Why Hollywood Won’t Cast Seann William Scott Anymore

Where did Seann William Scott go? He was everywhere
for a few years following the success of 1999’s American Pie and its sequels. But around 2010,
it seemed like he pretty much disappeared. Here’s what probably led to Scott falling
off Hollywood’s radar. Unpopular with critics The bulk of Scott’s films have been critical
duds. Though American Pie struck a chord with critics and audiences alike, most of his movies
haven’t impressed: Dude, Where’s My Car? has an 18 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, Dukes
Of Hazzard and Mr. Woodcock each have a score of 13, Just Before I Go has a 10 and Movie
43 has a 4.. Two flicks—Goon and Role Models— are the exceptions, with scores of 80 and
78 percent, respectively. You know what they say: two out of seven ain’t not bad… Unpopular with audiences Southland Tales had a $17 million budget but
only made about $273,000. Mr. Woodcock barely broke even. And Bulletproof Monk earned half
of its $52 million budget back. What do they have in common? Scott in a leading role. He’s Often Heard, But Not Seen Scott has sustained his career with voiceover
work. The actor’s pipes can be heard voicing Crash in four movies from the Ice Age franchise.
Scott also voices Crash in the franchise’s TV movies, shorts, and video games. At least
if his fame isn’t secure, his finances should be. Considering they’ll probably never stop making Ice Age movies. Typecast At his peak, Scott was the goofy high schooler,
sleazy party boy, or college jock, even if he was in his late 20s and 30s when he took
those roles. Now that he’s older, he’s not up for those parts. Scott got the memo, though.
In 2011, he told MTV News that his role as American Pie’s Stifler may have, er, stifled
his career: “I had so much fun and loved the character,
[but] I don’t want to be known as that character forever. Now I’m realizing that I probably
will be known as that character forever.” Personal Issues In March 2011, Scott entered rehab. According
to TMZ, the actor voluntarily entered treatment for unspecified health and personal issues,
staying for 30 days before filming American Pie 4: American Reunion. It’s unclear what
he was struggling with, as he hasn’t addressed anything publicly. Scott insisted to People
magazine in 2003: “I don’t really party. If I did, it would
probably just be trying a new bottle of wine.” Stiffler would be ashamed. Avoids Publicity Scott often flies under the radar and is rarely
seen at events or photographed on the street. In an era of celebrity blogging and a 24-hour
news cycle, this otherwise respectable behavior may have actually hurt him. Scott’s invisibility
between projects may have made audiences forget him. What’s Next? Things haven’t worked out for Scott the way
we thought they would since he first found fame as Stifler. But that doesn’t mean we’ve
seen the last of him. A Goon sequel called Last of the Enforcers will hit in 2016, after
the release Ice Age: Collision Course. Maybe Scott can call up his old pal Ashton Kutcher
and see about putting together a follow-up to Dude, Where’s My Car? Anyone up for Dude,
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