Why Charlie Hunnam Was Never The Same After Sons Of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy ran from 2008 through 2014,
and Charlie Hunnam remained an audience favorite throughout the entire run. But what happened to him after the last episode? It seems like Hunnam hasn’t been quite the
same since Sons of Anarchy ended. Moving on from a role after a beloved TV shows
ends is never easy for an actor, especially when they’ve been playing that character for
several years. For Hunnam, saying goodbye to Jax Teller was
difficult. In fact, the way he describes the experience
makes it sound as though he went through a bit of a grieving process. Hunnam was overwhelmingly nostalgic for his
time on Sons of Anarchy, and he admitted that he would make up excuses to visit the set
and relive his days on the show. He told Glamour, “I knew the security guards and for a couple
of days said, ‘Oh, I forgot something.’ So they’d let me onto the set, and I’d just
walk around at night because I wanted to be in that environment and go through a personal
process of saying goodbye.” For six years, Hunnam knew that he had a secure
paycheck as Jax Teller. But once the show finished its run, he was
responsible for making big decisions about his next career-defining move, and he felt
very intimidated by the process. Hunnam says that he struggles with insecurity
when it comes to maintaining a career as an actor. He told The Talks, “It’s a tricky thing to quantify one’s career
because in some ways I am in a position where I want to be, I am getting to work with good
directors and tell interesting stories… But I always feel like I am one failed movie
away from being unemployable.” “Here we go, we can only f— it up from here
on out.” Hunnam isn’t a fan of the process of choosing
roles, and he doesn’t enjoy feeling the pressure to succeed at the box office every time. It’s no secret that Hunnam is well known for
his good looks. But he’s an actor at heart, not a model, and
he wants to earn respect and attention for his talents. He became uncomfortable with the way some
people perceived him during his time on Sons of Anarchy — as someone who coasted to fame
on physical appearance alone. When it comes to how other people see him,
Hunnam told InStyle, “I try not to think about that too much because
I’m just attempting to shape my own perception of myself and feel confident in my own identity.” Hunnam then admitted there will always be
people who see him as just the, quote, “pretty boy,” but despite the stigma, he still wants
to face the challenge of making each and every performance work to the best of his ability. When Hunnam was young, he lived in a rough
neighborhood, so he always had to know how to defend himself. And when he signed on to the film King Arthur:
Legend of the Sword, he had to go through an intense training regimen, which included
learning Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Hunnam ended up getting super into the sport,
and he started feeling the benefits of consistent practice. In fact, he says that jiu-jitsu changed his
mindset. He told Men’s Health, “It’s not even as much the physical benefit
of training; it’s the mental. When you’re training every day in a combat
discipline, it just gives you that eye of the tiger.” Even after shooting for King Arthur ended,
Hunnam stuck with jiu-jitsu and earned his blue belt in 2018. Hunnam’s new hobby seems to have had a profound
impact on him. After all, he doesn’t do anything halfway
— and it’s probably a good idea for everyone to stay on his good side now. Hunnam doesn’t think that fame and wealth
are necessarily indicators of success. He says he actually prefers to work on smaller
projects with less financial backing because he feels like the director has more creative
control in that scenario. As opposed to focusing on accolades and high
salaries, he says he just wants to challenge himself, create films that he’s proud of,
and work alongside directors who have interesting ideas. He told Uproxx, “If I’m involved in a project that I feel
excited about and it gives me a sense of purpose, and it gives me a sense of creative fulfillment,
that is deep fulfillment to me, and it evens out the balance for me in my own journey. My success, for me, is about getting to continue
to work on things that make me excited.” It seems like Hunnam has had a lot to reflect
on since Sons of Anarchy ended, and he’s confident about the direction he’s going in now. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about your favorite
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