What’s inside a Luxury Doomsday Bunker?

– Religious groups are
calling it judgment day. – These things can withstand
a 2,000 mile an hour wind. Judgment day. – [News Anchor] Impact. – There are 72 of these
silos all across America. Welcome back to What’s Inside. Today we are seeing what’s
inside a real doomsday bunker. – An undisclosed location
in Kansas in the middle of America, this is an old missile silo that was built in the sixties and it was a key part of the Cuban Missile Crisis. There used to be a giant
missile that was inside of here. It was a nuclear missile
that at any point, if President Kennedy
wanted it to, he could raise it all the way out of the ground and then he could launch this missile. After about four years, they
found some other technology with missiles that worked a
little bit more efficiently so they abandoned these silos. Somebody purchased them. There are 12 units that are in here. All of them are purchased. You can’t buy one of these. They were between one point
five and three million dollars for one of these 12 units. What’s inside of the doomsday bunker, get ready for the adventure. Did you hear that boom? This is how big the entryway is. There’s quite an echo in here. – Echo! – If you listen carefully, you’ll hear a little clicking noise and if your ears are really
good, you’re going to hear a ringing noise. This is the bird repellent
system that’s in place so that birds don’t fly
in when you open the door. When you walk out of the
garage, the first place you come is this like contamination area. If you needed to, you can go in here and decontaminate yourself. This door would typically be closed, once it’s opened you come into this area and this area is kind
of like a history map of everything that’s happened in here. This is when they were building it. The missile that they
used, there it is all erect and ready to go. And then they had to
come through and demolish and then they rebuilt it. This thing has been on TV a lot. President Kennedy did come
here and inspect this. That’s pretty cool. – Then we move on to this room. Batteries. – And apparently these are
the same type of batteries that they have on submarines. – Whoa. – [Daniel] What is this. Rock wall, Lincoln. Oh hey, look at this guy. – If you have a dog, this
is where you would take your dog to go to the bathroom. – They even have toilet
for dogs right there. A NASA scientist that is
in charge of the well being of the astronauts came
and helped them plan out what are the important
things that you need if people are going to be
living in here for a long stretch of time so that
they don’t go crazy. – Ah! – This is the elevator right
here and I love the different display and the cutout that shows you all the different floors and
you can see as we go up, – [Lincoln] Library and classroom. – [Daniel] Lights up
every one of the floors. – [Robot] Mechanical level. – This is a volcanic ash remover. If there were to be a volcano
that exploded around here, there would be as much
as four feet of ash. – This should be able to
filter out all of the ash and give clean, breathable
air to the tenants. They though of everything here. Do you remember that
video about a Life Straw where they drink like dirt. – [Lincoln] In chocolate milk. – In chocolate milk? This is that on a mega scale. This is a Life Straw for
everything nuclear bombs and nuclear fallout and
nerve gas and all of that. – This is the actual wall
and it’s nine feet thick. We’ll go to this edge. – [Daniel] Yeah. – That’s 14 stories down. – [Daniel] Oh man. – I shouldn’t be down here. – [Daniel] This is the
old hole where the air would come in for the missile back when they had a missile in here. Camera just zooms in on it
’cause it sees the motion. – This is the security
room, you have to make sure you scan all of the cows. This is the jail cell. – Haha, perfect. This is a wall full of
thick, thick rubber. What type of doomsday bunker would it be if it didn’t have a shooting range. This is a legit firing range
with two different bays. Right now we’re in the movie theater room, it’s near the very bottom, we’re a hundred and 90 feet under ground right now. There’s a killer sound system
in here with a projector. Just off the movie room, we have the bar. These water filtration
systems will filter out 10,000 gallons a day. This is the dentist office. (yelling) This is where the store
is and the general market. They have enough freeze
dried food and canned food, the occupants would be able to live off of this food for five years. – Can I get some fresh food? – [Daniel] You need to
get me some fresh fish. I’d like some tilapia and
rainbow trout, please. This isn’t even the stuff
