Woh Mera Dil Tha Episode 2 – 24th March 2018 – ARY Digital Drama

You can invite whomever you want but you should at least inform me if you’re inviting someone for me. Do you have any plans for this weekend? If you have any you must cancel it. No, I don’t have any plans neither about this weekend nor about getting married. Dad, I don’t want to get married for at least 1-2 years. I would decide when you should get married and I’ll decide when I’ll decide about it. You can’t force me it’s not a small issue it’s about my life. It’s about your life that’s why I have taken this responsibility. You are not mature enough to make decisions for yourself. You never let me make my decisions. Naina! Mom Please. You would take his side as always without even thinking about it. Do you want me to get married like you and forget about my life and my choices? What do you mean? Dad, Look, maybe mom is happy with all the things that you have given her. Everyone has different standards to spend their life. Everyone wants to live their life differently. Maybe she is happy with all this, a loving husband, a house and her children but I want more from life. I want to build my career I want to make my individual identity. If I get married now then how would I be able to build my identity? How am I going to prove myself? A woman is known by the named attached to her. And today you’re known by me your father. And after me, there be a man whom I’d choose for you. Dad, please, for god sake, come out of this middle-class mentality. The world has now been evolved so much…Raheela, did you hear that? She’s taunting me for having a middle-class mentality. The one for whom I worked hard day and night and able to give them all the facilities and this lifestyle, she is taunting me for a middle-class mentality. It’s all your fault. She’s not completely convinced yet. She has put a condition that I have to talk to my parents. Yeah you know her very well she won’t miss any chance to tease you. You should be thankful she didn’t ask more for an apology. Why are you looking like that? I am right. Not everyone is like me who could forgive easily. That selfish girl would make you suffer a lot. Enough dude. What’s wrong? What kind of love is this where you’re afraid of her all the time? I am hungry shall we eat something? Ok, let’s go but let me bring my bike first. No problem I’ll drop you. Ok then let’s go. Now they won’t even let me get married to my choice Amazing! I am fighting all alone with my dad and you just stay scared of you dad, is that what’s written in our fate? Coward! Gutless! Gutless. Hmm. Coward. Hmm. Loser. Keep reading. You just keep making fun of me. Now, why is she abusing you? Don’t know something must have happened. Someone must have said something wrong to her. No matter what others say to her at the end I have to listen to her. Look, you’re my friend sometimes I feel pity for you. You’re being crazy after a girl who insults you all the time. How do you tolerate her? If I were at your place I’d have given her such a good lesson if she had done this to me. You have never been in love, right? Never. But I have been in love. Sorry! What kind of a friend you are? If you can’t help me at least you should not make fun of me. So have I come to this world to support you? Then don’t act like a villain at least. You are the reason that she’s still upset. You guys fight every other day and I’ll have to suffer because of you. I have been suffering because of your disputes. You’re misunderstood. No matter If I was there or not she came in this world to make you suffer it’s in your destiny. Come on please be serious It’s my birthday after two days and I have planned that I and Naina would celebrate it together. And until your issue is not resolved she won’t be coming to meet me. Why are you beating about the bush? Why don’t you just say it clearly that until she came on my old bike fooling her guard, she can’t come to meet with you? But now I won’t do it anymore after whatever has happened? Ok listen, Please apologize to her for my sake so that she’d calm down and come to meet me. Do I have to say sorry? Me? She has interfered in my love story for the third time. I won’t do this. Please for my sake? All I am saying this for your own good. I have sympathies for you. Look please leave all this, there’s no use of it. Your and her families are enemies of each other. Your dad got too angry when he listens to her father’s name and your dad is too short-tempered that he may kick you out from his house and business. Naina isn’t a girl she is the beginning of your destruction. Listen to me; keep yourself out of all this it’s a good chance. Now finish your meal at least. No, dude not again Mom, you’re upset with me but not with the medicines, right? Please have your medicine or else you may get sick. Do you really care about my health? Do whatever you want to do. And why did you talk about his middle-class mentality thing? You know it very well that it’s his weak point. It’s not him but your weak point. He knows well how to pressurize you. Why are you so scared of him? This house belongs to you as well. If dad can decide my life then you too can stand for me otherwise why would I talk to dad like this? No, I can’t. How can I take stand for you? Fayyaz is right. When I got married to him I left everything and I’ll have to pay for it for the rest of my life. When I did court marriage with Fayyaz, my father died of a heart attack and I didn’t have my mom too and my brother doesn’t even want to see my face. I have no one at my back then how could I take stand for you? Fayyaz is right, a woman’s status is nothing without a man be it her brother, her dad or her husband. And you want me to surrender so that my status may get weak like yours, right? Mom, that’s the reason that I want to make my individual identity so that I won’t be dependent on my dad or my husband. Why are you comparing yourself with me? You’re not going to face the same. Fayyaz took this decision after deliberate consideration; you’re going to be so happy