What Theatre Kids Do When Left Alone: A Documentary

M: Alright, guys, so we found this camera in the theatre thing and there’s a floppy disk in it! B: What?? That’s what a floppy disk is?? M: Yeah! B: I’ve never seen one before. M: Oh my god “We Educate My Friend (Not Clickbait)” B: Are you stupid? M: Also we have to be really quiet because our teacher is not here right now so we have to be really sneaky B: Did you say “our teacher”… or is this going on video? Is it youtube and not… F: Guys I think I found a charger! B: Is this going on youtube or is it for the slideshow? F: Nevermind M: This is Youtube. Say hi to Youtube. F: Hi, Welcome back to my channel M: Hi guys welcome to today’s video F: Hope you guys enjoy my “SAMR”s portion of this video. (it’s ASMR bruhhh) F: Woaahhh theree. that was hot! M: Let’s see if we can see any geese. there are no geese… also, let’s get a shot. This is the new theatre classroom. there’s the poster wall. B: Just look at the socks. It’s a mess. It’s not usually this messy but that’s okay. Did you just take a picture?? M: It’s a video! Alright. We’ve got Fernando. Ah! I can’t put that on youtube! My camera might die soon This might be the last video ever, guys. pray for us B: Are you saying that we’re gonna die? I hope we die. Can we die? M: Let’s check this out. If we find something it’s gonna be great. Okay you need to like hurry it up B: Gruich bought this for my feet F: Ahh! I hate- B: I’m Sorry! F: Did you just spray Febreze on me?! B: Why is this leaking??? Is this expired Febreze?? why’s it so dark?? F: Get that out of here! F: I’m gonna kill myself which I’m okay with. Stop. M: Stop stop sto- ew that’s gross! STOPPPPP! Do it outside. If you’re gonna do it do it outside. Yeah! Yeah that’s what I thought. F: Smells like babies. M: This is great content! Guys welcome back to my channel now we’re an ASMR channel F: This camera won’t turn off. M: It won’t Turn OFF or it won’t Turn ON? F: Turn off. M: Turn down for what? Ya know? So we can’t really see- oh! Okay! That won’t help- Gee! okay… F: It’s broken. M: Is that the conclusion of this documentary? F: I think so. M: Stoooop! B: that’s literally my laptop F: YOURS?? Take the camera too, HEY you forgot this! Me: STOP! Stop. Stop it! Stop it! F: YEET! This is mine! You want proof that it’s mine? B: No! Don’t put my name! Don’t put my name! M: She said “I don’t want to be on Youtube!” F: That’s yours! B: Whyy? B: Why’d you plug it into MY computer? M: Alright. Any conclusions? Alright what’s your conclusion? F: I am… M: Let him conclude it! What’s your conclusion? Blyth! What’s your conclusion? What is your conclusion? F: I’m… I’m still… Living. B: Should I be posing like a model?? M: sure. This is YOUR documentary. December 24th, 9pm, Eastern Standard Time from here on out I shoot without a script. Let’s see if anything comes of it. instead of my old *sensored* close up on Roger. B: Battle of Yorktown 1789 What interesting things can I do? I can do a back bend. Do you wanna see it? I can do a backbend. M: Okay. Show us. Go over there. This is a trial 2 Wait. Why is it not working again?? It’s saying that the battery is out. What have you got to say? B: What? M: What have you got to say? B: Is the battery working? M: Ye- uhh… Kind of. What was I gonna do? I was gonna do a Backbend. M: This is some crazy shiz. B: … I’m not that interesting. Fernando, Try to do a cartwheel. Nevermind! That’s too loud! It’s too loud F: You’re right. M: That’s too loud. *Floor squeaks out of spite* M: That was a great shot! Hey, what have you got there? F: It’s an um A “Beep Boop Bop Bop” B: Wait but that’s our actual soundboard, don’t touch it! (it’s for the lights??) F: Zoom. Zam. Zeep. Zap. M: Zop F: Zop. F: And Zim and sometimes zime. B: Guys!! It’s the Tennis ball- M: Stop stop stop stop! B: It’s the tennis ball I stole because it has a smiley face on it! F: Beep Boop Bop Bop. Beep Boop Bop Bop B: That’s our actual lighting board. Fernando, I will slap you. F: It doesn’t work! B: That’s our ACTUAL lighting board. F: I KNOW! So let me be! it’s not on! B: You can still BREAk it if it’s not on. F: I WASN’T GONNA BREAK IT! B: YES YOU WERE! Yeah, be triggered. Hope it feels good. F: IT DOES. M: Nononono! B:I have really flexible toes. *SQUEAK SQUEAK SQUEAK SQUEAK SQUEAK SQUEAK SQUEAK SQUEAK* M: Thanks, Ms. Papp! B: Guys, I think my toes shrunk. Cause I used to be able to pick up tennis balls but I can’t do it…. F: Are those your new tennis shoes? B: Tennis Shoes. F: DON’T PUT THAT ON YOUR FEET! B: It’s all over the ground all the time. F: Rest in Peace Gruich M: Guys, this is our ASMR video. B: This is handsanitizer M: I said that this is a documentary but it’s really to show Gruich what we did when he was gone. Fernando got high… F: No I didn- M: Off of fun! F: Ahhh… Blyth is giving- B: It’s disinfected. M: STOP! M: Bruh. I don’t even know where it went. M: December 24th, 9pm Eastern Standard time from here on out I shoot without a script. see if anything comes from it Instead of my old sh- Close up on Roger F: I’m Roger? B: Does anyone want a back massage? M: I’m writing one great song. F: Uh… No! M: Are you talking to me? / Not at allll! B: Do you want a back massage? M: Close up on Roger B: Do you want a back massage? M: I’m writing one great song. *laughs at self* M: There he is. The man the myth the legend. G r u i c h B: What’s the password? G: Let me in. THANKS FOR WATCHING LEAVE A LIKE AND COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE LIT CONTENTTTT!

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