Women In Jeopardy at The Public Theatre

Well, the play’s about these three women
they’re best friends they’ve been through all these things together
throughout their lives and they come to this place – the kids are in college – and
one of them starts dating a guy that is very odd. He’s a dentist but he’s, boy
he’s just the oddest duck on earth, and the other two, through a series of pieces
of information they find, have decided that he’s a serial killer. And the
hilarity ensues. I’m Amanda Ryan Paige I’m playing Mary. I’m Janet Mitchko and I’m playing Jo. Liz – taken! – that’s who I play. I play Jackson Scull and Kirk Sponsullar. I play Amanda. I play Trenner. Twisted. Sexy. And wholesome. Which one’s wholesome? Kirk. Sponsullar. Oh, right. That’s the one I don’t like. Really unique. I want to say
innocent. Oh that’s good. They’re both very innocent. Yeah They’re both very innocent and very much
Millennials. Very much Millennials. Millennials a better word yeah that’s a
good one. Everyone! who likes to laugh. If you want to have a good time this is a show you should come see. It’s a row . . . I think it’s really fun and really relatable I mean it’s kind of insane and funny and unique at the same time. I think it’s just plain hilarious so if
you want a good laugh come on down. Yeah. It’s really entertaining. If you’re looking for a nice diversion a rip-snorting good time. If you’re looking
to laugh and have a great time with your friends come and see the play. It’s a
great girls night out it’s a great couples show because you’re just gonna be laughing your brains out the whole time and you’ll go home happier for having
been here at The Public Theatre and Women in Jeopardy.

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