When You Watch Too Much Crime Drama – Larry and Paul

You’re so great. Listen I’ll pick up the kids later okay? Have a great day at work I love you Love you (phone rings) Hello? Hello. Hello David speaking. David Wilson? (Yes, speaking) You’re on my list. (Sorry?) (Your wife’s on my list.) Oh God! Your kids are on my list. Oh God, not my kids! Oh God, erm… I know where you live. I’m gonna pay you a little visit. Oh please don’t! Please… (crying) (I’ll be round in ten minutes.) Please! Who are you?! The call me… The Delivery Man. Why do they call you The Delivery Man? Cos I got a wee parcel here for you! I think it’s a family cookery book from Amazon. Oh! Haha! I thought you were a murderer! Because of my accent? Yeah because of your sinister accent! Ahahaha! Okay then. Alright, I’ll see you in ten minutes. Okay then! Bye! (phone rings) Hello David Wilson? Hello Mr. Wilson its Amy from the Tax Office! Oh God!!! Please, take my kids! Take my wife!

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