Yours Untruly – Fake-ation Episode-2

Goa?! Pooja! What is this photo about you – – going to Goa and all? That Varsha chick put too much scene on facebook. She put up a picture saying, “Road trip with #galpals.” So I decided to take it one step further. I said, I’m going on a road trip – – that too by myself – – that too on my bike baby. Right.
Duuude…. – 155…. Actually, technically – 156 likes, because Vinnie and 155 others… Thank you so much! So, you’re technically supposed to be on your way to Goa right now? Are you actually going to Goa? I’m not actually going. But according to facebook yes. For my much deserved me time! #SunAndSea But you do realise the pictures have to follow now, don’t you? No pictures, no proof, baby… No pictures, no proof… No pictures, no proof… Jeez… She’s gone mad. Mad. Ta daaa! Wow! What a surprise. You cooked? Please. In all these years of existence have seen me even boil water? Fair point. I got this from that Goan restaurant down the road. You know, all this is going to come back and bite you in the ass. Pliss. Can you move? Your shadow is falling on this beautiful photograph. I can’t have this negative energy around me, and all. Enjoy. Switch on the light and go. Vinnie! Vinnie! No listen, I’m in trouble. Please help me here! Look at this. Remember I told you about that Kavya chick? Look! “Hi Poo!” – Tarun and I are coming there too – – what a coincidence. Party Time!” Oh my god!
Three exclamation marks!!! You know what? Serves you right! Tell me what to do. Just stop laughing. Ok, ok. Don’t sulk. I’ll help you. What can you do? Go to Palolem Beach – – and take a moonlight stroll with Kavya and Tarun. It’ll be perfect. And then, maybe you’ll run into this – – roaming, wandering french poet. And then, the four of you can have a nice double date. – drink Feni, and dance your troubles away! You’re such a mean friend. Go jump somewhere. Shhh. Keep Quiet. Pooja: Hi Kavya.
Vinnie: (Screaming) Hi Kavya! I know, what a coincidence! Tired of fake updates and hashtags? #nomorefakers So let’s go for some #honestretailtherapy Yup!

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