WHITE BOY RICK Official Trailer (2018) Matthew McConaughey Movie HD

How come we stay, Dad? Heh? Detroit. Son, the lion don’t leave the Serengeti. And besides, it’ll be our year, I can feel it. You realize you’re the worst father ever! I’m not gonna let you ruin your life, Dawn. No drugs in the house! Dad! Everything’s fine. It’s not fine! You’re fine, Ma’s fine- I hate you! Dawn, you’re fine. You’re gonna let her talk to you like that? I’m going to the goddamn house! Ray, stay out of it. Put some clothes on, will ya? We’re going for custard! Y’all know who my dad is right? Y’all know what he saw? Hey, I know your broke-ass daddy. What you said your name was? Rick. Aight. White Boy Rick. You got some balls coming here like you did. You should come out by the Skate and Roll sometime. But not like this. Look like you robbed a Kmart or something. You’re good, Rick. You want to move weight, you come to me. My dad finds this, he’ll kick my ass. Well, just make sure he doesn’t find it then. Break it down: the dime rocks. Get yourself a crew and I’ll float it, and before long people know you’re legit. It’s Ricky! He white! You’re gonna get in too deep. Man, they’re not gonna let you out. You talk, I’ll know. Eight pounds, fourteen ounces. Such a weight you were born. First time I looked in your eyes, I knew you were gonna be bigger than me. And that your life was gonna be bigger than mine. Look at this dad! Look how we’re living! Let’s hustle big. I know the players, and I know the game! Hey, come on, Dad! I can do this. We can do this. We can fix our lives and be a family again. What do you say? Ask yourself this: would you believe a fifteen-year old kid was working for the federal government? But he was. Woah! Shit! Hey! What? You all got ’em.


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