Why do Movie Theaters Exist in 2019?

yes watchdog figures are back for
another video and today I’m gonna talk about some stuff this is a commentary
video and today I am going to be talking about something pretty interesting so in
my quest to live the cheapest life possible I’ve done a lot of things I
decided that I was going to live in a basement near school so that I could
save the cost of having an apartment I decided not to have a car so I could
avoid the insurance payments and having to get gas
so I ride a bike everywhere and I drink Soylent so that I can not so I don’t
have to go and buy food from the grocery store and spend all that time making it
and instead just chug it down quick and continue to work even while consuming
calories so in that quest I thought about something kind of interesting why
is it that in 2019 that we still have things like movie theaters what is the
point of watching a movie in a big room with a whole bunch of other people
eating overpriced snacks and having to deal with possibly babies crying having
to deal with people’s heads getting in the way of the screen and people
freaking targeting your bed right off of that blue what are you alright weld that
Wow instantly lost my bed there okay I think we might have a slight
issue here yeah oh I need to run I’m gonna get that from both sides no no no
no no no no no no no no no what do you want from me blue leave me alone what
the hell none of this I want nothing to do with
your shenanigans Jesus I don’t know what is with people today with the targeting
out here and well anyway yeah there are some aspects of society that I literally
don’t understand I mean I understand the point that like you know movies gotta
make money but like as far as the consumer is concerned why why do you
even bother with a movie theater the only reason why I think people go to the
movies anymore is because it comes out there first if a video or if a movie
went straight to you know disk disk freaking talking like an old man right
now it went straight to online distribution like YouTube and Netflix
and all of that then like what’s the point what’s the point of the movie
theater so this is like these weird ancient parts of society that are still
sticking around simply because of culture and it confuses me it’s like a
thing to do I guess for people to like hang out our kids are the same way like
they swung about before games were really popular like in the home so like
all you really had to work with back then was like maybe Game Boys but even
then like when it first started it probably wasn’t like that but yeah so
like arcades what’s the point it’s I’m seeing the same thing happening
to both of these things right as it becomes easier and easier to access
games and movies and other media home the prices of the old ancient tech
gets higher and higher like if you notice that the popcorn at movie
theaters it’s literally like several thousand percent markup on the price
same goes for an arcade just playing a game for like a minute and a half can
cost you 50 cents to a dollar just to use the machine for like a very very
limited amount of time and I think that’s a symptom of the society we’re
starting to live in there are some other things I like that too I mean I’m not
gonna say that mini-golf is something that’s going like it might be going out
of style but it’s definitely not something that people do very often
anymore I guess and the prices are going up for that too and if you notice right
this is the plan I was getting to is that TV is starting to get like I don’t
know if it has always had this many ads but there are so many more ads on
YouTube or on TV than there is on YouTube and twitch and you know and
Netflix and the reason I think is because TV is dying so like this is the
way things go I guess is that as it becomes less and less viable for a
platform to succeed then the prices will go up the amount of people using it will
go down because of the price and then it will die and I think the only reason as
I said that movie theaters exist still is because it’s the first place where
movies come out if a lot of if like Marvel for example just started
straight-up like releasing their movies on their website kind of like Rick and
Morty does on Adult Swim then forget about it it’s gonna be a thing of the
past it’s gonna be no such thing as movie theaters it’ll just disappear and
I think it honestly should because I can have a grand old time watching a movie
in my own house inviting my friends over and spending like maybe $3 to rent the
movie and then just all of us watching at the same time is that not a great
time you order your old pizza just imagine this right you have like four
guys you order one pizza for like maybe 20 bucks maximum and that’s like with
everything that with like bacon and that’s with garlic
knots hello hello but like think about it though if the
movie was out to rent for three bucks you could make so much or you can get so
