Winter is Coming: Enter The Snow Queen

Magic, funny and sensational that’s what it is The friendship in it is so strong, I’m
almost sad having read the script and playing The Snow Queen that I don’t
really get that Gerda has a best friend called Cei and
something really awful happens to Cei I get into a little bit of trouble with
The Snow Queen who almost keeps me hostage which then causes my best friend to try and find me. It could be fair to say that The Snow Queen is the villain of the piece
she’s certainly quite a tragic character so she has ice in her heart; a little bit
if you imagine the film Frozen, a little bit like Elsa when she actually has that
moment of shutting down and deciding she’s gonna build her great ice palace
and cut out all the love. It’s gonna be interesting to try and play The Snow
Queen, I’m quite a smiley person. I would describe the show in three words
as: Love conquers all. I’m most excited to actually be performing in the Park
Theatre. I’ve heard that they do Christmas quite well and I love
Christmas! Audiences will get all the feel-good of Christmas, they’ll get a
journey, an adventure and they will get mountain loads of magic.

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