Whitney Hall – Official UHFS/Chico State Residence Hall Video

Living in Whitney is an experience. It is very social, it is a lot of fun,
and you meet a lot of people. There’s a lot of people to meet with all these
floors, you are bound to find the best friend, good friend, or a boyfriend and girlfriend
here. The Whitney Hall community is pretty social, very exciting, and lively. I think Whitney Hall is a great place start a
college experience. It’s nine stories of just sheer freshmen and first year students. Everyone is here to have a great time and it’s really fun experience. I chose
University Housing because I thought it would be a great way to meet people.
The Whitney Hall community is everyone coming together. There are chairs and lobbies on every floor and everyone just kind of comes together and you like get to hang out and meet different people
from different places. You really get to make good and new friends. Sarah and Anthony is a resident of Chico State’s
largest residence building, whitney Hall. Home to most students of any hall, Whitney is the tallest building north of Sacramento,
and its size leads to a diverse and almost metropolitan feeling for residents. if you’re excited about meeting new people
when you’re arrive at Chico State and are looking to expand your social horizons, Whitney
Hall is a place for you. At nine stories, Whitney offers commanding
views of the campus surrounding the city of Chico. Each floor is divided into two residential
wings, which are separated by a central elevator lounge. Here you can study, hangout, or watch
the campus life from huge windows looking out on the campus and the world beyond. Each
lounge is like a town square for its floor. At Whitney, student rooms are double occupancy,
with a few single and triple rooms available for assignment with community restrooms close
by. Like all other Chico State residence halls, Whitney
Hall features fully furnished rooms, high-speed wireless computer connectivity, air conditioning, cable television, and the option to subscribe
to telephone service with voicemail. Other amenities that foster a sense of community, and aide
you academic life are a computer lab, study lounges. There’s also a recreation room with a community TV,
and laundry rooms to make your chores easier.You wont need to be hoofing it to laundry mats while living at Whitney. Outside, Whitney is surrounded by Chico State’s
famously lush greenery. It’s just steps from the creek that runs through campus. This puts you at the center of campus life,
within site of the campus core. It also provides easy access to the University Library, classroom building, the Bell Memorial Union, and the New Wildcat Recreation
Center. Whitney’s also just across the street from
Acker Gym and the Student Health Center. A quick walk beyond that is the lively and beautiful
downtown area of Chico. Whitney shares a pleasant courtyard with Sutter
Hall, home to the residential dining center and
UHUB. uHUB is the center of entertainment for residents
on campus, and home of Prime Time Productions, the organization responsible for entertaining
residents. As a resident with us, you’ll be part of the
Student Dining Program. It’s a good bet you’ll be eating most of your
meals with us in the Sutter Hall Dining Center, a state of the art dining experience. For more information on the dining program, take a look at the Living In Handbook or the
Residential Dining Plan Video on our website. They discusssome of the unique aspects of the residence
dining program. beyond the planning we’ve put into the living experience
and features, we take seriously our commitment to student safety. that’s why each resident is provided with a
unique room key or access to main front door and their room. It’s resistant to copying
or tampering. Added to this is the fact the entire residence
hall area of campus is patrolled regularly by University Police. Finally, each floor of Whitney Hall has a Residential Life staff
representative. If you’ve got a problem, chances are they can
help. The Whitney Hall community is really open; everyone
usually as their door open and you can walk down the hall and always make new friends. Everybody is always down to go down to the lobby,
watch a movie, or walk downtown. The building is great, you have a nice view from all the floors
and it’s cozy. I like the rooms because they are easy to make them
into your own, like I have put stuff all over my walls and and is definitely my room even
if it starts out looking like nothing. I like living on campus because it’s really
convenient; you can walk down to the library or even downtown if you need to. Other people are always close by so you can find someone
to study with. Whitney Hall is lot of fun you should try it out.

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