WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE – A Kid Explains History, Episode 9

Hello everybody. Thanks for clicking on this
video to hang out with me today. One of the things we’ve been studying in 3rd Grade are
idioms. You know, special phrases that have a figurative meaning that is different from
its literal meaning. Things like kick the bucket, hot potato, let
the cat out of the bag. But did you know that many of the idioms in use today come from
plays written by the same guy four hundred years ago. Wild goose chase, dead as a doornail
and mum’s the word. These all come from the most famous playwright ever. Who is it? I hope you guessed Shakespeare, ‘cos that’s
what we’re doing! No party music, are you kidding me? William Shakespeare lived in Elizabethan England
between 1564 and 1616. But unlike a lot of playwrights from that time, his plays are
still being performed today. People still study them and find new meanings, which shows
just how complex and relatable they are. The Scottish Play was about a nobleman who
kills his King after three witches tell him it’s his destiny to rule. Nothing goes well
for him after that. The Scottish Play isn’t its real name, but I can’t say the real one
because there’s an old legend that if you say it out loud, someone will get hurt. MacBeth Oh good, I guess it was just a myth. In one of his most famous plays, Hamlet, Prince Hamlet
is visited by the ghost of his father, telling him the new King is the one who poisoned him.
While Hamlet decides whether to take revenge, he contemplates the meaning of existence with
the line “To be, or not to be.” And he talks to the skull of an old court jester he knew
as a child. That’s why you always see pictures like this. Not all of Shakespeare’s plays were depressing
though. He also made comedies like A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Much Ado About Nothing and
Twelfth Night. As well as histories about Julius Caesar and Richard III. In fact, a
lot of the things that we think we know about English Kings come from his plays. He also wrote the greatest love story ever.
I bet you guys have all heard about Romeo and Juliet. That was him. This guy. Right
behind me. Shakespeare was member of a group called The
King’s Men, who had their own theatre called The Globe. The original burned down in 1613
and was rebuilt before closing in 1642. But then, in 1997 it was rebuilt again, exactly
the same , so you can see plays there. Unbelievable! When Shakespeare’s plays were first put on,
they were like the popular movies of the time. And they weren’t just for rich people. Cheaper, standing
room only tickets were available for people called the Groundlings. They had a lot of
fun while they watched and they were quite rowdy. Yay! Once movies were invented, people started
making movies out of the plays. There’s been hundreds of them. For instance, all of these
people have played Hamlet onscreen. See if you recognize anyone, like Dr Who or Mad Max.
The only two I know. Obi Wan and Gandalf played him onstage and so did Sherlock Holmes and..
well.. you get the picture. Thank you so much for joining me today. Please
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want to see and talk about. And remember kids, be careful when you say MacBe – I mean,
The Scottish Play. You can’t be too careful. Bye guys!

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