Why am I still single| Rey420| Valentine’s day special | Infinitum Media

Subtitles by- Deepak Dagani Bajrang Do you have the movie Bajrangi Bhaijan Oye. Go the other side and talk Spine shivers hearing the name itself Tell me dude Sunny where are you? With girlfriend Come to room urgently dude, is this the time? I don’t know all these things. You are coming. Bye if you don’t come.. dude, not like that baby, will be right back Please Sumanth Yes Deepak, tell me Where? I’m on my way to meet my girlfriend Come to room urgently. Bye Dude Don’t say anything, urgently be in the room Dude, not like that You have to be in here in 10 mins. Bye Hell with this fellow!! Dude, what? What day is today guys? You mad!! Dude Not about that I’m asking, what day is today? Did you called us here so urgently for this silly thing? It’s Feb 14th Everywhere I see, all couples around What’s my fate, I’m still single? Dude Shall I tell you something, you don’t think otherwise hmm We have been together since childhood right? Can I tell you few reasons why girls are not behind you yes Suppose, if you are flirting a girl, you have to like her pic in Insta Need to comment for pic in FB You have to go with her for shopping Once in a while, you have present gifts You have to embrace her when she is sad You have to laugh when she cracks a joke Make a note, you have to laugh even the joke is not funny You won’t do anything among these In case, if she comes out in a good dress, you have to praise even before she asks I usually praise right? You have to praise even if she is in worst dress which means Suppose, praise that you are extremely beautiful than Aishwarya Rai still you would find her face expressions so normal Comparison is huge but, even if they use make up like whitewash to the walls just say that ask Aishwarya to come out without make and AC You will be more beautiful baby, if you both are put side by side Must say this Guys, fews days Shannu also said exactly the same thing If you see the girl’s expression then yes, girl become very shy After 2 days, he confirmed that she has fallen for him Only once FASAK You know everything but won’t do anything OK. How long do you talk on phone everyday Phone means nearly 30-40 mins with whom dude? with my mother bro not with mom, asking about girl oh with girl? around 2 mins that long? that’s it? means, not that’s it even finance minister will not think this long about budget Guys Now a days I’m talking to a girl for about 10 mins Who is she? with customer care girl It’s regarding post paid connection dude You are talking till night 1 o clock you will have good benefits and offers she is talking all crazy things dude You must at least talk for an hour One hour? What should we talk that long? Start with- have you completed your dinner? later, what did you do the whole day how was your day what dress did you wore today? like this, need to spend whole day with her how is it possible to spend whole time with her then change a bit and say how do you feel spending whole day with me? your dress is very nice, where did you bought how much etc., has to be asked dude, i will tell you one thing as a friend listen you have to use “what else” 100 times in 1 hour Why so Then what content would you have to speak for an hour but why did my mom and sister told me the other way what did they say? little bit caring too much daring not boring any girl will follow for you Mom is 3 decades back generation Sister is 1 decade back generation They preached and you listened dude, as if IT sector is changing for every 2-3 years, girls mindset is also changing Once they wanted a guy like Lord Rama but now, they are seeking for Lord Krishna only guys, do we need to do all these to fall in love no, there’s lot than these Not required. Leave me guys dude Silly fellow is scared of this little thing itself aren’t we bearing all this yeah


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