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Why does he always think it
needs to be a creative intro? No one likes Ty like Ty. Oh, that was a
good sound effect. Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to Overtime 6. We got a great show
for you guys today. We’ll see you after
the intro song. (SINGING) Tall guy, beard,
twins, purple hoser– dude perfects in overtime. Tall guy, beard,
twins, purple hoser– now, we’re headed
on to overtime. Welcome OT 6. Man, we’ve done a lot of these. We have. They’re great. Oh, got a good show
coming up for you guys. It’s time to head to a
little Absurd Recurds. Welcome to Absurd Recurds. You know, here in the past, we
have seen some pretty absurd recurds– world’s longest Lego walk. Coby perfected the pea blow– That was absurd. –which is as
weird as it sounds. And today, we’ve got
another absurd recurd. Our favorite Guinness World
Records adjudicator, Michael, is just down the street. We’re about to go meet him for
one of the most absurd recurds I’ve ever heard of. I agree. This is going to be fun. Let’s head that way. Ladies and gentlemen,
let’s welcome Michael. Appreciate you being
here once again. Always a treat to have you. Why don’t we tell the
folks at home what we will be attempting today. Tyler, today, you are attempting
to break the Guinness World Records title for
farthest distance traveled while rolling on Swiss balls. Good job, Ty! The mark to beat is
255 feet, 5 inches, forward motion the whole way. If you fall off, hands
or feet touch the ground, the attempt ends. Michael, appreciate
you joining us. Glad to be here. And let’s get to
some record-breaking. Woo! Here we go! Feeling pretty good. Got a lot exercise
balls set up here. The day’s come. It’s time to step
up to the plate. We are standing at the
current world record. All Tyler has to do is pass us. We’re going to be his visual
marker, as he comes down this line of Swiss balls. Here we go. Ty, I think you’re
ready for this. Let’s go, baby! 3, 2, 1. Oh, and he is off to the races! Nice recovery. No. Yes. Oh, it’s hurting my inner core. One ball at a time. One ball at a time. All you want to do is
get to that next ball. Yeah, that’s it. All you gotta do is
get to that next ball. Yes, that’s it. That’s the next
ball right there. Yes! Yes! Keep going! He’s done it! Tyler, the mark to beat
was 255 feet, 5 inches. Today, you achieved 290. It’s a new Guinness
World Record. Congratulations. Man, that never gets old! This and pencil-breaking,
probably the two records I’m most proud of. Because they’re absurd. Absolutely. All right, back to the desk. Thanks, Mike. I’ve got to say, I’m proud
of the exercise ball record. That’s one you can hang
your hat on right there. All right, if you guys want
to see some behind the scenes on what it took to
break that record, make sure you check out the
Dude Perfect Show, season 3, coming soon on Nickelodeon. Don’t forget to set your DVRs. It is time head to
everybody’s favorite segment– Cool Not Cool. How’s everybody feeling
about their items today? The pressure is mounting. It is. I feel great about mine. You do? Oh, yeah. Would you like to start off? Sure. Everyone’s imagined
theirselves in childhood, going through the big art books. You were like, man,
that could be me. Did you look through art books? No. I present to you, master. Oh! That’s sick! Dude! I did myself in Van Gogh,
because he’s my twin. But guys– I like where this is headed. There’s more. Yes! Ty. Oh, my. I’m so happy. Gar, I’ve got a quick question. Why is Coby so much
taller than me? Isn’t one of them a woman? Yeah, Cory. What? Yeah, that’s a dress for sure. Never mind, I love it. When you get an oil
painting of yourself, that’s when you know
you’ve made it in life. It is. Is everybody voted in? Yeah. If it was not a
husky Ty pic, I feel like I would have been there. But I’m on a horse! Yay! Great job, Gare, great job. Here, you want to
set those aside? I’m ready to go next. You’ve got a gift for us too? I’ve got a gift for each of you. Oh, I like that. On the count of three– 1, 2, 3. Yo, what’s up? Is this a tool for bank robbers? I got one for each of us. No way. Yeah. If you’re tired of your own
