Why didn’t you kneel?! – Tian Bao Fu Yao Lu Audio Drama Sneek Peak

Li Jinglong: Look at you all Li Jinglong: Couldn’t you at least kneel for the Emperor earlier? A-Tai: Our family is an exception A-Tai: We didn’t even bow for the Emperor Taizong A-Tai: Adjutant, to be honest A-Tai: I lied to you A-Tai: My name isn’t Hammurabi A-Tai: My surname is Yisai A-Tai: My full name is Tegra Yisai A-Tai: I’m not Tocharian A-Tai: I’m from Persia Li Jinglong: Yisai? Li Jinglong: You are… Li Jinglong: The crown prince of the Sassanid Empire? Li Jinglong: Prince Persia?! Mo Rigen: To be honest adjutant Mo Rigen: Our family is an exception as well Mo Rigen: We don’t need to kneel for the Emperor here Mo Rigen: A little bow is enough Qiu Yongsi: One of my ancestors is a saint Qiu Yongsi: We don’t need to kneel for… Qiu Yongsi: Kneel for humans Li Jinglong: Okay fine! Li Jinglong: You’re all princes! Li Jinglong: I already kneeled anyway Li Jinglong: It’s all fine now Kong Hongjun: Do you guys want to eat pastries? Li Jinglong: Hongjun Li Jinglong: What’s your background by the way? Kong Hongjun: My dad said that we don’t even need to kneel for the Jade Emperor or Buddhas

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