Why did Christ die? Speaker: Jack Hay | Gospel Hall, New Wellington Street, Blackburn

1st Corinthians chapter 15 tonight
and possibly read the same passage of scripture tomorrow evening because it has relevance for tomorrow
evenings theme as well but we’ll read it tonight 1st
Corinthians 15 and verse 1. ”Moreover brethren I declare
unto you the Gospel which I preached unto You which also ye
have recieved and wherein ye stand by which also ye are saved if you keep in memory what I preached
unto You unless ye have believed in vain for I delivered you first of all that which I also received how that Christ died for our sins
according to the Scriptures and that he was buried, and that he rose
again the third day according to the Scriptures and that he was seen of Cephas and then of the twelve.” I will make that
suffice for the scripture reading tonight and we look to the Lord to bless his word to us. Now we did see last evening in the meeting not the
subject to the death of Christ is really the central theme of the whole of the Bible the Bible is all about Jesus, the Lord
Jesus Christ, but in particular it focuses on the fact that he died on a cross and that the died for our sins.
and the heading for tonight’s meeting is Why did Christ die? I’m going to leave
that question just for a few minutes but that will be the the occupation for
the most part of our meeting tonight but maybe I could remain you of a
little thing that Richard Kipling wrote. I’ll read it to you I keep six honest serving men, they taught me all i knew. Their names are what and why and how and where and who. So what Roger Kipling was saying
really all that he come to new in life what others are asking these questions
well we we’re not going to law school six questions tonight but will concentrate on food
them culminating with this fly flying did Christ I we’re going to ask
first 20 who’d lost who taught who was it who
died on the cross secondly we have the dog thirdly how did
he die and then we’ll come to a theme why date
he died mistake festival in very briefly a boat
who was it who died well the Bible once a
spot question in a variety of ways enormous chapter 5 for example its peak
showboat gold sending His Son unwieldy reconcile by the death office Sean to the wonder
dog clothes the Sun of gold and we must think about
not just for a moment the fact that Jesus Christ with us on a
boat really means he was eternal Denise be on originated uncreative under in fact my gif Ridge he
was the one who created this little the Bible says
all things were made by Kevin on without him was not anything made
that was made by him what all things created says the
with the book eat the grapes on the phone get my dear
friend called The Sean came in human form he
was blowing up a bit June remarkably uniquely modern callously he and took the squirrel theater the
Virgin’s womb and the London died on the cross was no
lash up there soon the shuttle gold the day with the death of his son Paul
appreciated dot no one day as she thought a little one
the growth the love of Christ for them he
put it this way the Shaunavon go to love me on gave him show for me no less a passion the summer coltd I do not close Mike
different not means this but they sacrificed high
demands follow you it was the son of gold 2.0 and i won not point to get down deep
into you of tonight God love due to the extent
that sending His only begotten shrewd the Bible’s
fish all my dear friend let it touch social
just to think but the one who do it was no less a
person bon the Sun ok go on but then be that
together Christ done of course traces on a book but it’s just another we have the
scraping crazy starring photo sent who was it who died the son
of gold who was it tonight Christ died photo
should from the Bible tells us but on the
resurrection of the Lord Jesus goat meat and both load underpriced and was thinking knows someone who’s in
control to the books right on Christ constrained because she’s a
lie because it Goldreich on he’s able to
shape I said the other evening we don’t preach
about the dead hero we preach about someone who Diana
crossed guest but who triumphed over the tree
I’m get crushed the one who’s now weeks old he was the one who Dougie upon not cause
for CentOS like you on me but then the Bible says Jesus time of course
Jesus on the golan Jesus Christ but poses in for special
needs what we believe but Jesus died on rules again and of course whenever you think
go not lovely name Jesus you thinking of the sheet your
food all the Lord Jesus Christ prior to the
stuff that was said you Cole his name Jesus for he shall
sheepish people from the sons my friends we believe in
the Bible that Jesus died and rose again there’s a reminder to
please both line he died on the cross it was to be the savior you know the
Bible says that the best the Lord Jesus the angel
said that’s unto you is born this day in the City of David a CD a he is of savior but you know he’s the Savior the Bible says the father
sent the Sun to be the CVR oval that mean she’s the
only she get know there’s no picking and choosing the
way to the some people think it’s like going up a
mountain and people go up different sites on the
sumitomo to this religion because of the shade and
here’s another religion that was up on the site and he’s another religion that is of such
site but is a leading to the same place so leading to heaven mistook what the Bible teaches the Bible
teaches but the Lord Jesus exclusively is the
way to listen to what Peter said know either is
there salvation in any other in other words she was
seeing Jesus alone can see all morning do your friends he’s the
shaded DC good he said I am the Wii the truth on the late no one comes to
the Father bought Bowie me so he is partially good he’s able to reverse of the playoffs in
and shown to dust from the judgment hook he’s a shake-up
but he’s the senior he’s the only one no one else come see
the strong emotions but MIDI in the Bible spoke about Mon
shaken and she says my school does Mike if I
the LORD on my spirit hath rejoiced in Monte she good one thing to know he is Aussie Kim or even the CEO I want to challenge
every one of you in the Gospel hola new Wellington Street
tonight can you see my dear friend he is Monte she I’m sure you’ve all attended funeral
services and the bus 22 saying the 23rd psalm and the congregation you
enjoying the Sun the Lord’s my shepherd I’ll won’t my shipment but usually your sheppard nationally have been the time in your life when you
realise I need a chigger addition to and the Lord Jesus diet to
be the she get these changes will she get and did you turn to Him in repentance
and faith and recieve him into your look can you see is he my name his money she
get I have a personal relationship with gold
through the Lord Jesus Christ I wonder if you
consider who died it was the death of goats on the Bible says majestic supreme and
yet he loved us and he died it was crushed to talk the one vision ok exalted books before
it overheats he was exalted to go on trade on he came down the Bible says the one
who arson definable first to hold descended County much good G we believe change is done and roseate G home word ideology good national see any up usual whose old well whose one loans me I’ll yeah importantly people with low interest
loan like this as a issue this is not fun will all be it there’s a minute she hears being blown
jerusalem a little G only one who have challenged leading the world shoes he was Noel huge this home hola and change in June bed all huge home he was songs when he came into this
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and i dont wanna a.m. you know up solar system there’s something a little
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