Xiao Zhan’s new studio, Li Yitong’s upcoming dramas, Win The World reshoots [Chinese Ent Update]

Hi guys, Marcus here and welcome to Chinese
Entertainment Update October 9th 2019 edition. Make sure to watch till the end where for
your convenience I do a recap of all the dramas with premiere dates. In this edition, Li Yitong’s upcoming dramas
and Win The World reshoots, but first.. It’s been three years since Xiao Zhan debuted
with the boyband, X NINE, and he now has his own studio. The studio, callled XZ Studio, launched on
Weibo on September 29th. They posted a video of Xiao Zhan’s silhouette
in action and ended with XZ Studio’s logo which Xiao Zhan personally designed. Their message was “Please take care of us,
we will walk together in the future”. Now, as to what that means for Xiao Zhan’s
career is kind of unclear. One would think that with your own studio
you get to make all of your own decisions but that might not be the case here. Let me start from the beginning. It was brought to my attention in the comments
section of my last video that there were rumors that Xiao Zhan and his agency were not getting
along. Wajijiwa is the agency that handles X NINE. I’d actually never heard of the rumor so,
curious guy that I am, I looked it up online and
indeed found many forums which highlighted this dispute between Xiao Zhan and his agency. There were talks of mistreatment, of table-pounding
arguments but I have to say that I didn’t find anything official where either party
came out to acknowledege this thing. As to how much longer his contract is with
Wajijiwa, I couldn’t find any information about that. Now with the launch of XZ Studio, this
could mean one of two things: One, now that Xiao Zhan is huge, he and Wajijiwa
have possibly mended their relationship and Wajijiwa has dedicated this studio especially
for Xiao Zhan. Or two, their contract and relationship has
ended and now Xiao Zhan is out on his own with the new studio
and will have the freedom to make his own decisions regarding his career. I guess either ways this is a win for Xiao
Zhan. Let me know what you guys think about it,
or if you guys have any more information regarding it, please feel free to chime in. The Glory of Youthis an upcoming
military drama starring Li Yifeng and Chen Xingxu
and they had their booting ceremony on October 8th. The drama tells the story of four university
mates who undergo training in the army rocket force. Rounding out the four are supporting actors
Duan Bowen and Dong Chunhui. It’s been over three years since a Li Yifeng
drama last came out. It was Noble Aspirations 2 with Zhao Liying. He has been busy though. He had four movies come out during that time
and has four other dramas waiting for premiere dates. Chen Xingxu’s most recent drama was Goodbye
My Princess in which he impressed with Peng Xiaoran. I’ve mentioned this before in other videos
but for those of you wondering why there are so many patriotic military dramas out there, well it’s because the Chinese censorship board loves them. But we love costume dramas, and we want more
of those! Well, we will get them, eventually. It’s just that patriotic dramas will pass
the censorship board a lot smoother than any costume drama could ever dream of
so in a way that’s incentive for producers to keep making them. But hang in there guys, the 100 days of broadcasting
period will come to an end in November if I’m not wrong. And hopefully by then we’ll get more costume
dramas premiere. And now a quick rundown of some dramas that
have premiered recently. Your Secretstarring
Bosco Wong and Julia Ye premiered on October 4th. It tells the story of two forensic scientists
with an unexpected connection who partner up to solve murder cases. You can find the drama on Youtube, official
channel MZTV. My Girlfriend
starring Timmy Xu and Bridgette Qiao premiered on October 8th. It tells the story of an ordinary girl who
believes she is cursed to never find love until she meets an insomniac
and begins a quirky romance. You can find the drama on Youtube, official
channel Caravan. I watched Legend of the Condor Heroes 2017
and Bloody Romance successively and was impressed with both drama’s leading
lady, Li Yitong. I think she’s terrific in costume dramas and
the good news is she has a few more coming up. Here’s a list of some of her upcoming dramas
that like me, you might look forward to as well. Royal Nirvana. Royal Nirvana is a costume drama which stars
Luo Jin and Li Yitong. The drama tells the story of a crown prince
who faces enemies from all sides and falls in love with a maidservant who wants to kill
him. Filming wrapped in December 2018 after a whopping
216 days of shooting. Jin Han plays the number one villain. He plays a cowardly character who has his
eyes set on the throne. It’s been over ten months since they wrapped
so hopefully we can get an update regarding a premiere date soon. Begonia Rouge. Begonia Rouge is republican-era drama starring
Deng Lun and Li Yitong. The drama tells the story of a romance between
a girl who seeks revenge for her father, and the second son of wealthy family who owns
a rogue manufacturing factory. The supporting cast includes veteran Hong
Kong actors Alex Fong and Carman Lee. Begonia Rouge wrapped in May 2017, almost
two and half years ago. Not really sure what the hold up is. Ode to Daughter of Great Tang. Ode to Daughter of Great Tang is a costume
drama starring Li Yitong and Xu Kai. It tells the story of a merchant’s daughter
who falls in love with a general’s son. The drama wrapped in August 2019 so it will
be a while yet before it premieres. And I saved the best for last Sword Dynasty
. Sword Dynasty is a revenge wuxia starring
Li Xian and Li Yitong. It tells the story of a swordsman with vengeance
on his mind as he sets out to overthrow the tyrannical Kingdom of Wu rule by sorcerers. The drama wrapped in April 2018, almost a
year and half ago. Just to give you guys a comparison, The Story
of Minglan wrapped on the same day as Sword Dynasty
and has already premiered and ended it’s run earlier this year. Win The World, starring Fan Bingbing and Gavin
Gao, was one of the most highly-anticipated dramas of 2018. Then events happened that would make one believe
that this drama was cursed. First, Gavin Gao was arrested and charged
with sexual assault. Rumors floated that they would do reshoots,
with Li Chen, Fan Bingbing’s fiancee at the time, replacing Gavin Gao. Then Fan Bingbing found herself in the middle
of a tax scandal. As a result, it was uncertain if the drama
was ever going to premiere at all. But now it seems there’s a plan for it. On October 8th, the board of directors of
its production company put out a statement. They announced that they will do “..reshoots
with new settings and use technology and overdubbing for a new actor”. They are budgeting “60 million RMB (about
8 million USD) for these reshoots”. So let’s get this straight. They want to inject more money into this thing
so that they can remove Fan Bingbing, the biggest draw of it to begin with,
and give it a complete CGI facelift – it’s going to look terrible, I know it already
– just so they can release in China? Look, the original trailer for it looks terrific. I say just release it the way it is to the
rest of the world. Fan Bingbing is an international star, I’m
sure they’ll find an audience for it. I’m sure Netflix, Hulu, Amazon or somebody
will pick it up. Recoup some of your losses and call it day. That’s just my opinion. I don’t know if it is possible or even allowed
in China. But if I was a producer, that is definitely
one of the avenues I would consider. What do you guys think? Let me know in comment section below. And now a quick recap of the dramas that premiered
recently. Your Secret 我知道你的秘密 premiered
on October 4th. And My Girlfriend 我不能恋爱的女朋友
premiered on October 8th. And before I let you guys go, I want to give
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