Yevade Subramanyam Theatrical Trailer – Nani, Malavika Nair

My name is Subramanyam. At 25, I am going to be the head
of a multi-million dollar company. Instead of relaxing in my pent house, You must be wondering,
what I am doing in this tent? I want the best in everything. The costliest house in the city A Super rich gorgeous fiance I thought my life was going
on as planned. Thats when he came Ya…That guy My friend rishi “Not just a friend, best friend!!” Along with him I met this strange girl. Her name is Anandhi. She was a weird one. She does whatever she wants. “Not whatever, only whatever
I want to do” As if these two weren’t enough,
that dudh kasi!! “What is dudh kasi?” “What is dudh kasi?” “What is dudh kasi!”


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