When they show the attention span of an average adult today, it’s 1 second lower than that of a gold fish shut up I guarantee you that a human as more attention than a goldfish if you’re able to test that Prince EA I don’t know what kind of labs you’re working in When taking this approach you do have to detach from personal feelings a good commentator that does this is boyinaband Did you know that? No. The type of audience commentary channels attract also tend to be critical, so your every move will be picked apart You aren’t going to get the audience that loves you unconditionally no matter what wrongs you’ve done someone like the Paul brothers have You taught your audience to think critically and to be careful of who you trust It is also very likely that your viewers are subscribed to other commentary channels and if you step on those other commentary channels toes who’s to say they won’t side with them and turn against you? Keemstar has decided to attack Inabber but just yesterday he got featured in a new video by Shane Dawson As soon as Shane’s video came out Keemstar just starts hating on Inabber on his twitter for no reason whatsoever I nabber horrible YouTuber that has no respect for facts Wrong! I’m in the series Inabber is a bad YouTuber! Who spent 1 full year ___king off Shane by attacking Onision or whatever his name is! Even your transition from type of content to content will be picked apart. Many youtubers who have switched to the podcast format have been welcomed by their viewers with open arms and if their viewers don’t like it, they simply don’t watch it Ethan on the other hand is getting criticism You see this same critique with other commentary channels like Bobby Burns who has seemed to stop doing commentary in favor of music and vlogs Bobby even made a video tearing it apart tearing apart Shane and turned his back on his actual audience in favor of Shane’s audience You became the very thing you swore to destroy another thing that I noticed is that the drama channels and commentary channels that get criticized are being criticized by up and coming commentary channels and I watched this whole 1 hour criticism of H3 and I’m a big H3 fan and I thought wow these cricisms actually make sense and they’re valid and it got me thinking why do bigger channels rarely criticize each other? and I think it’s because a lot of them have rapport with each other I don’t know if I said that right It doesn’t mean they have to be close friends but they do work within the same MCNs or they go to the same events So, its really weird to criticize essentially your peers So, that doesn’t go on very often Bigger commentary and drama channels are also very aware of the legal actions someone may take against you But it does make me think, is it going to be this on going cycle where the audience feels like someone is finally standing up for the little guy but then once that person blows up and becomes larger they’re not going to think that anymore I think the commentary community is going to disappear Really? I think that it’s going that way at least that negative toxicity It’s way oversaturated and you have to have a remarkable angle to your commentary channel down the line for you to be successful You know what’s funny though? I don’t know if it’s going to disappear I think people always like drama These toxic channels, one week they have 20K and the next week they’re at 100K Should I just be hateful now? I know. I think me and you have definitely struggled with this Positivty isn’t as viral That’s it. People don’t want to share positivity as much as negativity unfortunately This is how I think it’s going to disappear There’s going to be very little entertainment value I guess that word can be a little confusing because entertainment is subjective So, by entertainment value we simply mean Kind of like effort that doesn’t sound right at all either but kind of like you know how h3 use to do sketches or parodies? there’s going to be less of that and more of just talking and adding clips if that makes sense so something that you can just put out very quickly in negative commentary because the people that are going to be most successful are going to be the people who simply like put out videos really really quick I think that’s what’s important is like how quick you can get on a story I think what you’re going to be left with are channels who are wildly successful but are basically not very entertaining the leafy guys. You know really low effort videos You know in my mind, I like to think these are some super unhappy people that’s how I make myself feel better and I agree You know I said it before, but what do you literally believe in. What do you stand for? You’re only here once on this earth, is that the impact you want to have on people? Because when you’re getting that many views you kind of have a duty like, you know? Why not just be a bit more happy for people? That was really profound See this is the problem, I’ve been thinking about this way too much because I was looking down that barrel in some ways I was like Oh my god the negative stuff does better being a part of drama does way better My relationship with that isn’t done yet I’m still trying to find my way through I’m trying to be done with the commentary community in terms of like I don’t like to watch the negative toxic stuff Sometimes I’ll click in to see what kind of garden path they want to bring me down and then I got to grant. Fine. Bored. Turn it off. So, I’m trying to be done with consuming it I’m not necessarily done with it as a creator because I think I can bring more positivity to it You know I’ve come to the conclusion as well that if I’m ever going to do a negative video there has to be a good reason I’m being negative I have to be very passionate about that It has to be something I really believe in to actually criticize someone publicly Isn’t it funny that channels that don’t want to be commentary or drama channels are the ones that should be commentary or drama channels What??? Okay so I do want to end this on a positive note because yes I have criticized channels before and it’s very necessary i guess my gripe is channels that constantly promote bad toxic material to their audience because it kind of reminds me of mainstream news and this fear mongering thing that they do but I don’t know. Whatever. Tell me your thoughts on it. Who are your favorite commentary channels and who are the people that you think do it right That’s the end of the video…Oh I forgot! So, go check out Dara’s channel That’s the end of the video. I will see you guys next time stay psyched.


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