Wisconsin Dells’ Palace Theater wraps up successful first year

DANNIKA — THIS HOLIDAY SEASON ONE WISCONSIN DELLS BUSINESS IS HOPING TO BRING IN VISITORS FROM FAR AND WIDE AS NEWS 3’S BRETT BACHMAN REPORTS. THE PALACE THEATER IS WRAPPING UP ITS FIRST YEAR ON A HIGH NOTE. AND HAS EVEN MORE IN STORE FOR 2016 KODY: 56 32 therees nothing better than performing for an audience that appreciates the show 1 VO/MINI-DISCW1 55 FOR ACTORS CODY WALKER AND MITCH TEBO. HAVING A GOOD AUDIENCE IS KEY TO THEIR PERFORMANCE 1 SOTW2 45 TEBO: 56 53 ive talked to people from minnesota, from upstate wi, people who have driven four or six hours to come here 2 VO/MINI-DISCW3 55 HERE 2 SOTW4 46 KODY: 55 34 you walk in here and the wow factor really hits you CAITLIN: 07 40 33 21 its sort of the stuff of my childhood dreams being realized on this beautiful stage 3 VO/MINI-DISCW5 55 A STAGE THAT’S ONLY ONE YEAR OLD 3 SOTW6 43 performing sot 4 VO/MINI-DISCW7 53 BROTHERS JOSEPH AND ANTHONY TOMASKA OPENED THE DINNER THEATER LAST NOVEMBER SINCE THEN. THE VENUE HAS BEEN A HOTSPOT FOR BOTH LOCALS AND TRAVELERS 3 SOTW8 46 TEBO: 56 07 theres madison then theres chicago in the area but most people dont get a lot of opportunities to see live theater so i think its a great thing for the area. 56 18 it’s giving people the opportunity to experience live theater which is like no other entertainment that they nornmally see 3 VO/MINI-DISCW9 55 A UNIQUE EXPERIENCE. THAT ONLY AN AUDIENCE CAN CREATE 3 SOTW10 46 KODY: 58 23 in a time where we’re so obsessed with things that are in our hands, in screens, this is a moment that forcces you to put that down and be present and really forces you to be along for the ride 3 VO/MINI-DISCW11 55 IN THE WISCONSIN DELLS BRETT BACHMAN WISC NEWS 3 DANNIKA — IN ITS SECOND YEAR. THE PALACE THEATER HOPES TO ADD SOME VARIETY TO ITS SCHEDULE. OFFERING COMEDY AND ADULT CONTENT TO SEE THE 2016 SCHEDULE VISIT DELLS PALACE DOT COM

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