WWE Hall Of Fame Inductees LEAKED! WWE Star RETURNING?! | WrestleTalk News Mar. 2019

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of the day: Who from WWE would you cast in their film version of Captain Marvel? I mean I don’t think it will matter, they’ll
just replace your choice with Charlotte Flair. Headline: Bruce Prichard WWE Role Revealed Last week it was revealed that former Vince
McMahon right-hand man Bruce Prichard was heading back to WWE, essentially to take up
the position he previously had in the company. PWInsider were the first to report that Prichard
was back in WWE, saying, “he will be one of the top point people in the creative team
going forward.” However it was then reported by Dave Meltzer
of the Wrestling Observer that Prichard’s position of power had been “a bit overstated”,
which has been backed up by POST Wrestling, who are reporting that the former Brother
Love is “a full time employee with a corporate title” but is not overseeing creative. And this has seemingly been confirmed by the
man himself, who opened up about his role in the company on the latest episode of Something
To Wrestle, saying: “A lot still needs to be worked out as far as what my role will
be. I’m going to come back and help out wherever
I can be most valuable.” Prichard and co-host Conrad Thompson also
announced that the podcast will continue – despite Thomson’s connections to All Elite Wrestling
– but they won’t be doing any live shows after their already announced dates. Headline: Dana Warrior Backstage At Raw It was also reported last week by Ryan Satin
of Pro Wrestling Sheet that WWE ambassador and wife of the late Ultimate Warrior, Dana
Warrior has also been hired by WWE to join their creative team. Satin reports that Dana Warrior was at the
Raw tapings last week to begin work, and has been hired to give an “additional female
perspective”. Headline: WWE Hall Of Fame Entrants Revealed? Over the last couple of weeks we’ve heard
that this year’s WWE Hall of Fame class will include D-Generation X and The Honky
Tonk Man, and there have also been rumours that The Hart Foundation and former ECW Champion
Taz will also be inducted. And now WrestleVotes are reporting the final
names that will complete the Class of 2019, and if you want to avoid those names then
you can click ahead to the timestamp in this screen helpfully provided by our editor to
skip ahead. We’ve heading into a Spoiler Room Brawl
in 3…2..1. According to WrestleVotes the last two names
going into the WWE Hall of Fame 2019 will be Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake and Oli
Davis’ dream woman Torrie Wilson – who is still under investigation for the secrets
of eternal life as she hasn’t aged a day in 20 years. She’s like the female Paul Rudd. That photo of Paul Rudd is from the mid-90s
how is that even possible?! Headline: Hall Of Fame Changes? Sean Waltman, who will be inducted into the
WWE Hall of Fame as part of D-Generation X, spoke on Sam Roberts’ podcast about possible
changes that might happen to this year’s event. Last year’s Hall of Fame was notable for
running very long – with a lot of WWE’s wrestlers filing out during the evening leaving
a fairly empty gap in the seats as Goldberg closed out the show. And according to Waltman, there are plans
in place to avoid that happening again. “Things are gonna change. There may or may not be inductors. I mean, I’ve seen some inductors take 30 minutes
to give their inductor’s speech!” Headline: Mustafa Ali Returns To In-Ring Someone who will likely be dressed up in their
best suit for that evening will be Mustafa Ali. Ali took Smackdown by storm late last year
after being called up to the Blue Brand from 205 Live – even pinning WWE Champion Daniel
Bryan. It seemed that Ali was in line for a big push
– which reportedly would have culminated in a WWE Championship match at Fastlane Baby. However a series of injuries and a concussion
suffered at a house show took Ali out of the Elimination Chamber match – where he was replaced
by Kofi Kingston who now looks to be getting a shot at the title at WrestleMania. Last week Dave Meltzer reported in the Wrestling
Observer Newsletter that Ali was close to returning to the ring, and he was seemingly
closer than expected – as he wrestled at a house show in Minneapolis against Daniel Bryan
in the main event. Excellent shirt there, Rowan. Where he will fit into Fastlane Baby plans
remains to be seen. Headline: WrestleLeague This Week! But you can fit into our Fastlane Baby plans,
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