When is Aidan Turner’s Leonardo da Vinci Drama on TV? Expected Plot, Cast, Release Date And More

The Poldark actor is moving on to star in
a new series as the groundbreaking artist and inventor After capturing the hearts of millions of
viewers as Ross Poldark, Aidan Turner is about to take on another big role. He’ll be transforming into the legendary
historical figure Leonardo da Vinci for an eight-part series currently filming in Rome. Here’s everything you need to know about
Aidan Turner’s Leonardo… When is Aidan Turner’s Leonardo on TV?
The new series started filming in December 2019 and isn’t expected to wrap until sometime
in the Spring. As a result, the earliest we could expect to see it on television would
be the beginning of Autumn. There is no confirmed UK broadcaster for the
series just yet What is Aidan Turner’s Leonardo series about?
Set in Italy in the late 1400s, Leonardo (working title) will see the titular genius fall under
suspicion of murder from a Milan police officer, who starts digging into da Vinci’s past
to uncover what exactly links him to the case. The series is created by Sherlock writer Stephen
Thompson and The Man in the High Castle’s Frank Spotnitz. Spotnitz told Variety that he wants to use
this series to “really show why he [da Vinci] was a genius and have the audience understand
what it was that made him so brilliant and radical and centuries ahead of this time…
To do that, you need to get really close to his work.”
Who is in the cast of the Leonardo series? Aidan Turner will play Leonardo da Vinci in
his first television role since the wildly popular Poldark finished last summer. He will be joined by Freddie Highmore as the
police detective investigating da Vinci, a former child star who has recently played
lead roles on both Psycho prequel Bates Motel and hospital drama The Good Doctor. Rounding out the main cast are Italian actress
Matilda De Angelis in the role of Caterina da Cremona and Bond star Giancarlo Giannini
as the real-life painter and sculptor Andrea del Verrocchio.

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