Why I left Vice // Twitch Drama #3

Top of the morning to you laddies and you’re watching PEW NEWS PEWPEWPEWPEWPEWPEWPEWP [PEW NEWS INTRO] Good evening I’m Gloria Borger. You’re watching Pew News, the most reputdual … bul trustworthy news site on YouTube Speaking of YouTube, our first story comes from YouTube. Over here at YouTube, someone commented: “Why aren’t my videos showing up in chronological order in the sub box anymore.” Team Youtube responded “Just to clarify, we are currently experimenting how to show content in the subs feed. Now, I’m GLORIA BORGER I’m supposed to remain unbiased and not keep my opinion in this news show but (Pain) That seems like a terrible idea. *laughs* Oh man, YouTube has just changed so many things over the years that none of the creators wanted and none of the users seems to want either but they’ve always just moved ahead with it anyway, and usually it’s fine. But the subscription box has been the last bastion- the last stronghold of YouTube that hadn’t been altered with there Hasn’t been changed in a way that it is so confusing to find videos from a certain person in recommended tab and Home tab and trending tab and all these things that no one really wants but they are there anywhere and in a Way, they’re kind of nice, but just don’t touch the subscription feed. To be fair, they did say that they’re just experimenting but also then to also then to be fair. They’re probably going to implement this *JUHJUHJAH* And they mentioned that this is a very small experiment and we’re testing. Completely optional. Ethan Klein made the argument that it’s a slippery slope if they keep going in this sort of direction it’s eventually going to lead to the demise of YouTube kind of like how Facebook is right now and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t see it But I have to be- I’ll be honest as well because I’m Gloria Borger always honest. A lot of times people get outraged with update s and they’re not really as bad as everyone thinks. I don’t know how it looks like so I can’t really say that: *pewds mocking voice* “Oh, this is the worst. It’s the end of YouTube. I don’t know because I’m so unbiased and great.” PEWPEWPEWPEWPEWPEW Remember vice? That’s right. Vice the self-proclaimed “Coolest magazine in the world,” the head of Vice quoted “They understand how millennials think, what content millennials want,” which is why they have been hosting Rick and Morty incest porn [jesus christ] and For the love of God don’t meme Childish Gambino type of articles. Now I ridiculed Vice last week and… I guess I upset them D: I’m sorry Vice. But Vice decided “Hey, let’s prove him wrong by posting the most garbage article I have ever seen.” *POOMF* “Pewdiepie!” I even did this *does the face* face *Headline voice* “Pewdiepie is teaching his audience that women are asking for it” Yes, remember that video everyone remembers that video right?! remember when Pewdiepie said that *nods in remembrance and agreement* of course 🙂 What’s even more hilarious is that I tweeted out the actual video that was in question So people can just watch it themselves And apparently I tweeted the wrong video and none other than the editor-in-chief of Vice responded: “Tweeted the wrong video bud…” *chuckle* Got you, bud. “..sorry we reported verbatim your comments” That’s right. Verbatim my comments where I said women are asking for it That’s exactly what I said. Just like you wrote in the headline. Thank you, Jason. Thank You Vice for your journalistic integrity Thank you for not just understanding what how millennial think, but also what they want But most of all thank you for varbating my comments. So eloquently. Absolutely asst- astounding work. Well done. This whole article this is so painfully… UHHH? One-sided It’s offensive because it insinuates that somehow I said that it’s okay to harass or sexually assault or even worse Women, because of what they wear – Never said this. Now, the amount of people that just criticizes article is absolutely beautiful I’ve never seen so many people stand up against one article and this was even before I tweeted about it It’s funny to me how a website that claimed that they know how Millennials think and what content they want can be so disconnected from their own audience Absolutely, beautiful Now, I don’t think I even need to respond but just for the sake of the lulz Let’s just do it anyway “In his latest video on the subject uploaded Wednesday, Kjellberg chastised Alinity for filing the claim, and suggested that Alinity somehow deserves the abuse she is getting.” [Sarcams] Yes, that’s exactly what I was saying. I said she deserves criticism for abusing copyright law. There’s something very wrong with that and you should be allowed to be criticized. Yes It’s the Internet and there will be a small percentage of harassment. It’s unfortunate and I never said anyone
deserves that. That’s ridiculous. “… the abuse she’s getting online for wearing revealing clothes. He shows example of times when she wore a sheer top and her bra straps showed” This is insinuating that I still have a somehow have a problem with people wearing bras showing their bra strap or a sheer top. Just flat out lie. I never even brought this up and it’s insinuating that I some have over a problem with someone showing their bra strap Which is ridiculous. Never argued this point – complete lie. Then mentioning that I mentioned that you plays just dance in just a dress. I mentioned a lot of examples of really promiscuous behavior and They decided to pick one of them as if I’m arguing that one point. Well done, Vice. Then later on in the article they call me out for taking things out of context. You can’t make this stuff up.>:( The whole article is basically just straw men arguing me while completely ignoring any false of the other party It’s ridiculous. What I’m doing isn’t just “opportunistic and gross” What do I have to gain from any of this!? Do you understand!? What she did was opportunistic and gross. I think you got that one wrong? *laughs* Striking videos for money is opportunistic and gross. They go on and just completely ignores everything Alinity did because they said but none of this is really about copyright battle it’s about women who stream on Twitch convenient device to just ignore everything bad that they did so they could just talk about Women on Twitch. I would love I would love if I got that treatment. That would just be absolutely great. Imagine if I Abuse copyright law on another person. Imagine how the media would react to that Imagine if I would boast about it as I’m making a lot of money doing it. I’m sure that would receive great reception Imagine if I admitted marriage fraud. I wonder how people will think