Will Smith and Kevin Hart’s motivational speech fires up the audience! 🔥 – BBC

Whatever now you are both very competitive we know this right and one of the things you both do online oddly I don’t think we ever talked about this but you both do it you post these kind of motivational, inspiring, I am speeches online And they’re short and punchy just to give people an example. This is Will and they’re always done like this Self-discipline is the center of all material success What is your contribution to the human family? It’s just other people’s opinions is a really shitty way to determine how we feel about ourselves And that’s all I’m going to say about that. Kevin’s are similar. Now I would say slightly more aggressive Is Kevin doing some? Hey, wake up! Wake all of asses up. Let’s get back to smile. Let’s get back to love and let’s get back to being positive Don’t do what they expect you to do. Do the unexpected. So we had the idea we’ve asked the audience if there are any kind of issues in their life that they need motivation with Something where you know, their life is stopping them and you guys can push them over, Okay? Before we do it. Can we exclude her brother? Hang on. Let me look… No,there is… No, he’s not in here. We’re good. We’re good. I mean just for the safety of the audience. Okay, so let’s find out who we’re going to first. Is it Galia? Galia, all right So now you have a fear you want to help egg it over right? Yes, I’m scared of feet. Okay, but now… But I think…But are you scared of your own feet? Any feet. My own, my friends’. Any alike. I don’t want to look at them, see them ,touched by them. Just… Okay. okay, so so galia is is scared of all feet okay, so I’m gonna start with you, Will. okay So the cat if you want to do it straight down the len , its number five there. Okay, so Galia it’s gonna be how can you get her over this fear? Go. This one’s easy. We’ll fix this right now Oh no, Oh no. She’s not like here… Okay. Okay. You just gotta come down here confront your fear She’s really scared. In a bizarre drug-related incident, Graham Norton was arrested at least. That was your attempt. Kevin Hart. Kevin Hart. Camera five, go. Camera five,here we go. Ah, it’s… what was you name again? Feet. Galia. Galia here’s the best way to get you over your fear of feet. You can’t take steps in life without feet Your fear is prohibiting you from progression. The minute that you can look at feet and understand their feet are simply would move you forward. You will put your fear behind you. Those were like therapy and those were like medication. Yeah Okay, let’s go. Let’s go to Jackson Jackson that Jackson is almost real so Jackson you need motivation because I’m lactose intolerant, but I can’t help myself. I keep eating dairy. I mean, how good is that. You can’t just give it up so You want to stop eating dairy because it’s bad for you? Yeah, but you can’t Yeah, look there’s plenty of alternatives out there. But let’s be honest. They don’t taste as good What happens? Well, basically after I ate it I’m the not so Fresh Prince of bel-air. But this one is easy. Okay. Will, here you go. You know at some point you have to think about other people You know if the lactose doesn’t agree with you it’s not gonna agree with others And just at the heart of it if you love anybody if you love anybody especially those that are near you Just put the ice cream down because We… we are not inclined to enjoy your funky ass I’m gonna take it on a different approach. Okay. Okay. I’m gonna go the opposite route. Here’s my thing. Some people might want to change Some people want you to do what you’re supposed to do. Everybody’s lactose-intolerant says, you know what? I’m lactose intolerant and I can’t. Here’s my feeling: you get one life and if you want to blow your ass very damn thing for the worthy of your life Then damn it, you should do it. Do it is best thing you’ll ever get to do. Because you get one life. It’s all set it down. Go out and say “I drink milk cuz I loved it!” And Justin is Justin drinks that Milky gonna need some sage advice

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