Why Theatre Matters

[music] “My problem is the fact that I couldn’t
make a living with my talent.” “This is just another example of the judicial
system making allowances for a defendant because she is white.” “Stop worrying about things nobody can control
right now.” “Can’t control or don’t wanna deal with?” [inspirational music] Why does theatre matter? Oh my goodness. At the very base of it is just this human
need to hear stories, to see what’s going on in other people’s lives, how other people
deal with particular situations. It just transports you some place else. Theatre is a sacred place, it’s a holy place. Theatre is where I go to contemplate and think
about what’s happening in the world and what’s happening in my life and what’s happening
in other people’s lives, where you can actually focus and concentrate and reflect. There’s something about live theatre that
can’t be topped. In terms of your experience, it is a spark
to creativity and to communication. I feel like the kind of programming that Northlight
presents to the community is new and innovative. Even if you come to everyone of the performances,
there’s always something a little different because it’s alive, and being alive is an
absolute dynamite thing to be. Every child as every person can benefit from
the theatre so when they get an opportunity a blessing to get involved with some of the
Northlight children’s programming, it’s great – a safe environment just to come out a little
more and to learn to trust their instincts. It was a smaller group and we all get to have
plenty of opportunity to share our stories our previous conflicts and how we went about
it to resolve it for people like me who has attention deficit disorder. I just love that way of learning. Once that young adult is exposed to way to
handle conflict resolution, all that does is help them use that tool in their workplace,
school, their families, what Northlight does is really help them think through that and
how do I respond to that in that moment. I am from Venezuela and I came here three
years ago. When Northlight Theatre came in we were talking
about community and being comfortable with each other, which was awesome. I thought it was great because, we’re teenagers
and it’s hard to bond sometimes with each other. The Northlight Youth Council is a group of
students that are passionate about theatre. We are given opportunities to actually get
to see the real thing up close. It’s given me a lot of new collaborative skills,
and skills with organizing and planning events and how we can coexist and create something
together. Northlight has greatly impacted my career
as a director. When I was 23 years old, I assistant directed
my first show at Northlight, then I was able to use the skills that I had watched BJ do
and then make my own play with the tools that he had given me to direct. If you want a dynamic and vibrant and culturally
rich Evanston we need to have organizations and a top flight performing arts theatre in
Evanston and I think that’s what Northlight brings to the community. These amazing little hideaways that need an
influx of people to come in. It’s homegrown and they are bringing us great
world-class performances. I believe in the mission of Northlight. It bridges the gap between the races and the
different cultures, it’s just very important. The fact of the matter is, artists like myself,
without places like Northlight, we’re not able to flourish, we’re not able to blossom,
we’re not able to further what we have inside of us and bring it to the world.

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