Naina. What do you know about people? Do you take the guarantee that my marriage is going to be successful? What if they also oppress me like dad and there’s a possibility that I’ll have to spend my rest life with dad’s support. Why are saying this nonsense? Why do you think like that? Nothing bad is going to happen with you. I am a practical girl mom and that’s the way I think. You can’t predict about the future and I want to be independent enough that I may not need anyone else’s support. Shabana let me sleep and close the windows, please. It’s not Shabana it’s me. Why have you come at this hour of the morning? It’s not morning its noon and I came here with your sister. Oh, so Khatija sister is also here with her kids? Weren’t her kids enough that you too came with her? I didn’t see you for so long so I came to meet you. Now you have seen me, right? Are you satisfied now? Now please leave. I will leave in the evening with sister. But at least leave my room. It Friday and dad must be at home he’d come here any moment to take me forcibly to the mosque. And he’d be too angry if he sees you here. By the way, I think he should see me here. Khatija sister! Khatija sister! Please take your sister-in-law with you. Sorry, dad. Dad, I didn’t mean to hurt you. Come on dad you very well know that I love you a lot. Here you go. You know that you mean a lot to me, right? Do you think that I would take the wrong decision about you? It’s nothing like that. I am your daughter and do you feel like I can take any wrong decision about myself? Dad, I need some time. Don’t you want your daughter to have an individual identity? Won’t you give me some time? Won’t you fulfill my wish? Ok, as you wish. Zaid! Yes? Please take kids to park. Let me have breakfast at least. It’s 1’O clock it’s not the time to have breakfast you should have lunch. Saba, please bring some lunch for Zaid. Why have you taken her here? Don’t be smart. I know so well that you’re so happy that she’s here. I am your sister and I know your feelings so well. Look as soon as Saba came here she went to the kitchen to make some meatballs for you. How friendly she is, no? Saba, come on don’t be shy. I don’t feel like eating and I don’t like meatballs at all. I’ll take something from outside. But at least take kids to the park they all have been waiting since so long that when you’ll wake up you’ll take them to park. I am not going to take them there. They are so naughty who would handle them. That’s what I bring Saba for. She’d handle the kids. Why are you smiling? You should smile too. Look what I did for you I give you and Saba a chance to meet out. You’re so generous, sister. You’re so great. I won’t be able to pay you back for this favor so I think I should not take this favor! Thanks! Wait, listen to me. He cut my call?! My call?! I won’t pick up your call. You act to be so smart, right? You can’t even do this favor. Now until you do not surrender I wouldn’t talk to you. You want to stay angry with me like your lover, right? Ok then stay angry I am not going to apologize to you either. May God be pleased with you. May God be pleased with you too. Wait. Where were you? I told your mother that as soon as you wake up you should come to my office. Then why didn’t you come? What would I have done there? I have told you several times that I don’t have any interest in this job so please don’t bother for me for no reason. For no reason?! You know the condition of this house so well. I am going to retire very soon what else reason do you need to come to work? I didn’t refuse to work I just don’t like this job. I have told you several times that I and Arham are going to start our business very soon. It’s just about 2-3 months. As soon as he got freed from his semester we both are going to start our business very soon…Who’s this Arham? What he’s to you. Nowadays even brother don’t support each other and then it’s your friend. For your friend, you want to wait and stay unemployed? What if he changes his mind in this duration? What are you going to do then? Why would he change his mind? He has promised me. You want to do business and you are not even familiar with business rules. There’s no importance of such verbal promises. Did he write in stamp papers that he’d make you his partner? A partner who doesn’t even have a single penny for investments. Let the student life’s friendships limited to the college and university. When you enter a practical life especially in business you’ll have to be very rude. Arham is not your well-wisher. He can change his mind any time and you’re giving me hopes for 3 4 months? What if he doesn’t remain your friend anymore in this duration? Why is he calling you continuously? Now don’t act as if you don’t want to talk to him. I know very well that you can leave me but you can’t leave your stupid friend. What are you saying Naina? You and Zaid hold different importance in my life. No, there should be my importance only, got it? Why is he calling you continuously? How could I know? I am not talking to him. And how could I speak to him until he says sorry to you? Ok, let’s see for how long you’ll remain on your promise. What are you going to give me on your birthday? Great, it’s my birthdays and I’ll have to give you a gift. Why? Of course. What are you going to gift me? What do you want? Engagement ring. See, you got afraid. I don’t know how you are going to take a stand for us. . If you keep scaring like this then we are never going to get married. You can ask your parents to give me as your birthday gift, right? I know I can ask them but your dad has an authority to make decisions about your life, not my parents. He can change my birthday as my dying day. I should leave for my class. But what about my birthday? You told me that we’d celebrate it at far away from the city, right? I know but it’s not possible. But you and Zaid don’t want to see each other. You can rely on Zaid but I can’t. I can come on my own. And what about your dad? What if he came to know about this? That’s why I am telling you that this plan