Why you should study Theatre at Douglas College

My name is Julia Siedlanowska and I’m a recent
graduate of the Douglas College theatre program. What I really loved about the theatre program
at Douglas was how cohesive it all was. What you Learn in your voice class totally applies
to what you learned in your movement class and in your acting class and you take all
of that and you’re able to apply it in your scenes that you work on and definitely in
second year when you’re actually doing productions and acting and plays.
The program is structured in a way that you get of really sort of good view of everything
that it takes to create theatre you don’t just get the actors perspective because in
the first year you’re helping with the productions you’re helping with front of house and ushering
and things like that. and in the second year you’re acting and so you get sort of an overall
view of everything and you work alongside the stagecraft department and so you see all
of the work that goes into making the set into the lighting the sound design everything.
My favorite class at Douglas was definitely movement with David MacMurray Smith. He’s
an amazing instructor he worked so personally with each of us to work on our weaknesses
and my favourite thing about that class was that it completely applies to life not just
the program. I’ve never experience anything like that. It was the best class I’ve ever
taken. My experience at Douglas really helped further
my artistic career because I learned all of the technical aspects of creating theatre.
Since graduating four months ago, I have put on my own play that I wrote in the creative
writing class here at Douglas with two of my classmates and that premiered at the Couch
in Vancouver and then my friend, Claire Pollock and I, who I met through program. We created
our own original theatre piece based off of stories that we adapted and I made into a
movement based kind of dance piece. And we were able to put that on with the funding
from the Douglas Student Union. Some advice that I would suggest if you’re looking for
program is definitely audition look around and if you feel that you mesh well with the
instructors. It really prepares you well for what you need in the real world.

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