identity, you can switch it up. Give me Gar. Dude, that looks just like me. It actually kind
of looks like me. Wow, Cor, what’s up, dude? Hey, I’ve got a quick idea. Yeah. Let’s line up in our
show intro for, like, a normal video real quick. Oh, that’s a good idea. Hey, Ty, make sure
you intro Overtime. I got you, bro. Welcome to a new
episode of Overtime. Ah, I’m funny. Ty, you are funny. Yeah, I know. Dude, my favorite
character is this one. I’ve never had a
bad day in my life. All right, I think
it’s time to vote. I’m the leader of the pack. Well, I guess I’ll vote. No, don’t talk over me. This is my show. Yeah, I’m going to
not cool my own thing. I’m Gar, and I’ll just green
it, because I don’t really care. First of all, let
me have my face. I need that. Yeah, I don’t want you robbing
any banks with my face on it. Oh, feels good to
have my spot back. Can I go next? You guys hang right there. We’re playing chess. Should I cast my vote? I would wait just a second. Cody, please make
your first move. Nice move. Let me see what I want to do. No way. Smart move, but
not smart enough. What is happening? He moved it with his mind! What is this sorcery? Ladies and gentlemen,
magic chess. Wow, it’s really
weird, but green. That’s incredible. Magic freaks me out. I don’t like it. I hate to burst your bubble. It’s not real magic. You are playing the computer,
which is equally as cool. I’m going to dislike it
again, because you’re a terrible salesman. I would have liked that. And I actually prefer magic. So– I have to agree with Tyler. Magic’s amazing. And for the first time in Cool
Not Cool history, I like it, but I also hate it– a double. Oh, wow. I’ve got to say, I’m so
disappointed in myself for blowing that lead. It’s not the product. It was the salesman
pitch of the product. Cory, I got to say, even though
most of us said it was bad. It was pretty good. Good item, bad sales pitch. Yep, I agree. All right, keeping with
the theme of magic, I actually feel like
I could go next. I got a little
demonstration for you guys. I have four beverage
cans here, three of which are room temperature. One of which is cold. I would like for you guys
to randomly divide these up between yourselves. This is a device that
allows me to tell who has the cold beverage. Let me start at this end. Cory, your drink is
very room temperature. Cody, your face is hot. Your drink is not. Coby, whoa, that
is a cold beverage. No, it’s not. Absolutely. Ladies and gentlemen, the
thermal camera attachment for your phone. Thermal device– I’m in. That is a frosty cold beverage. Ty, I do have a quick question. Yes? How useful is that
in regular life? This is actually pretty sweet. Pitch black– thermal
looks exactly like this. You could shine this
around, and you could see it just like it is now. All right, I’m in. I like night vision. Useful. Not sure why I’m still
on the fence here. How could you be on
the fence with this? Just remember, you
still have to go. Do not try to blackmail me? Not cool! That is not what I was saying! Thank you. That was collusion. This man is abusing his power. You know, this is a warning. I just need to know,
was it the salesman pitch or was it the product? Well, mine was the blackmail. One person left to go. Cobes, what do you got for us? I cannot tell you guys how
excited I am to reveal this. That is a bad sign. I agree. The whole world is
ready to see it. Check this out. Is that an oil rig? What is this? If this flies, I’m
going to be blown away. I am proud to present
the water skipper. No way that floats. I actually went out
to the lake, filmed a little video of me using it. And I’d like to demo
it for you right now. I can’t wait to see this. Yeah, wow. What’s up, guys. Coby here. Just wanted to say hi to
both myself and the rest of the guys at the desk. And I would like to introduce
you to the water skipper. Oh, man! That’s amazing! Look at him go, dude. You’re about to sink, right? Yes. How are you going to
get that back to shore? I’m shocked you got it
back here at the office. That thing looked
like it was going to the bottom of the lake. Cool concept, but I don’t
want to take that to the lake every time. Not cool. Yeah, funny, not
