White Lies | Tuakiri Huna – Theatrical Trailer (NZ)

I’m leaving all this behind Wirepa You need to find someone else to look after the people Only you know what you have to do Paraiti That’s Paraiti – she could help you May I trouble you? It is a matter of life and death. Is your mistress one of us? What may I help you with missus? This is very simple. I’m carrying a child…and you are renowned for your clever hands. I’ll pay you handsomely, both… for your work and for your silence. You will remain in the kitchen You have no permission to go into any other part of the house Where I prepare my potions is my business. It’s a sacred procedure Paraiti: These herbs will stop the bleeding
Matron: I could have you thrown in jail Every time you cry I have to start again. So you think you’ve seen it all before? You have no idea. You can’t leave it’s too late You’re part of this now. I don’t know how you managed to deceive everyone You almost got away with it Why are you doing this? What made you change your mind? This is my way of restoring some justice. Now you know the price of my work


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