Who was Hecuba?

Hecuba the fabled queen As Agamemnon says, ‘she holds 3,000 years of breeding in her’ Euripides has a play called Hecuba, which is a magnificent play, but the ending of what I’ve always disagreed with So I went to his play and I went to the myths and all the stories and fragments around her and started to write what I thought might have happened The play begins after the siege of Troy her children for the most part have been
killed and are around her and she has lost her city and has lost the beauty that they have created Troy was called the City of Light long
before Paris was ever called the City of Light So I tried to imagine that the queen of this powerful city Who she would have been, what she may have been like and I suppose that sense of powerlessness after having
been quite powerful What it must have been like to see these barbarians literally at the gate Agamemnon is fascinating to Hecuba He is the enemy he has sacked the city But my first line but my first line is, in regards to him: “They told me many things about him, this monster from Mycenae, this terror of the Aegean but they forgot to mention the eyes” I thought she’s got bad
press for too long it might be time to redeem her and try and see that world through her eyes what she is experiencing, what is happening to her It’s sort of impossible to play a myth You have to move away from the fable of her It’s a big challenge, they’re the good jobs you

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