Why public theatre IS ART

We are at st. James Park I’m on the
lookout for my friends over with the San Francisco mime troupe and I think I see
them right over there I don’t know all right we found him
so here’s st. James Park you know they I think they really tried to do a good job
reactivating it make sure that it’s safe for the public but also being respectful
of the residents who are here and you know every summer I think for the past
four summers the SF Byam troupe has come and done a show here if you’re not
familiar the SF mime troupe is based in San Francisco every year they writing
you play that tackle socio-economic topics and just exploring what art can
do to kind of change or make change for the community and society and
unfortunately I can’t film any of the stuff that’s happening during the show
but definitely check out their websites our Facebook page I’ll probably have a
chat with some of them afterwards st. James Park a place of many many
histories I’ve worked on a show in the past that talked about the sort of
details about this park I’ve also worked in this park
helping promote the activities and just the culture of San Jose today it is
August 10th the SF mime troupe is here performing for free for the public which
is awesome if you guys have not had a chance to go out and support public art
public performances turn this vlog off right now google it or being whatever
your favorite search engine is go find what’s happening in your neighborhood it
is great these guys come out to perform the community is here to watch it is a
beautiful beautiful relationship that’s just working in tandem to create change
to create entertainment to just be present with each other and I highly
highly recommend it what’s up guys all right it was a great
show like I said we’re here in San Jose the SF mime troupe has a couple of shows
coming up in Santa Cruz I’m joined by Michael Jean Sullivan Collective member
of the SF mime troupe that was awesome dude and I know that everyone’s working
really hard back there to strike tell us about the show man
well Sam schoolmarms who’ve always does something political something timely
something funny something educational to try to bring you know art to the people
for a price every worker can afford free and Treasure Island is about Treasure
Island you know might in middle of the bay this place everyone’s like oh my god
it’s so beautiful such great views all of this wonderful stuff but it’s also
poisonous toxic radioactive and they keep pushing the the most manual of
workers and people of color to live out there to kind of like justify developing
it and then eventually those and the rest of us off to to make high-end
condos but the fact is it’s just poisonous and it’s really just a big
boondoggle for the rich to make more money off of the poor and civil
contracts hey guys a common theme you’ll find within my
vlogs and within my life is the advocacy of arts of the arts I
should say and in my case in particular a big reason why I’m always pushing for
people to go see the arts or participate or advertise the arts or what-have-you
is because when I was growing up on American Salwa I never felt like I was
exposed to the arts by the way that I am now I’ve always felt that public art or
are that the public can access for free is so incredibly impactful to have your
city colored by art and the people who make them is super vital to what makes a
rich culture I hope that you have been enjoying these vlogs I set out to
inspire I set out to kick myself in the butt by creating these projects and one
of these is this vlog series and I know I haven’t been completely honest with
you guys or forthcoming as far as why I make these vlogs what the motivation is
behind it but trust me I will be releasing a video soon detailing why I’m
doing what I’m doing but for now I just wanna say thank you guys for joining me
on this journey if you’ve seen one episode if you’ve seen two if you’ve
gone through the entire playlist thank you from the bottom of my heart now go
out and go see some art

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