about that Imagine (yes… imagine) if I dropped the n-word and said, it’s okay. I’m ten percent black I’m sure people would just let that slide because you know, it’s not about that imagine if I I Admitted that YouTube was giving me special favors in the rules I’m sure no one would ever comment about that because it’s not about that. It’s about debating on my Comments. Yes UMM They arguing that to understand how old is escalated You need to be familiar with which fail genre of videos go to youtube type twitch fails in the search box [puts on his smart boi’s glasses] Okay, I don’t think you understand the problem that you’re trying to argue against because you tell me to Google Twitch fails actual Someone that does porn softcore porn shows up as an example I don’t think you intentionally did this but you did HÆ and that’s the problem with Twitch because actual cam girls and actual porn stars go to twitch to promote promiscuous behavior Overshadowing actual normal female streamers who just want to play games and just want to be treated like a normal streamer well done for making An example now I even said I don’t have a problem with them doing this. For example, that was a streamer That seemed really cool and seemed really chill that just wanted to become partner on Twitch. She’s been screaming for a year and and uh She hasn’t gotten a partnership and she agrees with my point in the video or at least parts of it I’m just pushing my bra together to show how a push-up bra works. That’s your fault for seeing it [Girl streamer (itsskylol)] Literally because of these kind of girls People come to the stream and they expect the same thing. But literally they are just in the wrong page Not every girl streamer like that and it tilts me because these like particular girls give you that Impression and it’s so annoying [Pewds continues] And this video got completely blown up. They went viral It got a million views. So she’s doing really well now so I’m really glad that I actually was able to help throughout all this mess at least someone uhh That seemed somewhat decent hæ After the backlash from Kjellberg’s response She apologized. SHE apologized? Oh, okay. That’s really interesting This is so painfully one-sided. I Apologize because I wanted to let Alinity go. I won I didn’t want her to receive any more hate I didn’t want it to receive anymore a harassment I thought I gave her an opportunity to just settle it but apparently she apologized. Well done. Vice well done *Royalty Free clapping effect* [Random woman] Now that is what this is all about Removing harassment from gaming. [Pewds] This is the reason why no one listens to you anymore. This is a reason why uhhh You cried wolf too many times. And yes, you may get some clicks throughout this article And yes You all pat yourself your on your back because you think you did a noble cause and standing up for this issue when in reality, you’ve done nothing but the complete opposite and embarrass yourself and your entire brand Congratulations PEWPEWPEWPEWPE- Next 👏 news 👏 really ties in well with this. Elon Musk, a person I really admire *AW* with incredible projects like SpaceX and Tesla he’s had some problems with the media recently as well He tweeted out this the holier-than-thou Hypocrisy with big media companies who lay claim to the true but publish only enough to sugarcoat the lie is why the public no longer Respects them it sounds like he’s completely describing my situation This is literally the same thing This was based on an article from The Washington Post that posted about Tesla a pilot slams into truck Stop at red light Elon Musk saying it’s super messed up that tests like crash resulting in a broken ankle Is front-page news and the 40,000 people who died in u.s Auto accident alone in past year gets almost no coverage Now you can argue whether it’s news or not The fact that a tesla automobile has been in an accident But it’s also interesting how the article doesn’t argue anything In favor of Tesla over a year ago Our first iteration of auto pilot was funded by the US government to reduce crash rates by as much as 40% Internal data confirms that recent updates to auto pilot have improved system rare reliability Obviously, there’s not gonna be the perfect car. There’s gonna be accidents no matter what it’s just a matter of statistic It’s unfortunate, but that’s the reality of the situation but the fact that you have someone doing something good something positive something that saves life and still gets talked about in a negative light because journalists and media wants to generate more clicks the media who criticize nearly everyone is the only entity that Cannot be criticized whatsoever. Andrew Hawkins from verge says must continuously slow Try information into media baiting trump figures screaming irrationally about fake news. Hope this works out for you dude. Elon tweets back Thought you’d say that anytime anyone criticized the media. They media shrieks. You’re just like Trump Why do you think he got elected in the first place? Because no one believes you anymore you lost your credibility a long time ago *LAZERS* Yeah. *MEME REVIEW CLAP* Tell’em Elon Journalists are under constant pressure to generate ‘cliques’ Otherwise, they get fired. So in the spirit of all this elan proposes a website called Pravda in a joking manner But I think he’s actually serious where he- he made a poll saying let’s create a media credibility rating site that also flags propaganda but net 88% votes Yes, I would be good 12 percent said no media is awesome “Amazingly the media is awesome vote is declining despite hundreds of articles” attacking this very poll The basic idea would “Pravda” way as I understand it is to rate how credible a journalist is kind of like I guess Rotten Tomatoes both Collects data on on movies and other reviews. Why can’t we have that about news articles and game and journalists? It’s an interesting idea. What do you think? Let me know. I PEWPEWPEWPEWPEWP- Want to give it big huge? thanks to everyone for standing up for me when media bullies you in a way that this happens the fact that people Take their time to explain Calmly and not not they’re buying into this. Although it’s just 9 year olds yelling at me It’s really awesome to see so often these headlines are just an excuse for people to share around so they can say ha *angry anty-bro voice* I knew what he was a bad person. not really caring about what’s true or not? So I really really appreciate that you guys stand up for me. It means a lot. Thank you very much Namaste and goodbye *jake paul song* Thank you PewDiePie for this amazing content! lol. y u watching this last 0.5 seconds


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