super-practical. Are you kidding me? I really don’t know. Uh, red. The kid did take the
time to match the snap of his hat and the life jacket. And that is what
puts me over the top. Green button for Coby! Yes, thank you. Hey, Cobes, while
you clear this, I think we’re going to
wrap up this segment. I just need this out of my face. OK, next up– Betcha. Boy, do we have a Betcha today. This might be one of
the boldest Betchas I have ever heard in my life. Because Cody Jones has a
Betcha that is absolutely going to rock our worlds today. I betcha I can swim a mile. You lost your mind, Codes. There is no way! Who thinks he will
not be able to do it? Oh, yeah, I’ll raise
my hand for that. Not be able to do
it, I’m on board. I think y’all could do it. Here’s what’s going to happen. We’re going to go to the lake. We’re going to get on a boat. We’re going to drive
one mile out from shore. Cody Jones is going to get
in the water– no flippers, no flotation device– and you have to swim from the
boat one mile to the shore. Let’s go to the lake. Not even going to break a sweat. Nothing like a mile
swim in December. Well, here we are,
and it’s freezing. We layered up a little bit,
hopped on the pontoon– rental, obviously. None of us own a pontoon boat. That’d be embarrassing. And Cody is going to hop off
here when we get a mile out from the shore. Good luck to you, Codes. Yeah, appreciate it. We’ll check in
when we get there. Yes, it’s a mile, but
it’s not that far. You’re just going to
have to be patient. Yeah, it’s going to
take a minute or 60. But we’re going to get there. Woo! Here goes nothing. Oh, that’s freezing! Are you even moving? You’re doing awesome. Oh, he’s already
switched formation. We just had a
massive development. Cody already
switched to his back. Codes, let’s just save us all
some time and hop in the boat. I agree. Hey, you’re only
about 15 yards away. Be the bigger man, Codes. We’re 12 minutes
in at this point, I think he’s given
everything he’s got to be having a
positive attitude in order to not give up right now. Codes, don’t let your
pride get in the way. Save yourself! All you’ve got to do is
reach out and grab it, Codes. Well, I gotta say, he’s not
there yet, but he’s close. And I just didn’t
think he had it in him. 100 yards left. Unfortunately, all that
was on the line was pride. Codes! All right, yeah! He has to get out of
the water himself. No way. Right here. I don’t want to get DQ’d. It doesn’t count! I’m kidding. Well done. Well done, Codes. Unbelievable. They didn’t believe me. Sometimes I didn’t
believe myself and neither did you at home. Well, I made it happen. Hot towel, cocoa, something? Well, I don’t know
about you guys, but I feel like that’s
an hour that I’m never going to get back. Coming up next, we have a
delicious brand new segment for you guys called Taste Test. Welcome to Taste Test. Ladies and gentlemen,
let’s give it up for our contestant,
Garrett Hilbert. All right, so Gar claims
to be a coffee aficionado. Oh, I like coffee. OK, he likes coffee. Gar, do you or do you not spend
hours in a week making coffee? Seems right. We have created a
little coffee taste test to see if Gar really knows his
coffee like he thinks he does. We’ve got coffee ranging
from gas station coffee. We’ve got your instant cups. We’ve got our fast food coffee. Then of course, you’ve got
what fuels 90% of America– the Starbucks house blend. OK, but Gar says, no, sir,
that doesn’t do it for me. I need this. I don’t even– this is a beaker. I use this in chemistry. I don’t even know
what you’d call it. You know what? It brings me back
to my science days. And that’s kind of
what draws me in there. In your professional
coffee opinion, there should be a big difference
in this end of the spectrum and this end of the spectrum. Under my professional
opinion, I would say, yes. He’s a coffee connoisseur. Gar’s going to be blindfolded. We will randomly
select a coffee. We will port in a
glass, and then he will put them in order as he
tastes the coffees in order from worst to best. [MUSIC PLAYING] Got a nice sound to it. Gare, we’ve got a cup
sliding in on your left. Will you guys just let me
