WPU Musical Theatre Presents “Little Shop of Horrors”

– [Announcer] It’s the
musical known for high drama, suspense, comedy, and romance. It’s spine-tingling. It’s hilarious, it’s- ♫ Little shop ♫ Little shop of horrors ♫ Little shop ♫ Little shop of terror ♫ Call the cop – [Announcer] William Peace
University’s production of Little Shop of Horrors runs
November 13th through 16th. Get your tickets today
at www.peace.edu/events. Little Shop of Horrors is made possible through special arrangement with Musical Theater International. All rights reserved. – [Woman] He’s recording. – [Man] It’s a video. – Are you recording me? (man laughs) – [Man] It’s, um, it’s a video. – Oh, okay, well. (upbeat music)

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