is good please try to understand. Ok, then I am not coming. Hello? Thank god, at last, you picked up my call. Wait just listen to what I wanted to say. I know that Naina is upset with you and you are upset about it. Look, I admit that I have issues with Naina but I can’t see you worried. Yeah, I would say sorry to her I would even hold my ears. You’re my friend I can do anything for you. You know that it’s been 12 years to our friendship and I have never apologized to anyone but just for your sake just for the sake of our friendship I’d do it. Yeah, ok. Come on Zaid, let’s do this tough task too. Oh, I forgot to take a cigarette. Didn’t you go to your university? Yeah, dad actually I planned to do combine studies with Seema so I would go in the evening to her place. But you can call her here. She always comes here at my place I should go to her this time, no? Just like you, her parents may also ask her why you always go to Naina’s place and why she doesn’t come to your place. And anyways she is not feeling well so I thought I should go to her place. And when would you come back? No idea, we may get late as we’ll have to prepare for tomorrow’s presentation. Ok, don’t send the driver back tell him to stay at her place you may need help, ok? Goodbye. Sure, dad. What I would need why don’t he just say clearly that he wants to keep an eye on me? It seems to be like a film set. How much money would you need for all this rubbish? 1 lac 20 thousand, sir. Ok. Arham he’s charging 2 lac rupees for arrangements, in fact, he has made a bill for 2 lac. I checked everything there were a lot of mistakes and the total cost is 1 lac 70 thousand. Ok, I’ll pay him a cheque. No, don’t bring a cheque he’s asking for a cash payment. Ok, no problem I’ll bring cash. Ok, listen I am going to pick Naina you just get ready and be here. By the way, you’d apologize to her, right? Of course, why not. I’d apologize to her. Perfect. Ok, I am just coming. Ok bye. Ok, tell me quickly from where I’ll have to escape? Make sure that no one can see me going out of there, ok? I think I should take you out from the backyard but it’ll look so cheap, no? We don’t have any other option. What are you searching for? Do you have any shawl or scarf? What? I need it to cover myself. Ok, wait. Here you go. Thank you. Please handle everything if mom calls you, ok? Ok but please make sure to return at the time. Ok. Sorry. It’s not the right way to apologize. I just know this way if you don’t like this then I am leaving. Ok, wait. You only know this way, right? But you’ll have to say the same way thrice. Ok, Hameed, you may forward it. I trust you; after all, you have been serving for our company since 20years. Yes, sir, you’re right but my service period is going to over as you know that I am going to retire very soon. Yeah. But I assure you that I’ll keep working hard with the same honesty till the last day. Yeah, I trust you. Hameed, you told me once that your son needs a job but you didn’t bring him. Yes, sir, I told you. I apologize, I wanted to bring him to you but then his exams were started. But since now when his exams are finished I’ll send him to your office to give the interview. Hameed, what are you saying? This interview thing is just for formality. Trust me after you, your son is the priority for this post. Thank you so much, sir, it’s so kind of you. And I assure you that he’ll work hard with the same honesty. I have not lacked anything in his upbringing. What happened Hameed? Is everything ok? Umm, nothing sir, it’s too hot here. Turn up the AC, please. Driver, please stop the car. Hameed, I got remember something I’ll have to go back to home. I am sorry from here you’ll have to go to the office on your own. Ok, no problem sir, I’ll go to the office you should go to your home. Ok. I am sorry Hameed. No problem sir I can understand. Ok. Ok, then I’ll reach office in a while. Ok. Take the car to home. I have already said sorry. You said it only twice. I have said it thrice you must not have listened to it. You are lying you have just said it twice. You just wanted to hear a sorry, right? Then what’s the issue if I said it once or twice. Whatever! If it was not about Arham then I would have forced you to say sorry. Raheela! Where’s Naina? What happened, Fayaaz? Today was your dinner meeting, right? Where’s Naina? Naina has gone to Seema’s place and she already took your permission. She’s not at Seema’s place I have seen her sitting with a guy on a bike. You’re her mother Raheela you have some responsibilities and duties or do I have to fulfill all these duties? Do I have to keep an eye on her that where she goes and to whom she meets? And you just waste your time going to boutiques and parlors and go to meet your friend in the evening? Being the mother of a daughter is not an easy task. Raheela how could you be so unaware that you don’t even know that right now she’s not with her friend she’s roaming around with a loafer. Fayyaz I think there’s some misunderstanding. Why would Naina lie to us? Why she can’t lie to us? Didn’t you use to lie to your parents to meet with me? And the biggest proof of this is that she has turned off her phone as well so that we can’t contact her. Fayyaz maybe she went with some of his class fellow for some important work. It’s not necessary that whatever you’re thinking is right. Don’t try to fool me. She has a car, a driver and a guard. What so important work that while having all them she needed someone else’s help? If I was alone at that time I would have never let her go like that but just for the sake of my honor, I had to let her go. I’ll try to call her again. There’s no need to call her. I’d call the guards. Where are you? Since how long? Ok. Guards are at Seema’s place I’ll have to go and see it myself. Raheela keep one thing in your mind she’ll have to pay for lying but I’ll not spare you either. I gave you the responsibility of my daughter’s upbringing. Oh God, what is she doing all this? I should call and ask Seema.


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