much more value out of it like as I was saying right for guys going to the movie
theater it would cost you like fifteen dollars a ticket just for the ticket
alone for four people it’d be $60 all right and then let’s say each person
spends ten bucks on snacks which is extremely conservative like the most you
can get with that is maybe like a large popcorn or no a medium popcorn is a
drink but if you want candy forget about it’s gonna be another 15 but anyway
right $60 plus 10 per person for four people
100 bucks to watch for a movie night or you go to your place where you have your
own TV you can sit as close as you want stereo speakers and you order a pizza
for 20 bucks with knots and then you rent the movie for three bucks twenty
three dollars a fifth of the oh oh oh god oh it’s a fly hacker oh no no no no
no no no no no no no no no no why is this a thing what is this no I’m getting
fly hack done are you serious Oh leave me alone Oh leave me alone that is not
fair oh god oh god
the really are what’s his name fly its mother uh
qws luck you read its QW oh I’m gonna die yes oh you guys just saved my boy oh he was about to murder me oh my god
no no my god that guy know I spelled his name wrong what an idiot oh man what the
hell was that okay what was I even saying dude okay arcade games right I
think that’s where I was going with this oh my god but I’m having a lot more fun
right now playing bad words than I ever what happened in arcade let’s be real
that is just not a thing oh my god you can’t get Chris because of the trap oh my god I still can’t believe that
happened I got freaking hacked on and I’m still
alive that’s amazing crazy crazy stuff but yeah video games are just becoming
more fun they’re becoming more immersive things are kind of going in a circle
which is kind of funny it’s coming back round more into popularity now because
instead of like for example an arcade there’s VR cafe
right where you’re using a VR headset oh how about Nell
leave me alone bud leave me alone why are you doing this
before I had he’ll pool and the traps and now I’m not really as fortunate what
are you doing what are you doing what is your what is your plan bud um I’m in the
hackers vase so I don’t know I think just the point of this video is really
to question one of these things gonna die when a movie theaters finally just
been gonna become like not viable anymore
people are gonna realize how crappy the situation is that they’d have to pay
like five times as much to have a good time like I just don’t see it okay you
guys have fun I’m just gonna escape with my life bye have a nice day he’s
oblivious I’m just gonna go straight to his bed don’t die
yes he’s gonna what is he doing he just let me go what what is he doing I don’t
understand how he’s gonna die it’s probably fall on the Boyd yep yeah you
know I’m going in the base I’m going in fighting them with here’s a wood sword
oh no come on come on come on small protection please its protection please there we go
I’m so good views die now did they honestly just but what are the things do
you think you’re gonna die in society I predict the first thing to go is
probably arcades because I mean it’s becoming ridiculous like paying two
bucks to play Deal or No Deal for five minutes
no thank you and some of the arcades are literally proving my point
how their actual apps like fruit ninja is an arcade game like the that the
fruit ninja app is on this big machine in the middle of the arcade that’s
running some version of Android probably and you literally are playing fruit
ninja on a big screen it’s not gonna be long before the arcade literally just
dies which is unfortunate because back in the day I used to like places like
Chuckie Cheese and like wait a minute I heard a block placing noise behind you
looking at oh oh my god okay I got hacked on in the beginning
and then that happens well anyway leave a like down below if you guys enjoyed
the video I do think movie theaters are gonna die but it’ll take a bit longer
because of the whole legal thing but yeah basically there’s a lot of things
that just don’t make sense in society but the only reason why they remain is
because of strict things and forced by people that have more power than you or
a whole industries like the movie industry I don’t know I would like to
see the day that a movie comes out and then you could just the day comes out
spend like maybe the price will go up just to compensate maybe 10 bucks right
you pay 10 bucks you bring your buddies over you all ordered pizza and you just
have a great time you eat a meal while you’re watching the movie having a great
time well anyway and you don’t have to deal
with watching heads and freaking babies crying in theatres I can’t stand that
anyway leave a double if you guys are just enjoyed this video
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just being someplace else so they might have a chance but anyway that’s it so I
hope you guys enjoyed and I’ll see you guys later


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