Wild card is an opportunity that
Sadler’s Wells have set up so they invite a choreographer to come in and
curate their own wild card they call it wild card because they’re not in control
they really do hand over the reigns to a choreographer and allow them to realize
a night in their own vision for me I’m passionate about collaboration and so
that became a kind of core threads throughout my wildcard evening here at
Sadler’s Wells. The production of mine is called ‘Empathy’ when we were developing it I
invited a set designer called Nieman to create a lighting design a sonography
that would support this theme of empathy and I said to them can you
create cruel architecture on the stage and it’s because I was looking at this
idea of the empathy spectrum and the extremes of too much empathy or too
little and what happens when that occurs and I was particularly interested in how
my audience might shift their levels of empathy towards the performers.
Laser-light came about because it felt a direct response to this idea of cruel
design or cruel architecture there’s a inherent cruelness in the dividing of
the space and then how the dancers operate when they’re all of a sudden
they’ve gone from working very closely together to a laser piercing through the
space and dividing it up after a while the laser became almost like a
additional performer in the space. There was a moment in the performance where my
performer is in the center she’s alone in the space and all of a sudden two
lasers appear two laser parallel lines and she becomes fixed inside a corridor
we referenced this as a tightrope walker she’s playing with balancing on the line
and playing with the laser I see it like a duet. When I was invited to curate an
evening wild card evening here at Sadler’s Wells it happened to come about
near to piano day which is on the 29th of March and previously I’d worked
with Nils as a composer so already I was thinking how can I incorporate
piano day into my wild card event and it actually acted as a really nice through
line for that entire evening in terms of bringing in the piano
physically, there is a live piano in the space inviting the audience to
acknowledge and celebrate the piano but then also look at how other artists are
responding or utilizing the piano in the broader sense it’s one aspect of the
night that’s entirely improvised and that’s inviting two incredible
performers one from the world of music which is John Farrar and one from the
world of dance which is Maeva Berthelot and both of them have really incredible
careers they’ve never worked together before they’ve never met before so on
the day of the show they will come together meet one another for the first
time and then it’s all about what happens on the night so they have I’m
calling it an encounter and it’s just as much how they feed off one another as
they feed off the audience that are there on the night as well

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