Yang Mi’s Pearl Eclipse, Leo Luo and Arthur Chen rumored drama, Joe Chen’s happy ending 01.12.2020

Hi guys, Marcus here and welcome to Chinese
Entertainment Update January 12th 2020 edition. In this edition, Yang Mi stars in Pearl Eclipse
and Joe Chen gets a happy ending, but first.. Hao Yi Xingis a new costume drama
based on the novel The Husky and His White Cat Shizun
and their hotly rumored main leads are Leo Luo and Arthur Chen. Leo Luo starred in Ashes of Love with Yang
Zi and Deng Lun and has And The Winner Is Love, coming up. Arthur Chen starred in Ever Night with Ireine
Song and has Legend of Awakening, on the horizon. Sebrina Chen, who was in Wuxin: The Monster
Killer with Elvis Han, is rumored to co-star as well. Admittedly, I’m don’t know much about the
novel other than the fact that it is a BL xianxia novel. I have two thoughts regarding the announcement
of this drama. No doubt in recent times producers have been
more inclined to float around BL drama ideas. There’s long been a big market for dramas
based on BL works and the successes of Guardian and The Untamed are testament
to that. However, it should be noted that those
two dramas were successes not just because they were based on BL works. There were other reasons like terrific performances,
great chemistry between the leads, strong relatable themes etc. For more about this topic you can check out
one of my previous videos entitled The Untamed And Why It Was So Popular. Another concern I have is censorship. We all know that the Chinese censorship board
is very capable of coming up with new odd regulations at anytime they please. There have been bans on things like time-travelling, ghost stories, historical inaccuracies and the list goes one. Guardian which starred Zhu Yilong and Bai
Yu was pulled from Youku amid a crackdown on “harmful and vulgar” internet content,
but was later re-instated. This is even though the web series portrayed
the lead characters’ relationship as a platonic friendship
and any of the BL stuff was subtext. There’s an array of dramas based on BL works
coming out – Winter Begonia, The Sleuth of Ming Dynasty
and Flying Phoenix among others – I wouldn’t be surprised if the
censorship board just said, “All right, that’s it, we’re going ban all BL related dramas”. I hope it doesn’t happen because I believe
in the free market and freedom of expression, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it did happened. And staying on the topic of hotly-rumored
partnerings here’s another one. While it’s officially confirmed that Yang
Mi will star in a new installment of the Novoland series, Novoland: Pearl Eclipse, it’s not been confirmed yet who will star
opposite her. Some of the speculated candidates include
Hu Ge, Deng Lun and Huang Xiaoming but the latest candidate and one that many
feel are most likely is William Chan. William had a slow 2019 in terms of dramas
and movies. In fact, he didn’t have anything come at all
last year. He made some appearances on Chinese variety
shows but that also the included the ill-fated episode of Chase Me where we lost Godfrey
Gao. He was actually right on the scene and watched
on as the whole thing unfolded. His last drama was Age of Legends in 2018
with Sandra Ma and he has Dancing in the Storm with Guli
Nazha awaiting release. Novoland: Pearl Eclipse follows a young mermaid,
played by Yang Mi. After her tribe is massacred during their
enemy’s search for a magical pearl, she flees and disguises herself so she can enter the Imperial
Court. While there, she gets involved in a love triangle
and the rumored second lead is Xu Kaicheng who was recently in Well-Intended Love. To be honest, I have no idea where all these
rumors come from and on what basis they are formed
but they can certainly create discussions. Like Hans Landa, one of my favorite movie
villains of all time, said “Facts can be so misleading, where rumors,
true or false, are often revealing”. And very quickly on Yang Mi before we move
on, her new fantasy thriller, Assassin in Red
, recently released a trailer. The movie also stars the intense Lei Jianyin,
who starred in my favorite costume drama of last year, The Longest Day in Chang’an. Assassin in Red tells the story of a man who
in his desperation to find his kidnapped daughter, agrees to help a mysterious woman assassinate
a novelist. The movie slated to premiere early next year. The Sweet Love Story
is an upcoming modern youth drama starring Simon Gong and Liu Renyu. Based on the novel “The Boat and the Beginning”,
the drama is written and produced by the same folks who brought us
A Love So Beautiful and Put Your Head on My Shoulder. So fans of those two dramas have reason
to be excited soon. Although there’s no official release date
yet, they have wrapped filming and released a bunch of posters and a
trailer which is available on their Weibo page also on YouTube. And speaking of Put Your Head On My Shoulder,
two of its stars will reunite for another modern drama. But no, it’s not the two main stars Lin Yi
and Fair Xing, it is Fair Xing and second male lead, Daddi
Tang, who have begun filming for My Small Indeed Fortunate. Production held their booting ceremony on January 6th. Look at Daddi Tang in the middle tower over
everyone else. He is reportedly 6 foot 2. The drama tells the story of a law firm intern
whose first client coincidentally becomes her landlord and neighbour. The title My Small Indeed Fortunate is a word
for word translation of the Chinese title so they might eventually change it to something
that makes more sense. But then again it’s not the first time we’ve
seen Chinese dramas with quirky grammatically incorrect English titles. In othe drama news, Joe Chen has a new drama
with Jin Han entitled Hello, My Shining Love. In the modern drama, Joe Chen stars as Dugu
Ruonan, which literally translates as ‘lonely boy’, a bit of a weird name for a female character. Anyway, she is a once brilliant talent agent who
has to resurrect her career after being let down by her clients and her assistant. The drama started filming in October 2019
and only recently created a Weibo page and uploaded posters. Joe Chen was recently in the second season
of Meeting Mr. Right, a Chinese variety show in which she was paired up with her potential
Mr. Right, Malaysian painter Alan Chen. In the finale, she gets a ‘happy ending’ as
it’s known in dramaland. She goes to meet Alan at a bridge and finds
that he’s already there with a bouquet of flowers. At this point, tears flood her eyes. He hugs her and says, “Let’s be together”. “All right”, she says without skipping a beat. He then kisses her forehead. Her father, who’s been providing commentary
throughout the show, nods to show his approval. Now, while many viewers wished them well,
there were many who felt it was all just an act. So to prove it was all real, Joe and Alan
both went on Weibo to make love confessions saying that they went on the show to find love, they didn’t do it for the money and that there were no scripts and no lines. Whatever the case may be, it’s certainly drawn
plenty of attention to Joe Chen and her love life, and ultimately it’s a win win situation
for her. If it’s all real, then good for her because
apparently she revealed that she hadn’t had a date in six years because work just keeps her too
busy. If it turns out it was all just make belief, it still worked out for her and the show because of all the attention and publicity
they got. And I’ll leave you guys at that for this edition. Do check out my Patreon page where you can
find perks to becoming a patron, the link is in the description box below. This show would not be possible without your
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health and happiness. Until next time, cheers.


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