that they grow themselves. Woo! There’s the grow lights. – I’m in more piece now. It’s how they grow plants. – This is one floor of two that
where they can grow plants. Over here, this is the fish hatchery. – Sshh, this is the library. – When all the people actually
move in, hopefully they’ll bring some books with them
and this shelf is ideally going to be full of books. This is the school, you
have all of these computers that are all lined up against the walls. You have an electronic chalk
board that is set up here. What type of people are moving in here? And it turns out a lot of it is families. They have kids as young
as eight months old up to 22 years old that live
inside of this facility. Everybody in here is
required to have four hours a day of either work or school for kids. – This is the gym. – Even has its own sauna and a steam room. I love the steam room. We have ping pong. – This is the arcade room. – A foosball table. Yay! Pool table. – [Lincoln] Oh you made one? – I’m stripes. – Residential. – This looks like it
could be any living room in anybody’s house. There’s a nice painting on the wall, you’ve got these nice
couches, nice lights. – You even have a window. – You even have a window but in reality we are 90 feet under the ground right now. – And this window isn’t
even a real window. This is a TV that displays
one of the cameras outside. – This is a live feed. This is what it looks like outside. You’ll be able to see
that it’s night time, day time, it’s day time
and that actually helps you feel a lot less like you
are underground in a bunker, enclosed in a clip space where
you might feel claustrophobic and just as if you’re in a normal home and I would imagine at
times you forget that you’re even underground so. – So this is the kitchen. This is a super nice sub zero refrigerator and then there’s appliances even for the microwave right here. – So this is the residence
and now we’re gonna go down the hallway and show you what this really looks like. This is one of the half
residences and in here is the bunk beds, you can
have some kids in here and you can change which view you want. Also has a TV in here, nice wood floors. I like that all of the walls are rounded because we really are in
this almost like a silo type thing and this would be I guess considered your master suite. Another window looking to
the outside with a nice view and then we’ve got your bathroom. Three shower heads inside this shower. Tile walls with a really high ceiling. One thing that’s interesting
about the toilets in this entire compound
is they have the similar type toilets that they have in Japan, which are incredible. They have the bidet washing system. It’s just so much more efficient, it’s not like they have
a ginormous storage of toilet paper because that
would take a lot of space, that’s not the best use
of your septic system so every unit does have
its own laundry machine. It also has a service for
the wifi and for the TV’s that are in here. Pretty comfortable space. You don’t feel like you’re
down like in a submarine or some under the ground
in some make shift little homemade bunker
somewhere that you feel like you have to survive off
of eating little dried corn. Check out all the people
that have come and done news stories on this
but we are about to do the one thing that nobody has done on any of their video news stories. For those of you that already
own a doomsday bunker, got one question for you. Does yours have a swimming pool? What? There’s a swimming pool because why not? If you’re buying a bunker for
one to three million dollars you wanna have a swimming pool. I bet the water feels great. This is the part that none
of the other news outlets ever did, they didn’t go down the slide. It’s crazy so, this is the button. That just turned on the water. – [Lincoln] Whoa, that’s loud. – Do you hear that? – That’s a lot of water! – Go Lincoln! (yelling) Alright, I do not have a Go Pro on me. This is the life of luxury
of doomsday bunkers. Let us know what you guys
thought about this place. It’s more like, I wouldn’t even consider it a doomsday bunker, I’d consider it a luxury, underground
apartment that just happens to be the safest place in the world. (beeping) That’s the fence, there’s
a secrity guy that didn’t wanna be on camera,
which I don’t blame him. That’s the bunker. But wow, let us know what
other places like this in the world that you’d
like to see inside of that maybe most people
don’t get to go inside of. Would you live there? – Yeah. This is such a big door, look at it. – [Daniel] It is Lincoln wide, this door. (knocking)


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