Willem Dafoe highlights from a 1975 Theatre X production

– State of Wisconsin, – Milwaukee County, – County Court, – Misdemeanor Division. – In the matter of the legal inquiry into the mental condition of: John Kishline, – Eric Schneider, – Willem Dafoe, – John Schneider, – Flora Coker, – Arlene Kolenich; alleged
to be mentally ill. – [Group] You are hereby
informed of the following facts and legal requirements. – [Narrator] The following,
as well as all other court scenes we will show are taken verbatim, except for the names, from Milwaukee County Court
Records of final hearings. – Date of exam? – October 13th. – Diagnosis? – [Group] Schizophrenic.
Chronic Paranoid Type. – Treatment? – Structured supervised
setting of this kind. – Alternatives? – None. – Insight ability to rationalize
need for the treatment? – Uh, no insight. His judgment
and reasoning are impaired. – Dangerous? – Primarily to himself. – Opinions given by you; are
they beyond a reasonable doubt? – Yes. – Your witness. – Doctor, upon what do
you base your opinion of dangerousness to himself? – Well he’s not able
to take care of himself because of his inability
to take care of himself. – Aaaaah (sighs) – He is up at night. – [Group] Mm-hmm – He is writing two books. – [Group] Mm-hmm – He is sleeping during the day. – [Group] Mmm-hm – He is arguing with his
brothers and parents. – [Group] Mm-hmm – He talks about reincarnation. – [Group] Mm-hmm – He does not work. – [Group] Mm-mm – I think that is enough to indicate that he is unable to take care of himself. – (slaps stand) No further questions. – (scrapes chair) I move this court for a 5142 commitment, Your Honor. – [Both] The court should order full time involuntary hospitalization,
only as a last resort. – [Four] We repeat, as a last resort. – [Five] Persons who are not alleged to have committed any crime cannot be totally
deprived of their liberty if there are less drastic means available. – [Group] These scenes
were taken from actual Milwaukee County Court transcripts. There are villains. (Reverb fades)


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