know if I’m about to dump it all over myself. Oh, this smells– oh, man. He doesn’t even know! Oh, first taste. Yeah, I can definitely say
this isn’t my pour over. It’s not very good. I’m going to say
this is on the lower end of the spectrum, boys. I do not envy Gar. This is a tough situation. Cheers. Oh, wow, he goes right for it. This is either my
chemex or Starbucks. OK. It’s got to be. This is one of the better ones. OK. Walk us through
what you’re thinking right now with those two. That was the first cup, correct? Tastes like water. OK. Tastes like a decent coffee. You’re doing awesome. How does it smell? That smells good. That’s what he said
about the last one. Man, these two are close. Those are both good. These are, like,
tied right here. It’s like, do I
want to go there? That’s a good noise. It is a good noise. OK, I know exactly what that is. That’s instant
coffee right there. That’s got to be. This right here’s your watery
one that you said is watery. I just have a feeling this
is the pour-over I make. I have a bad feeling about this. Give me the last one. Oh, there it is. Going straight for it. Oh, you know what? This is Starbucks. That hurts, because I already
thought I had Starbucks. So that is currently your
lead right now, correct? Please, in all great
things, not be gas station. Oh, man. All right, here’s
my final decision. Oh, wow. These three, I gotta say,
are, like, pretty similar. OK. I am putting money on this one. That has got to be instant. This just has a little
hint of plastic in it. Ah, man. 5 and 3 could be switched. Whatever this one is, it’s good. Dude, I’m going to go here. Oh, you’re making a switch. He’s making the switch. I’m just going to do it. OK. Gar can take the blindfold off. I believe so. I am wired right now. Woo! Sit still for just a second. This is the one that I think
I make at home every day with a little bit of
tender loving care. And this is what I
would go to on a never. Gar, starting off, your
least favorite coffee is fast food coffee. That’s pretty good. I think that’s a good job. I know this is instant. It’s got to be. No– oh, my gosh. That’s instant. You were sure about that one. Yeah, you nailed that. OK, so far, all I know
is that my coffee making finished on the podium. That’s all I care about. And that’s all he ever
guarantees, folks. So your second coffee,
you were very sure about your second coffee. I think this is Starbucks. OK, and you nailed that one. Absolutely, 100%,
second coffee– Starbucks. That is unfortunate
that I could have ranked gas station coffee number one. But hey, you know what? I never go there,
and maybe I should. All right, I am going to reveal
Garrett’s favorite coffee. It’s going to be gas station. What a horrible moment! Garrett’s favorite
coffee in the world– gas station coffee! Yes! Here’s the deal. I had this one first. You did. I had this one first,
and the flavor was great, and I said it. I said, the flavor’s powerful. And the only reason I switched
them is because I got jittery. Would you look at
the folks at home and don’t be afraid
to tell them. I mean, this could
be a humbling moment. I’m Garrett, and I’ve wasted
a significant amount of time. But I enjoy the process. I like it. Hey, give it up for him. Good job, Gar. Well done, Gar. And I’ve got to say,
congratulations to 7-eleven. You guys do it right. And you know what? I apologize for ever
thinking you did it wrong. And as always, it is giveaway
time here on Overtime. If you share this video,
and you’re a DP subscriber, we will choose 10 of you to give
away a brand new DP sweatshirt. There it is. Codes, stand up. Give us a little turnaround. There it is. Wore my skinny jeans today. Shout out to the
winners from last time. Great job, guys. Appreciate y’all. Thanks for watching. If you’re not already a
Dude Perfect subscriber, click down here, so you don’t
miss out on any new videos. You want to watch more
Overtime, click over here. If you want to buy some DP merch
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where the mics are fake, and Gar love gas station coffee. He really does! Woo! Got him! Yes! Oh, that’s amazing.


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