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Of American Idol 20:19 Is laid harder There’s a face wait a minute wait a minute what Are you wearing your own merch From a gator catcher to an entrepreneur Good to see ya Goes on American Idol 1 you look good man. Thank you. And you look like you’re lifted. How old are you? Mr. 19 Well, we had to love online, yes, so to this lovely lady, how are you I’m doing good Tell us say you are my name is Ashton Gill? I’m 20 years old and I’m from Livingston, Louisiana Louisiana very good. How do you guys know each other? She’s my best friend’s sister. Very good I’m trying to figure out why you ain’t asked a girl out yet. Like geez boy What you waiting? No? Girlfriend I think he had a girlfriend. Yeah Wayne has got my buddy. He’s in got his grill He’s girl, hoppin, oh my god Ain’t no audition freeze I was gonna say man. This is really aa gotta go through his lawyer now We haven’t the fun you know that right that’s fine. So Lane got you here. Yes you having fun? Tell us about yourself I go to school at Southeastern Louisiana University. Okay. I’m a nursing major, but I love to do music So I’m hoping this experience will just like Lane did help me get murdered good Yeah, mom, what are you gonna sing today? Broken, helo is by Christie. Perfect Come to teachers Believe us And they buy some others Boggan Hazel’s, they used to shower I Love how country your voice is I think your nerves are getting the best of you But I think it really got something. Hopefully I’ll be able to work on that Well, we can we can do these little things but now listen when we get busy Yeah, we can’t coach you like that. So yeah. Yeah, this is your chance. So you’re gonna have to have Lane as a coach One thing that’s hard to teach is how you don’t overdo your notes, you know You find a note and you hang on it. Now you are getting a little pitchy, but your voice is pretty yeah. Thank you It is your song selections. You’ve got a certain quality of I mean when I say country, I mean you’ve got sweetness You’ve got the country in it. Thank you. Let’s vote it up. Okay. I’m ready Ashton Gill, is that your real name? Yes. That sounds like a gosh darn start name. Yeah. Okay, Ashton Pick the right songs and This could be good for you It’s a yes for me. Thank you You have an opportunity to sell your voice the way you sing only is a yes for me. Thank you so much It’s a yes for me Man your singers. Alright. Yeah. Will you sing? So will you sing us out on the night? Let’s see Past it I Just need some place where I can lay my head Hey, can you tell me where oh man my father bed come on man. What is this? My hand knows only sick Take a load off fanny Take a low Take You wanna come back and let us smoke it do not play around What’s the bra take this ticket come on take this ticket you found your confidence you found everything? We said it’s sitting right here. All we ask me to do is just reach out in touch Okay, sure shiny It’s a new design and every day that you can go to Hollywood and have a great time More fun at this time. You got a shot I’m kidding Look at this you could win this one you really could I’ll make it close Okay Really going I Definitely feel way better than last year about being here. I feel more confident this year She never mentions the word addiction And certain company Yeah, she’ll tell you she’s an orphan After you meet her family Says she talks to angels Her name Yep Y’all ready to party with a hearty Hip come on laptop become slowly Roll up – with me one thing I can tell you is you got to be free Over me You ready to party with the hearty If you ever Change your mind About leaving Leaving me bye Babe babe, bring it to me bring your sweet love Bring it on home When you live Now I know I only hurt myself Baby Bring it to me. Bring your sweet love Bring sweet bring it on home Not hold Passerelle will speak about that past it It just needs some place Where I can lay my head Hey, mister. Can you tell me where a man my father bit? Just crammed shook my hand do as I said We’re looking for a place to hide walk in without back Go down Moses, that’s not the matter. You can’t say This just old dude, and he’s waiting no matter take Your favorite son won’t you stay Regards forever That’s all that’s all Anyway you do that’s all right. That’s all Anyway That’s alright Love it Thirty miles in the Gulf Stream I hear the South when Beau Bridges did lower Shrimp boats coming home the old man down in the quarter slowly turned his head Take the fifth promised whiskey by line. This is what he said On the Pontchartrain underneath the Louisiana They come around every two But Davos daughter she’s hard she’s gone, but she’s made But nobody Tata it takes a lot to wash away From Chicago he gonna set that He said At least three feet higher On the potty train Strain Lolly lolly golly. What a day Not to play nothing but standard Bali make me Down The reason a little Golly what a day Jaxson Hi girls you make the rocky world Just to steal You big No Way back up in the Just like a wink Here’s a chance to tie in a guy you’re sipping in the tree by a railroad trap never see I’ll never try was me we’ll stop and say oh my little touchy boy super play Go johnny, go go go. Johnny, go go go. Johnny, go go Don’t take a break I don’t care where it goes Don’t climb a mountain Mountain jump off. Nobody gotta know dance See By me and check it now Oh Hi Jordan to the 20 There was a time I was in the thing and nothing all-in-one When it found me I was stealing black cloud across Ah How you light up every second of the day You just shine like a beacon all the baby The way you Hey, Jude Don’t make it bad Take a sad song and make it better Remember to let her into your heart Then you can start to make you better And anytime you feel the pain Don’t Well, you know Oh In this world Doing Marc Broussard at home. And this is a swampy rock song inna who else is swampy and rock playing Marc Broussard went to lanes hometown They played this together if he can rock this song out and make us believe like he has all season long He’ll be the next American high Down the road don’t know where your top acting in the truck somewhere around mile marker 1 trail starting This melody stop the chop pulled out the gibtown Yes You don’t know nothing about me Goodbye to me. Dango me on my We gotta go hole defeat room down the by oh My Son of a gun we’ll have big fun on the bio Jumble crawfish pie feeling gumbo just matter Thibodeaux Pinups is crap down. Just try to get paid down out of there I can’t find no shade Just two more roads, and I’m good to go. Yeah, I’m shutting this tract it down Give me a half an hour for shave and shower. I’ll be outside your house might have a little girl We’re gonna dance the dust ride off lamb and Read me week 60 plus from Donna died after he busted up Please leave If you Hold When you Now I know I only hurt myself Yes, we love him Oh You’re sweet Breed on hold American Idol 2019 Is laid harder You deserve it we’re gonna have you perform bring it on in he’s going to do his debut winning single Your winner and the new American Idol the song is called flame are you ready for it? Your new Idol Lainhart I hope you find what you’re looking for. I hope you pay what you’re wishing for I hope you see you what I see you when I see you what I see I hope you stone Oh shit saw that you dreamin every day is a day that you’re happy peaceful Amid the darkness I hope you dance obviously along every time they play your song. Hope you live up your laugh Oh your heart never leads you I don’t lose but there’s a flame in your thing when you need it You You


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