Winner at [email protected] Global – Hablando con Julis 3rd Place

hello everyone my name is Daniela Galindo and I’m the CEO at hablando con Julie’s 4-h CJ I didn’t communicate for 10 seconds and it seemed to be a long time can you imagine not being able to communicate for a whole lifetime I was born in a family a little bit different for most of you my sister who is Uli’s was born with a disability that does not allow her to speak for many years there was a lot of frustration in our family since we couldn’t understand what she was wanting to say because of that we decided to create a technological solution so that she can communicate with anyone anywhere nowadays our Lando Kondylis is a complete solution that integrates a software a unique learning experience and an active support by training teachers family members and users allowing us to make the difference by showing short time results for people from 3 to 85 years old people with speech disabilities Down syndrome autism several policy people who are deaf and who are alliterated for the first time illiterate people open a bland open Julis that you start reading and writing by using the technology and in four months they start reading and writing by themselves for people with disabilities they start communicating since the first moment by the using images words and voices with our team confirmed by engineers teachers psychologists designers financial men and others we have reached more than seven thousand users in Latin America being of benefit more than 43,000 people thanks to the communication improvements we are committed to reach a potential market of more than 600 million people around the world we sell our product to families institutions and governments changing people’s perception about disability in a positive way this has allowed us to win some national and international awards as the social innovator of the Year by the MIT Technology Review our users are studying working writing books using Facebook whatsapp and all tools we use being active part of society thanks to hablando canoes can you imagine going to a restaurant and not being able to ask for your favorite dish can you imagine wanting to study and not being able to do so can you imagine wanting to be independent wanting to work and not even have a chance our lambda pendulous is the solution thank you [Applause]

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