What to Wear to Auditions | Musical Theatre Performer Tips

So you’re preparing to go to an audition
now the next question to answer is what do you wear to that audition I’m going
to talk to you today about the do’s and don’ts about and about how you can break
the rules to wear attire that suits you and makes you stand out as a human being
I’m Ashley and this is actions for actors where we talk about weekly
actions that you can implement into your career and gain progress as a musical
theater performer so let’s get started right with what are you going to wear to
your next audition now I know we’ve all been taught that at the initial audition
you want to wear something in the style of the show and you don’t want to over
costume you want to make sure that it’s still going to be a representation of
who you are but most of us have been taught to wear
if you’re a female to wear a dress and a line dress and your character heals and
then men if you’re male identifying that you wear a suit or that you wear dress
pants or khakis and a shirt and a tie that’s a great place to start now you
can break all of those rules and wear what makes you stand out and what makes
you unique so next time you go to your audition
really consider first what is the musical and the role that you’re
auditioning for even if it’s ensemble and what is the style of the show so if
you’re auditioning for Oklahoma the musical you want to wear something in
that style but that’s not going to make you look like you just came out of the
musical Oklahoma so you could wear a hint of a country dress with a with a
new contemporary jacket or you could wear really cool jeans and a nice boot
or you could wear something that makes you feel like you have a blazer on but
still has kind of like a country vibe feel underneath it with a casual t-shirt
you don’t have to go in feeling like you just stepped out of the musical you just
want to get maybe a hint of that style if you’re auditioning for something more
contemporary let’s say you’re auditioning for rent the musical you
want to wear something different then you would wear to a classic or Golden
Age musical so if you’re going to audition for rent or a rock opera or a
punk musical or something that has a more contemporary edgy vibe to it don’t
be scared to wear really cool ripped up jeans and boots and a funky t-shirt and
a jacket over it don’t be scared to feel like you don’t feel like a professional
because you’re not in a dress you really want to showcase who you are and the
style of the show so don’t be scared to break the rules and try something
different so when you go to an open call a few
things you want to avoid is to wear don’t wear character shoes it really
just doesn’t show you off as a professional and we’re just wanting to
see who you are not in a normal audition attire we just want to see you so avoid
wearing character heels avoid wearing anything that’s too over costumey we
don’t want to see that you jumped right out of the show we can imagine that as a
director and a choreographer and as a musical director we just a little hint
of it would be okay also you want to avoid doing anything
that is going to make you uncomfortable if you’re not comfortable in heels door
heels if you’re more comfortable in some really cool contemporary sneakers wear
that just to avoid something that makes you feel really uncomfortable and that
you don’t feel good in because that does come across the table so say you’re
going to a dance call first because you’re more of a dancer and you’re gonna
go to the dance open call instead of the singer open call first which is an
awesome idea always go to the audition that makes you feel like you’re showing
yourself off in the best light first either as a singer or as a dancer say
you’re a dancer you’re going to the dancer call you always want to make sure
obviously you’re wearing form-fitting clothes if it’s 42nd Street the musical
go ahead and pull out your your tights or your fishnets and your leotard and
your little rap skirt or a romper something that’s in the style of the
show if you’re going for a course on auditions you really want to pull out
that leotard and tights if you’re a female or if you’re a male I do
fine person you want to pull out by some gym shorts or something some dance pants
that you can move in if you are someone that is not really a dancer and you’ve
been asked to come to the dance open call wear something that showcases first
your body that you feel really good in so if you want to wear something that’s
more of like a capri dance pant or a full legging or you feel really great in
shorts and leggings or if you want to do jazz pants or an athletic pant or like a
Lulu pant are really great to wear to auditions make sure it just fits your
body a great t-shirt especially for men or women is a great place to start a
bright color or a really dark bold color a halter top or a tank top something
that’s fitted but that really makes you feel good so if a t-shirt and a pair of
athletic shorts and tennis shoes makes you feel good wear that if you feel
really great in fishnets and a leotard that’s awesome wear that one I always
like to wear to auditions I wear full leggings that are high waisted and I’ll
wear a halter top or a sports bra and if it’s something that’s a little more
classical I will wear my fish I wear tan fishnets and a leotard in a wrap skirt
or like a romper on top of it but if you are a male then it’s really easy to get
a really great pair of dance pants or athletic shorts that feel good that fit
that you can wear to every audition and just get a really nice maybe even v-neck
t-shirt or tank top you really just want to avoid wearing anything that’s baggy
or that’s going to fall off or feel uncomfortable or really get in the way
of any movement that you’re doing so you’ve been called back now hopefully
that you they want to see more of what you do when you
go to the callback this is something that you want to keep in mind bring
everything with you bring your shoes bring your dance clothes bring that
outfit that you wore to the initial audition you want to have everything
available because sometimes you don’t know what they’re gonna ask for if they
say we want to call you back and we want to see you sing some sides and read some
sides then I would come in with what you wore at the initial audition I wouldn’t
come in and dance clothes just yet if they say come back and we want to see
you dance first and then read and sing Kum showing up in your dance clothes so
a leotard and tights or dance pants or or leggings or athletic shorts whatever
it is that is fits the style of the show wear that to the audition on the first
time now when you’re going to a dance audition or a dance callback I always go
with my sneakers on first you never know what they’re going to say it may be a
musical theater combo and then all of a sudden they come out and say hey
everyone put your tap shoes on and by the way we want heeled taps for ladies
and we don’t want to see you in flats and so you want to be able to grab those
tap shoes out also you want to make sure that you have anything that’s possible
even if you don’t think it’s possible there’s no tapping in the musical bring
them with you anyway don’t be afraid to wear bold colors if you like and if
you’re auditioning for Chicago and you want to wear all black that’s awesome
but don’t be scared to wear something that’s going to make you stand out don’t
be scared for them to say oh yeah the / the girl in the pink halter or oh yeah
the the person over there that has he has brown short hair and he’s wearing
the polka dot shirt or the gentleman over there that’s in a red
hands you just want to show them your form your body and how comfortable and
confident you are in your own skin and how you can be an asset to the musical
and the production that they’re working on right now have a great week everyone
next week now that you know what to wear to an audition if you do need help
knowing what to sing at an audition I have a video I’ll link up in the cards
for you I did a while back but next week we are going to be talking about after
you get cast in a musical what do you do to prepare before the first day of
rehearsals and there’s a lot to prepare before that first day so I’m gonna cover
all of the steps that I take myself when I’m preparing to start my first two ever
her CIL’s have a wonderful week everyone take the actions you need to gain
progress in your musical theater career I’ll see you next week bye


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